Yippee Cup SS2

With the recent spate of desserts outlets coming up all around town, I was surprised to find out this place, Yippee Cup in SS2 which was already in operation since 2001, a strong 10 years. Even before the craze got started, Yippee Cup was already serving desserts that are similar to the ones you have in Taiwan 10 years ago, now if that's not long, then I'm not sure what is.

Yippee Cup Outside Shot
Yippee Cup SS2 Branch
Yippee Cup
SS2 Branch
44, Jalan SS2/66
47300 Petaling Jaya

Yippee Cup has another branch over at Sri Hartamas, but that night we were invited to sample their food and desserts from the SS2 branch.Sometime next week, their new outlet will open in Sungai Wang, so be sure to look out for it.

Yippee Cup Decor 2
Yippee Cup Brightly lit Interior
"Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980’s and is now the hottest drink to hit Taiwan since coffee and soft drinks. As the name suggests, Bubble Tea is tea based mixed with different fruit flavourings with or without milk. Bubble Teas are often shaken well for good all-round tastes. Bubble Tea is unique and also very popular in most parts of East and Southeast Asia. They are usually served cold with tapioca pearls."

"At Yippee Cup, we serve not only with tapioca pearls, we also introduce you to the indulgence of fruit jellies and puddings. Every ingredients of Bubble Tea may vary from tea house to tea house."
"At Yippee Cup, we pride ourselves to serve “ THE REAL BUBBLE TEA ”. Our vision is to provide authentic Bubble Tea of highest quality to all Bubble Tea lovers in Malaysia. Your satisfaction is our Mission"
*Sourced from Yippee Cup's FB page

Yippee Cup Menu
Yippee Cup Menu

So there we were, all ready for some good bubble milk tea, and the owner was gracious enough to provide us with all their signature drinks ranging from green teas, fruity milk tea, to fusion fruit teas. Yippee Cup had various milk tea range, which was rather uniquely named. We had the Chewy Goovy Mix, the Trendy Blended, the Energetic Healthy Pop, the Black Tea Fanatic and so many others. Do check out on the below for a couple of drinks we had.

#1 Gui Lin Roasted Milk Tea - RM4.90 R RM5.90 L, Brown Rice Green Milk Tea - RM4.90 R RM5.90 L, Signature Pearl Milk Tea - RM5.90 R RM5.90 L
Yippee Cup Bubble Tea Drinks
#2 Vanilla Oreo Blended - RM8.90, Coconut Green Bean Blended - RM7.90 , Chocolate Moo - RM8.90

Out of all the bubble milk tea above, I would say I'm a fan of the Oreo Blended, and also the signature pearl milk tea. The rest were unique and tasted good too, and if you are a fan of bubble milk tea, or green tea, over here in Yippee Cup, you'll be spoilt for choice. The menu is just so extensive. I have come to realize that most desserts outlets now offer snacks as well to complement their drinks, and its no different here as Yippee Cup realize that their customers may be hungry as well, hence there are snacks offered.

Yippee Cup Tempura
#3 Seafood Tempura - RM6.50
Yippee Cup Fried Chicken
#4 Crispy XL Fried Chicken - RM7.50
Yippee Cup taufu
#5 Crispy Fried Beancurd - RM4.50
Yippee Cup Waffles
#6 Yippee Waffo

The snacks were perfect when eaten with the milk teas. I personally like the Seafood Tempura which tasted somewhat like "keropok leko", and the fried chicken. Served hot from the kitchen, the fried beancurd and Yippee Waffo were pretty good too. Yippee Cup is currently having an on-going promotion as below.

Yippee Cup Promotion
Free upsize and 25% off promotion

Overall it was pretty good, and being one of the pioneers in Taiwan bubble milk tea, being in the business for so long means that Yippee Cup has actually perfected the milk tea process churning out some good delicious drinks. The outlet itself was really comfortable, being a good place just to hang out with friends in the vicinity of SS2.

Yippee Cup Bloggers
One for the album, a group photo with the owner and his wife


  1. they used to be great...

  2. is it near the pasar malam?

  3. Tony,
    Used to bro? Well, now we are all spoilt for choices when it comes to bubble milk tea.. so many!!

    Small Kucing,
    Erm, not sure if there's a pasar malam there though, because I'm not a PJ person. But it's at SS2 where there are lots of makan places though

  4. No, thank you. Not my kind of place... Snowflake's already one too many for me...

  5. Something like chattime to me.. :) So many outlets like these in KL.. I lol at STP's comment..these type of outlets are not for older people like him and I.. for your generation and younger adults, they are more popular..

  6. Their menu is nice ler.. best nye

  7. when i see the title, i thought you wanna talked about samsung s2 D:

  8. The waffles looked burnt lol

  9. Feels like drinking one of that!!


  10. Wah I'm drooling looking at seafood tempura!

  11. It was good, especially their signature drink and the tempura. Feel like going there to have another go of it. :D


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