Onde Onde Desa Parkcity Waterfront

A couple of weeks back, I was invited by Ah Bok for some local nyonya food at this restaurant Onde Onde over at Desa Parkcity. The last time I was over at Desa Parkcity was for a fun Blogger's Photography Gathering, and I was excited to be back there again, this time for some good food.

Onde Onde Desa Parkcity
Onde Onde
Onde Onde
GF-03A Ground Floor,
Waterfront @ ParkCity 5
Persiaran Residen,
Desa Park City,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel & Fax : 03-6280 7419
HP: 012-3616713

Onde Onde Desa Parkcity
Onde Onde's simple but comfortable decor
There I was on a weekday night, with Janice straight from work, feeling rather tired and all, so it was a refreshing experience to see Onde Onde with its brightly lit decor and friendly staffs. The tables, chairs and wall decorations were not unlike any authentic "kopitiam" styled coffeeshop.

Onde Onde Restaurant Menu
We were greeted by the outlet's manager, Muiz and brought inside to sample some of their local  nyonya food. Personally, I was rather full already that time due to some heavy food taken earlier, nevertheless we were served with rather delicious offerings. Check out below on some of the food we had that night.

Onde Onde Desa Parkcity
#1 Nyonya kuihs, and Purple Angku - 2pcs RM2.50
Onde Onde Desa Parkcity toasted bread
#2 Grilled Toast with Duck Egg Kaya & Butter - RM2.80
Now for me the nyonya kuih was nice and all, but the unique item was the Grilled Toast with Duck Egg Kaya & Butter. I was rather intrigued with the fact they replaced the chicken egg with duck egg to make the kaya. However, I could not differentiate the difference though, as the kaya tasted great on the toast, duck or chicken. 

Onde Onde Desa Parkcity
#3 Iced coffee - RM2.90
Assam Laksa
#4 Assam Laksa - RM9.90
Prawn Mee
#5 Prawn Mee - RM9.90
The Assam Laksa and Prawn Mee were Onde Onde's signature dishes, and I might add they tasted pretty good. With a generous chunk of mackerel inside the Assam Laksa, one could taste the fish in every mouthful of the soup and laksa.

Onde Onde Desa Parkcity
#6 Combo Set B - Rm15.90 (consisting of Special Fried Rice, Curry Laksa, 2 side dishes and 1 piece of Nyonya kuih)
Onde Onde Desa Parkcity
A closer shot on the food that came in Combo Set B
At only RM15.90 for the Combo set meal B, two person could share and enjoy a variety of rice, curry laksa, popiah, vegetables and a piece of nyonya kuih. It was a rather good deal, even though the portions were prepared smaller than the average serving. We had our desserts last, which was kind of good because durians on ice are one of my latest new favourite desserts.

Durian Dessert
#7 Onde Onde Signature Durian Dessert - RM7.90
Overall, it was a good meal and filled us up really well. Desa Parkcity has always been known to be a pricey area, but I'm glad to say the prices at Onde Onde were pretty reasonable. Anybody craving for some local nyonya food can do no wrong to drop by Onde Onde should they happen to be around the vicinity of Desa Parkcity.

KL Food Bloggers
One for the album, Henry Lee, Choulyin, Muiz, Isaac and Janice

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  1. I like the durian cendol! AWesomeness!

  2. Nyonya Kuih best nye.. Cendol also GOOD to said

  3. Mich,
    I like it too, durian cendol is my new best dessert. lol!

    I'm from nyonya heritage, penang nyonya XD so i grew up with these nyonya kuehs. yum yum!

  4. Oh, you didn't spot the boss in your first picture? This place is owned by my friend, Paul. Most of the recipe are from his Malaccan mom.

  5. nice! but i wonder how to pronounce onde onde? "on""de"? lol

  6. The asam laksa looks so delicious. But the fried rice looks very little wor...kids set is it?

  7. on top of the Cendol is it durian pulp or is it ice? Cant see well.

  8. Simon,
    I wanted to meet the boss of the place, but they no hiew me or tell me is who. I dont like it. Emo la like this =x Tell ryan, i is no happy. Lol!

    I think its pronounced On Deh .. with "eh" sound.

    Small Kucing,
    Its smaller coz they only charge rm15.90 i guess for the whole set. Hehe, and ya, on top of the cendol is durian pulp. :)

  9. Haha... I think I prefer in a smaller group for food review, but for events, as big as possible-lah! xD I enjoy eating the laksa and durian cendol the most, too bad we didnt get to try their signature onde-onde kuih :( hope can go back and try them someday :D

    Peace Out!
    LIKE my FB page! ---> The CleverMunkey

  10. Slurpsssss!!!! I love nyonya kuihs. My kind of food... I think I would love this place but dunno where it is. Sobssss!!!!

  11. i like the display of those antique (are they antique) items on the rack, and the color of the wall.. :)

  12. hmmmm durian cendol...

  13. OOhh I love laksa! It looks just like Penang's version :)

  14. is the food as good as Malaccan baba nyonya food? Onde-onde comes from nyonya..lol

  15. Looks good to me. :D The cendol is as high as mountain o.


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