UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2

Recently, I've been going to numerous desserts review, which should be a really good thing if I'm a big fan of iced drinks and desserts. Anyway, this round I had the opportunity to be invited by Benjamin for a round of desserts and snacks over at UFO Desserts & Drinks in SS2 Petaling Jaya with a big group of other bloggers.

UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2

UFO Desserts & Drinks
Jalan SS2/60, SS2, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS : N03 07.119'  E101 37.437'
(Same row with CIMB Bank)

Opening hours: Daily 1pm - 1am

UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
Simple but unique decor

Reaching UFO Desserts at around tea time, I couldn't help but think to myself it was the perfect time to have a cold drink with some snacks, which was exactly what I got. Talk about my thoughts coming true! The outlet itself was rather normal except for some unique concepts inside the place. Drinks, desserts and snacks prices were displayed prominently in full view for their customers along with banners containing photos of UFO's desserts and drinks.

UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
Simple ordering system from the counter

One thing that I found really interesting about UFO Desserts, and its actually their trademark item would be their ordering tag. Instead of just taking a number in paper form, UFO Desserts gives out this rather cute UFO shaped buzzer which vibrates when your order is ready for collection at the counter. Now this is really unique, at least to me. 

UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
UFO Desserts' unique ordering tag

It was rather fun just ordering anything off the menu, which the owner graciously offered to let us do. Feeling rather excited, we ordered the desserts we found interesting and would like to try out while getting those unique UFOs to be placed on our tables. It was rather cute the way the UFO vibrates when our snacks and drinks were ready. Check out below on what we had for the day. 

UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#1 UFO Dessert Set - 3Toppings RM6

They have a vast selection of UFO series for these desserts with the base made out of grass jelly, QQ ball, soya ice and matcha ice. As for the toppings, we had a choice of selecting peanut, aloe vera, crystal pearl, yogurt popping balls, pearl, and more. I found the vast selection of toppings really refreshing

UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#2 UFO Dessert Set - 1 Topping RM4.50 , +RM1 for each extra toppings
UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#3 UFO Dessert Set - 3 Toppings RM6
UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#4 Milk Tea Series, with prices starting from RM3
UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#5 Almond Cream - RM4

Somehow, I really like it when a desserts outlet serve snacks or finger foods as well, because I always feel it is good to have some food to go along with those shaved ice and drinks. UFO Desserts to my delight serves various snacks as well, which we happily ordered off the menu to feed our stomachs that afternoon. Check out some of the snacks we had as photographed below.

UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#6 Calamari Rings - RM6.50
UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#7 Cheese Hot Dog - RM5
UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#8 Flavoured Fries (Seaweed) - RM5
UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2
#9 Sesame Glutinous Balls with Peanut Topping - RM5

Personally, I loved the Calamari Rings and the Cheese Hot Dogs as they were really savoury and filled up our stomachs really well. The fries were normal, and the Sesame Glutinous Balls were good as well, but nothing to shout about. The prices were pretty reasonable for an afternoon tea party or just a short drink to catch up with friends. Located among the many food outlets in SS2, do drop by UFO Desserts should you find yourself craving for some iced desserts.

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Nikel Khor said...

I like their snack! drink with some bites is excellent

Xing said...


SiMon Har said...

hey, what does the almond cream for? to dip the snacks?

[SK] said...

errr, so this is another Snowflake+Chatime+(maybe)Little Taiwan?? hahaha.. why is taiwanese snack suddenly so popular recently huh?? and yet i've not tried any of them, muahahahaha!!!

suituapui said...

No, thankinsee you. Went to Snowflake...and once is more than enough.

suituapui said...

Oops! *thank you... Dunno what happened. LOL!!!

Isaac Tan said...

Hehe, something is wrong when we like the snacks more than the drinks. lol! >< but i love the snacks too

Calamari rings FTW!!

Its a drink, like soya drink like that . hehe

I'm also not sure why suddenly so popular, guess everyone loves a drink every now and then. Personally, I'm never a big fan of these. But a drink every now and then is fine by me :)

haha, yup i know, you comment that every time there is a desserts post. And recently i've been doing so many of those posts. lol!

Pamela Yeoh said...

Is the dessert nice?

Unknown said...

Oh.. so much Taiwanese Dessert nowadays.. hhhmmm.. should try more of this.. =)

annant said...

another snowflake wannabe? haha

one thing they are smarter, they serve side dishes! calamari rings yum yum :D

*hops over from STP's bloggie* hehe

Small Kucing said...

paiseh paiseh...pass by this place many times but never really go in. Not really keen at makan dessert

Huai Bin said...

Nice! There's a lot of desserts shops in SS2 nowadays! I think UFO is opened by someone I know. :)

missyblurkit said...

the flavoured fries looks interesting:D

seen this place whenever we drive pass SS2 but not too sure of whether to try or not now that there are so many of such dessert places. i supposed now that you have reviewed...i should have a reason to say hello to the UFO folks. hehehe

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

This place is certainly not for Bananaz but ETs haha. Great pixz tQ

Unknown said...

OH GOD!!! the finger foods look damn good!! haha regret never go that day

Vince G said...

Bro, pinjam your photos to blog ah. Many many thank you!

toninkush said...

A long way to go for me before I post my review on UFO lol. Too many pending posts.


iVAn said...


Dora Romero said...
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Sandra Marasco said...

The flavored seaweed fries looks delicious. I am amazed with their unique ordering tag that vibrates when your delightful dish is ready.

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corporate catering said...

The place looks good and very compelling. I love their UFO dessert sets. They look delicious. I wish I could visit this place soon.