Simply Mel's The Sphere Bangsar South

Simply Mel's is this comfortable and homely restaurant located at The Sphere in Bangsar South serving up some really good authentic Malacca Portuguese cuisine. I was invited by Ivy for a review of their on-going Kristang Christmas menu last week, which I took up immediately because I've heard so many good things about this restaurant before this.

Simply Mel's
Simply Mel's
Unit 1-1A, 1st Floor, 
The Sphere, 
No. 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South, 
No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS Coordinates : N3 06.636 E101 40.031
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun:  10am - 10pm

Phone: 03-22414525 / 012-4020500 (Melba) / 012-4289890 (Cheryl)

Simply Mel's warmly lit ambiance with a really homely environment
Some of the decor in Simply Mel's which showcases their Malacca Portuguese heritage

So there I was at Simply Mel's feeling good and all, with the interior reminding me that Christmas is just around the corner. We were greeted by the owner and her daughter, who took some time to explain the Christmas menu as well as the family-run restaurant. All December, Simply Mel’s is serving its customers traditional Kristang Christmas Dishes and Traditional Roasts, available for dine in or takeaway.

Simply Mel's Restaurant Menu
"Serving up good, hearty food happens every day at Simply Mel’s! This Christmas at Simply Mel’s is no different to any other that Mel and her family have celebrated at home"

"Family time at Christmas has always been the most important thing to Mel, followed very closely by keeping the family festive recipes alive. The restaurant itself has been transformed into Mel’s own home at Christmas, with an 8ft Christmas tree that sparkles at night, holly and mistletoe and decorations all around!"

The Christmas Menu of Simply Mel's

It wasn't long before the extensive menu of Simply Mel's Kristang Christmas Dishes were served. I was pleasantly surprised to see the large portions of the food being served. It was going to be a good Christmas meal, I thought to myself then. Check out below on what we had that evening.

#1 Karing Karing - RM6.90 , some crispy "ikan bilis"snacks to bite on while waiting for food to be served.
#2 Chicken Seybah - RM60 (6-8pax serving)

Now the starters Karing Karing was pretty good, instead of the nuts we get when dining at other restaurants, Simply Mel's went the authentic Portuguese way and served us these. The Chicken Seybah was essentially a chicken dish, served with the tender slices of chicken braised in a sticky sweet sauce. It was served together with “tau pok” and cucumber.

#3 Feng - RM45 (2-3pax serving), RM85 (5-6pax serving)
#4 "Devil" Curry - RM70 (8-10pax serving)

These 2 dishes were the spicier curry dishes. Feng, which was an Eurasian dish, has a yellowish tinge to it and consists of ox tongue, liver and belly. The "Devil" Curry was good and tasty with with lots of spices mixed in with the chicken.

#5 Galinhia Pie - RM50 (2-3pax serving), RM80 (5-6pax), RM120 (8-10pax)

Now the size of Simply Mel's Galinhia Pie was huge, probably we were served with the largest serving. I am totally impressed with the ingredients that could fit in this homemade pie, ranging from chicken, meatballs, potatoes to macaroni and egg.

#6 Mama Mercy’s Roast Turkey with Meaty Baked Bean & Onion Stuffing - RM180

Another huge serving dish were served, and the traditional Christmas menu of roast turkey left me with a big smile as the dish contained nearly all my favourite ingredients. A juicy bird rubbed in butter and stuffed with garlic, minced chicken, sage and onion. Stuffing balls on the side, sausages in blanket and gravy made from roasting juices and cranberry sauce complete the Christmas Turkey experience.

#7 Roast Lamb with Rosemary, Honey-Mustard & Gula Melaka - RM250
#8 Potato Onion Gratin served with the roast lamb
#9 Mel’s Festive Sambal Prawns - RM 25.90 (Regular), RM36.90 (Large)

Simply Mel's Roast Lamb came on this huge platter, uncut and looking all fat and juicy. It looked so impressive that other customers' of Simply Mel's actually walked over to admire the lamb. Needless to say, it tasted really good. The Sambal Prawns were fresh, and tasted just like what I use to have back in Penang. One prawn just wasn't enough, and you're bound to go for seconds, thirds and so forth.

#10 Acar Chilli, a traditional Malaccan delight - RM16/bottle

Next up was the desserts, and by that time, our stomachs were filled to the brim with good food. Ranging from fruit cakes, pulut hitams, to golden syrup jellies, the sweet desserts were just what we need to complete this Christmas Dish feast.

#11 Mama Mercy’s Golden Syrup Jelly - RM25 (whole)
#12 Chendol, Pulut Hitam (RM5.90), and Sago Gula Melaka (RM5.90)
#13 Mel’s Pineapple Tarts (RM25/jar), Sugee cake, and Mel’s Rich Fruitcake (RM70/600gm, RM115/1kg)

Overall it was a really good Christmas feast, and since Simply Mel's serve Halal food, anybody can just place a booking for their Christmas menu to dine in with these great dishes as well. As Simply Mel's would like to say, Bong Natal (Merry Christmas) to all this coming Christmas season.


  1. OMG! I am drooling!

  2. I have heard so many great stuff about Simply Mel's but haven't read anything so thorough like this review. I would love to try the roast lamb. And the turkey. And everything else. Halal restaurant is a major plus! Would love to bring my mom here when she's in town.

    We're always looking for new places to makan and i've never been to Bangsar South before.

  3. Shemah!

    Hey! thanks for dropping by, lol, i took great pains to get this post up, so used to doing events posts, that food reviews are kind of tough for me recently.

    It was my first time over to Bangsar South too! but the homecooked food here were pretty awesome at Simply Mel's :)

  4. Oh wow all looks so yummy.. Even the Karing Karing looks interesting (or maybe it's because I'm hungry?) :D I am looking for a place that sells authentic cendol, the cendol photo looked pretty good but the sago looks nicer. bangsar south is not exactly my "hang out" place but if the food is good, will surely pay a visit!

  5. the restaurant looks cozy, and i'd love to try their homemade pie. it looks hugeee!


  6. oh i just love that roast chicken with bacon so much!!! and those cocktail sausage and meatballs, i think i can have them popped into my mouth non-stop, haha~~ :p

  7. The sausage look seducing...

  8. yummeh!! sogud to have all those to stuff the tummy! :p

  9. this is too much! Especially the lamb! hahaha *feel like order 1 now*


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