BCARD And The Big Apple Restaurant

It was a Saturday evening when I decided to try out my BCard, a unique premier lifestyle and brand-focused loyaly program card over at this restaurant in Berjaya Times Square. Now we decided on Big Apple Restaurant to have our dinner, not because it reminded me of Big Apple Donuts, but mainly because I wanted a restaurant with a nice ambiance.

Big Apple Restaurant Berjaya Times Square

Big Apple Restaurant
Level 14, No 1,
Jalan Imbi, Berjaya Times Square, KL
55100,Kuala Lumpur,MYS
Telephone: 03-21178000

BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
The rather comfortable ambiance

What is all this fuss about the BCard then? Well, I will be explaining further down this post on the benefits, and usability of the BCard so hang on there while I do a quick review on the food that we had that night. Big Apple Restaurant wasn't really easily accessible as it is located within Berjaya Times Square itself, on the 14th floor to be exact. The food we had that night was rather good though, which surprised me as I came in with rather low expectations. 

BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
Get a BCard and "B Rewarded"!
BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
#1 Nasi Goreng Kampung - RM27++
BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
#2 "Pla Kapung Neng Manau" Thai Steamed Seabass Fillet with Rice - RM37++

While Janice had her Thai Steamed Seabass Fillet which according to her was good, I truly enjoyed my Nasi Goreng Kampung. The Thai Steamed Seabass Fillet was fresh enough without any odour and was complemented nicely with the sauce and rice. 

As for my Nasi Goreng Kampung. the fried rice was nicely done, fried with sambal which brought out the taste. Coupled with my all-time favourite satays, some crackers and a piece of fried chicken, I truly enjoyed the fried rice. If it wasn't slightly overpriced, I would definitely recommend this dish.

That's me trying to pose with this BCard I have

When the time came after the meal to pay up, I was glad I had the BCard as it could be used to pay for the meal without any cash involved. Cashless transaction would be the right term here, some sort like a credit card transaction except BCard has a whole load of extra features and benefits.

BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
The BCard Terminal (which coincidentally looks and functions exactly like a credit card terminal)
BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
Signing off with my BCard to pay for my meal at Big Apple Restaurant

Now comes the part of this blog post dedicated to explain about BCard, its usage, benefits and their on-going contest. Check out below for more information on the BCard. 

BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
Win some really good stuffs when you swipe your BCard

"BCard is Malaysia’s premier lifestyle and brand-focused loyalty program, partnering with merchants from various industries and businesses that offer customers a variety of lifestyle choices, products and services."

"You can apply BCard for free at any BCard participating outlet. BPoints will be awarded to you when your BCard swiped and terms and payment are fulfilled. Your BPoints can be redeemed instantly* at any BCard participating outlet near you or you may redeem exclusive items online at www.bcard.com.my. So, hurry, start swiping and begin enjoying the benefits today."

BCARD Big Apple Restaurant
BCard's Website at www.bcard.com.my

BCard Benefits:
  • No annual fees.
  • Collect BPoints for every purchase and redemption.
  • BPoints value: 1 BPoint is equivalent in value to 1 sen (100 BPoints = RM1).
  • Redeem BPoints instantly* at over 250 participating outlets or redeem exclusive items through BCard Online Redemption at www.bcard.com.my.
  • Check your BPoints via
  • SMS. Type: BCard<space>points<space>16-digit BCard number<space>BCard pin. And send to 32125.
-Online at www.bcard.com.my.
BCard's current ongoing "Swipe & Win" Contest

More info about the Swipe & Win contest here: http://www.bcard.com.my/v1/Swipe_N_Win.aspx

"Don't forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London! Check it out on www.bcard.com.my for more details."


  1. seabass. rm 37++ ??? @.@

    1. Benjamin,
      Lol! well, the card was preloaded, and I had to go for this restaurant, so ya RM37 =x :P

  2. good wor this BCard for those who goes there often. People like me so ar away sure seldom go that area

  3. Sure , must to have one in my pocket to enjoy this great thing..

  4. hahahaha, i really thought since when Big Apple Donuts opens a restaurant.. hmmm, i like that fried rice, especially the egg and the keropok, hahaha~~ :p

  5. Aiyor...no other name kah? Not even a western restaurant, is it?

  6. Nowadays so many cards....
    Why don't they just come out something like a "virtual card" just log in username n password.
    My wallet will be damn happy....

  7. wow even a plate of fried rice costs around 30 ringgit?? that's really surprisingly expensive ==

    Latest: CNY Buffet; Eat ALL You Can!

  8. big apple, but no apple to be seen on the dishes lol =p

  9. that's great! I hvn't been there..

  10. Haaaa.. for some reason the word "Apple" always reminds me iphone only lol.

    Nice pics there, looks gd!

  11. So expensive la...Issac Tan related to Vincent Tan?

  12. Hi Isaac Tan,

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    Kindly be informed that we refer part of this article on our website and credit back to your blog to browse the whole article.

    Hereby attached the link, http://www.tableapp.com/restaurant/bigapple-berjayatimessquarehotel

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    Thank you very much! :)


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