Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant KLCC

The other day, I happened to be at Suria KLCC waiting for Janice to finish work so the decision was to have dinner in KLCC. Being one of the few Chinese Restaurants in KLCC, we decided do dine in Spring Garden Restaurant, a subsidiary of Tai Thong Group over on the 4th floor of KLCC.

Spring Garden KLCC
Spring Garden Suria KLCC
Spring Garden Suria KLCC
Lot 413, 4th Floor
Suria KLCC 
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-21669881

Spring Garden KLCC
Spring Garden KLCC decor
The decor was pretty simple, but we knew the price wouldn't be as simple, as any restaurants in KLCC were rather pricey to begin with. Since it was our first time dining here, we hoped that the food was good.

Spring Garden KLCC
Restaurant Menu
Spring Garden Dim sum
The current ongoing daily dinner dim sum promotion
Spring Garden was having this daily dinner dim sum promotion of 50% off for any dim sums off the menu from 5pm - 8pm so we decided to order some dim sums to go with our main dishes.

Spring Garden KLCC chicken dumpling
#1 Chicken and shrimp dumpling - RM4.40 after 50% discount
Spring Garden shrimp dumpling
#2 Crystal Shrimp Dumpling - RM4.90 after 50% discount
Spring Garden KLCC
#3 Deep Fried Beancurd Roll - RM3.90 after 50% discount
The dim sum were fairly nice, with large shrimps in the shrimp dumpling. The taste was okay, but not exceptional though. Bear in mind this is after the 50% discount, I don't think it would have been okay if they charged me the full price before discount as I would have expected much more from the dim sums. On top of the 3 small plates of dim sums, we opted for a simple meal of fried rice, soup and a main dish.

Spring Garden roasted peanuts
#4 Roasted peanuts to whet our appetite while waiting for our food - RM5
Spring Garden Special Fried Rice
#5 Spring Garden Special Fried Rice - RM28
Spring Garden Chicken Soup
#7 Chicken Soup - RM18 for 2 bowls
Well, for these main dishes, I would say the soup was good and it's really healthy with all the ingredients inside. The Spring Garden Special Fried Rice was fragrant with lots of different meat thrown in to create a nice taste. I had to add a bit of soy sauce though to bring out the taste. 

Spring Garden Fried Chicken
#6 Deep Fried Shatin Chicken - 2 chicken @ RM15 each

My slight disappointment would be on the Deep Fried Shatin Chicken. I'm fine with the small serving as it's expected for a small bird, but the taste just wasn't there. I felt like I was eating some tasteless meat for RM15/chicken. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be served this way, but a bit of spice could do a lot wonders to the taste.

Overall it was a rather heavy meal for two, blame it on my greed to order everything off the menu. Spring Garden Restaurant still brings in the crowd since the isn't much of a choice anywhere else for some Chinese cuisine in KLCC. We left the restaurant with a full stomach, full but not really satisfied.


  1. RM5 for roasted peanut O_O food looks okay but a tad too expensive for student like me lol now i feel like having dimsum.

  2. Everytime I'm at KLCC, I never know what to eat. This one looks a tad not worth the price.

  3. not a fan of dim sum but good post. at least not everything is positive to you here lol

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  4. Two words bro...expensive & normal-looking. Wait...3 words. :p

  5. I thought the food just look to plain...shouldn't it be fancier? :p

  6. Expensive! Even the dim sum after 50% discount! But if got people belanja, ok lah... I'll be in KL in mid-December... Hint! HInt! Muahahahaha!

  7. hahaha, finally a post on something that you paid for yourself?? errr, but i think you better find sponsorship for this la, the food there are expensive lor, don't you think so??

  8. wow..the fried rice!! Must be very tasty.. likes the look of it..the char siew!!

  9. The dim sum at 50% off sounds good! :)

  10. I love the look of the fried rice but the portion looks a bit small

  11. Wow! So expensive! I don't think I can afford it! : )

  12. I put on weight for going to UMAMI few times and I blame you!! HA ha ha

    Luckily your rating for this place is not HIGH otherwise I would be there!

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