Honda Insight Driving Experience

Just last week, I had the opportunity to test drive the hybrid car, Honda Insight over a 2D1N event which brought me from PJ to Port Dickson, then to Malacca and back, thanks to Honda Malaysia. It was a pretty good experience as this was the first time I'm driving a hybrid car. With everything going green nowadays, it's high time we explore the benefits and features of the cool new Honda Insight. 

Honda Insight Driving Experience
Starting line @ The Bee, Jaya One

Altogether 15 bloggers were called in to join Honda's "Test Drive Hybrid Vehicle Awareness Campaign", some of whom I knew, and some new found friends, all pretty awesome bloggers. The event kicked off with us gathering at The Bee, Jaya One early in the morning. After some breakfast, an ice breaking game, welcome notes by the management of Honda Malaysia, and a short briefing by our lead driver Harvinder Singh, we were all prepped up to go on our adventure.

Honda Insight Driving Experience
My team consisting of Kenwooi, and Mike Yip.

Divided into teams of 3, we were ushered into 5 test drive Honda Insight cars, with each of us getting a chance to drive the Honda Insight over the course of our journey to Malacca. It was a exhilarating feeling as we got to go behind the wheel, competing against each other to win the Amazing Pace Game. It was rather simple really, just try to obtain the best fuel saving numbers at the end of each stop, and the lightest foot team wins. Unfortunately, our team were too excited, pressing the throttle a bit too much, and didn't get to win the game.

Honda Insight Driving Experience
Red Bull and I in the Honda Insight

Some key points from the Hybrid Vehicle Awareness Campaign is in order, starting with the basic question of what exactly is a hybrid vehicle. In a nutshell, Engine + Motor = Hybrid. Check out the infographic below which explains on "Hybrid: What and How". The Honda Hybrid utilizes a parallel hybrid system where the 1.3L i-VTEC engine is still the main power source, with the electric motor coming in as and when needed.

Honda Insight Driving Experience
1. Parallel Hybrid System

Some facts about Honda's hybrid car, the Honda Insight are outlined in the infographic below. What is so special about Honda Insight? 3 key points below helps to answer the question.
  • ECO Assist - ECON Mode, Guidance Function (Blue, Blue-Green & Green color guidance), Scoring Function (Collecting leaves)
  • 5-year IMA battery warranty - Honda insight is the only one that gives such a long warranty for battery. 
  • Peace of mind safety features
Honda Insight Driving Experience
2. Features and Benefits of Honda Insight

We continued the journey towards Malacca driving the Honda Insight like we owned it. Pressing the throttle lightly to get more fuel saving was cool at first, but after a while the novelty wore off, and I felt I needed a bit more power to the car. That was when I floored the pedal and accelerated hoping to get some much needed oomph from the hybrid car. Honda Insight works in such a way that at standstill and slow speeds, it utilizes the motor, while in high speeds and acceleration, the power from the engine finally kicks in, giving us some good acceleration power.

Honda Insight Driving Experience
Us having a blast along the route to Malacca. (That's Ken Wooi in the car boot by the way)

Along the way to Malacca and back to PJ the next day, we stopped by some really nice hotels in Port Dickson for our meals, namely the Avillion and Thistle Hotel. We were truly pampered with food, which I will write on in separate detailed food posts, so do look out for it when it comes up. As for now, check out a couple of collages I made of the food we had over at Avillion Hotel Port Dickson, Thistle Hotel Port Dickson, and the Majestic Melaka. 

Honda Insight Driving Experience
Lunch Day #1 at Avillion Port Dickson
Dinner Day #2 at Majestic Melaka
Honda Insight Driving Experience
Lunch Day #2 at Thistle Port Dickson

Now where did we retire for the night in Malacca? Well, we were really fortunate to get the opportunity to check in and stay over at the Philea Resort & Spa Melaka. Located just after passing the Malacca toll, Philea Resort was an excellent place to stay at, with wooden interior rooms, with an overall "back to nature feel" to the whole place. Check out the description I managed to get off their official website.

"The accommodation at Philea Resort and Spa captures the nostalgic elegance of an age where quality and care were a way of life. Bespoke furniture merges with the beauty of finest quality pine log and railway sleepers that pave the way to create an environment that is both beautiful and comfortable. Surround yourself and relax against a backdrop of rolling hills and lush green forest."

Honda Insight Driving Experience
Philea Resort & Spa Melaka

Coming back to the Honda Insight, my personal take on it would be that it is a really cool car to have, one which uses modern hybrid technology to help us save fuel and in the long run, to save the world. In fact the Honda Hybrid vehicles were around in Malaysia since 2007 with the introduction of the Honda Civic Hybrid, so the technology isn't exactly new. Check out the infographic below on the Timeline of Honda Hybrid in Malaysia. 

Honda Insight Driving Experience
Timeline of Honda Hybrid in Malaysia

Selling at below RM100k, the Honda Insight is the first hybrid vehicle to sell in that price range. Honda Insight may not be what petrol heads are looking for, but for the general masses, the power and fuel saving features are adequate to keep everyone happy.  The cockpit of Honda Insight itself has such a modern design that I felt I was driving a mini spaceship, with all the colorful displays and dials. Do check out a video done by Mike from as below which summarized up our whole journey that 2 days. 

The new Honda Insight
One for the album

Overall, the Honda Insight Test Drive Hybrid Vehicle Awareness Campaign event was a truly eye-opening experience, where I got to learn so much more on the technology behind Honda's hybrid vehicles as well as getting a hands on driving experience for 2 days. It was really great fun, thanks to Honda Malaysia for the opportunity. Do check out their website at


suituapui said... one...and next time I go KL, you drive me around in it. Can? ;-) LOL!!!

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lol! :) ok, now let me find my piggy bank to break.. XD

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Nice car

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Awesome experience! So will you be getting the Honda Insight Hybrid anytime soon?

SiMon Har said...

cool one! Insight gonna have a new competitor coming soon next month!!

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Cool and exciting experience. Glad that you share on this as I was always wondering what 'Hybrid' is all about!

Would like to take this opportunity to wish you and family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New year 2012.

[SK] said...

wah!! this is a very nice experience lor.. a 2D1N test drive trip!! so sincere and thoughtful!! others just let you rest drive 15min only, haha.. good, everything's inclusive and paid for, somemore if good quality... you are lucky eih.. :)

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great experience..Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Good food + good cars = Epic

Simple Person said...

I think insight could do well in that price range...
Nice design..
Looking forward for all new Honda civic n CRV .. should come out this year...

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It's cool to have been given the privilege to participate in such an awesome event. You got to test drive it too!

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You're lucky to be able to test drive such a nice little car. It got me thinking of getting one for myself.