Hennessy NYX Launch Party Vertigo

Hennessy launched their latest Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NYX at Midvalley throughout the week which culminated with a launch party with promises of free flow and music. I count myself lucky to obtain a couple of invites to the party, even though the crowd that was there that night made the venue Vertigo, The Gardens feel like a packed sardine can.

Hennessy NYX Launch Party
The Latest and Greatest Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NYX on display

Hennessy V.S.O.P NyX Concept Space ‘Roadshow’
Date: 2nd – 10th January 2012
Venue: East Atrium Entrance @ Mid Valley Megamall

Launch Party Details
Date: 5th January 2012 @ 8.30PM
Venue: Vertigo, The Gardens

Hennessy NYX Launch Party
The Concept Space Roadshow at Midvalley East Atrium
Hennessy NYX Launch Party
Some of the space themed promoters with the NYX bottle

Upon reaching Midvalley that night, after a short registration session over at the East Atrium, we were promptly ushered to the "secret location" for the party. The location was not told beforehand, but most of us have already guessed it. The roadshow at East Atrium saw a huge crowd turnout curious to find out about the latest Hennessy NYX bottle. The numbered bottles of  the NyX collection also comes with a QR code and were for sale at around RM220 each if I was not mistaken. 

Hennessy NYX Launch Party
Hennessy NYX Collection for sale
Hennessy NYX Launch Party
Benjamin and I in white that night

It wasn't long, roughly around 8.30pm when we arrived at our venue, Vertigo Club at The Gardens. The setup that night was pretty cool, but what I did not expect was the amount of people all packed inside Vertigo. I realize space was a constraint that night, bumping into people even to turn around and take my Hennessy drink. 

Hennessy NYX Launch Party
Vertigo: Clubbing Redefined

The space constraint didn't hamper us from having our fun that night at Hennessy NYX Launch Party though. There were lots of familiar faces that night, with some party bloggers all set to rock the dance floor. We had a beautiful emcee take to the stage amidst some space age clad performers and the ever popular top Malaysia DJ, DJ Blink spinning through the night.

Hennessy NYX Launch Party
Hennessy NYX Lanch Party!
Hennessy NYX Launch Party
DJ Blink rocking the stage
Hennessy NYX Launch Party
Space age performers

Check out some of the photos of the party people that attended the Hennessy NYX Launch Party at Vertigo. It was a rather good night, another Hennessy event, which brought together friends over a night of free flow Hennessy and happy faces. 

Hennessy NYX Launch Party
Group Pic #1
Group Pic #2
Hennessy NYX Launch Party
At the entrance
Hennessy NYX Launch Party
One for the album, the whole gang

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benjaminvai said...

Benjamin and I in white that night

rhymes siut, awesome night even though packed. we always find a way to enjoy ourselves.

suituapui said...

Wah!!! The party animal strikes again...

suituapui said...

Hey! Benjamin in light blue with stripes leh? Don't tell me this old man needs glasses liao... LOL!!!

Kelvin Tan said...

Too crowded for my liking.
But was great to meet a new friend. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Benjamin's new specs! Cool party that I've missed LOL.

[SK] said...

wow lucky you to have been invited for the launch party!! so were you guys each given a bottle of the wine?? haha~~ cool outfit of those hennessy girls, so futuristic and cyber, haha!!

michleong said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Missed it lol.

Twilight Man said...

I was there and I saw the blondies but I didnt see you !!!! Sigh!