Italian Tomato Bangsar

Italian Tomato, the name struck me as being rather unique when I first read about it over at Evelyn's blog, that I decided to drop by the quaint cozy Italian restaurant the other night with Janice for a nice dinner. Located along Jalan Maarof in Bangsar, Italian Tomato wasn't that tough to find with it's ample parking space and standalone building.

Italian Tomato Bangsar
Italian Tomato the Little Italian Cafe Bangsar

Italian Tomato
Lot 61, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar 
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-22822225
Happy Hour- 5pm - 9pm

Landmark ~ between Toyota showroom and Indian temple (before Petronas). This used to be known as Gaja.

Reaching Italian Tomato just in time for dinner, we were greeted by the restaurant manager, and also 2 of the owners of Italian Tomato who were gracious enough to run us through the menu on what is good to order. The restaurant strikes me as being really homely, and even though it started raining heavily midway through our meal, we felt warm and cozy inside at our tables.

Italian Tomato Bangsar
The interior of Italian Tomato

I was recommended the Sangria drink, a really nice wine punch to kick start our dinner. With a mixture of fruit and wine, it did tickle our tongue enough to enjoy the subsequent dishes that were served out.

Sangria Drink
#1 Sangria
Crema Di Funghi
#2 Crema Di Funghi, Homemade cream of mushroom soup - RM14

Next up were a mix of pizza, steak, lamb and an antipasti platter, all of which were served hot straight from the kitchen. Italian Tomato has a wood fire oven which churned out the perfect pizza for a perfect evening with Janice. Check out below on what we had that night. 

Antipasti Misti
#3 Antipasti Misti - RM 42
Pizza Carbonara
#4 Pizza Carbonara - RM28
Grilled US Angus Steak
#5 Filetto di Manzo, Grilled US Angus Steak - RM78

The Antipasti Misti was a rather big platter consisting of grilled mushrooms, deep fried calamari rings, carroza and garlic crostini with chicken liver pate, a rather good mix. The Pizza Carbonara was good, fresh from the wood fire oven. I found the beef bacon really does go well with Parmesan and mozzarella which were a few of my favourite ingredients for a good pizza. 

When the Grilled US Angue Steak arrived, it looked really good being grilled to a medium-rare state with a nice texture. However I found that particular piece of steak a bit too chewy for my liking, guess I prefer a more tender steak piece.

#6 Tiramisu - RM16

We ended a great evening dinner with the Tiramisu which came with layers of Savoiardi biscuits soaked in expresso and filled with Italian mascarpone cream cheese. A night to be remembered indeed, and as I bid farewell to this "little" Italian Cafe, my stomach was thankful to Italian Tomato for giving it a good feeding. Do check out Italian Tomato should you be in the vicinity of Bangsar and have a craving for some Italian food.

Italian Tomato Bangsar
The rather eye catching Restaurant Menu and logo

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  1. The food looks really good! I like the Wine punch... :)

  2. What a horrible name! And so expensive! they have to call their mushroom soup fungus? Ewekkk!!!! Food looks good no doubt but at those, thank you.

  3. looks like you enjoyed the food:D

    i love the pizzas. yet to try the angus steak though. will go check them out soon. hehehe

  4. italian tomato?? i remember there's one cafe in Alpha Angle many years back with the same name, of course closed down now already lah, haha.. maybe not the same one, the food looks a lot classier and nicer here, especially the platter, yummy yummy!! :D

  5. Wah the wine punch looks great! Love the tiramisu too!

  6. italian tomato.. very familiar name.. I remember some years ago there one cake shop with same name...

    If you watch F4 meteor garden then you will know...

    will find a day to give it a try..

  7. Looks yummy eh!! XD
    til 9pm only?? Aiya... close to early.

  8. the mushroom soups look THICK! and somehow not so appealing :P other than that, all look yum yum :)

  9. I suspect you're a ribeye person, like me. :P

  10. Wahh the Homemade cream of mushroom soup and the Antipasti Misti looks so tasty and tempting ~


  11. ok, it looks so good that i'm going there tomorrow to check it out!

  12. looks like a pretty nice place to dine with decent food! :) i missed this one :(

  13. Ah, my kind of food. But aint cheap though. See you tonight!

    [Dessert review] UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2 PJ

  14. gosh!! the foods make me drooling here!! :((

  15. The food looks delicious! And the ambience is nice! Hope I can go there one day! : )

  16. The food looks delicious! But the price is slightly on the high side. Nevertheless, I hope to try them some time soon...

  17. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Oh please..., food at Italian Tomato is lousy and expensive. Wine? average quality and too expensive. Athmosphere? From 1 to 10 maybe a generous 5. Plenty of parking???? Have you tried lunch time?, not mentioning that "view" is horible, noisy and gas from motorway also. A hawkker store is far greater, food included here....

  18. Anonymous2:06 PM

    i remember their small cafe in 1utama long time ago


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