Heineken Thirst Tiesto 2011 Sepang

The international DJ Tiesto came to town last night, to perform at one of the biggest party this year happening at Heineken Thirst in Sepang International Circuit. I was fortunate to get a pair of VIP passes for this event, which I felt was pretty cool. The crowd was crazy that night, up until the point it was too packed to even move around. Fighting to get to the front, which I succeeded, but even at the front the photos I took weren't really up to mark, so bear with me.

Heineken Thirst Tiesto
Heineken Thirst 2011
Heineken Thirst 2011
Date: Saturday, 10 December 2011
Time: 7.00pm onwards
Venue: Welcome Centre, Sepang International circuit (SIC)

So there I was arriving pretty early at 8pm at the venue. The VIP pass holders had a special parking spot rather close to the entrance which I gladly took up. Arriving early also means I get to walk around the area before the crowds came, and it was nice to see the place all decked up for the occasion, and DJ Tiesto fans all pumped up and ready to rock the night away.

Heineken Thirst Tiesto
Some shots around the area
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
An "I was here" shot with the stage in the background
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
Some of the Heineken ladies serving us
The night kickstarted with lots of Heineken beers as there was free flow of Heineken beers over at the VIP terrace. We also got to see DJ Phil K Lee, DJ Gabriel, and DJ Blink perform before the the part where everyone was waiting for, DJ Tiesto going up to stage. The atmosphere was electrifying, with booming music and dancing folks all around. Fist pumping, bodies gyrating, guys half naked, and some ladies even when down to their bikinis as the night progressed. 

Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#1 A couple of bloggers and friends I caught up with at Thirst 2011
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#2 Seraph, Marilyn, and Isaac
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#3 Right in the middle of the party
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#4 One for the album, a group shot before Tiesto came up
At exactly 11pm, suddenly the party got even louder as DJ Tiesto appeared to perform. It was going to be a 3 hour performance by DJ Tiesto which ended at 2am, full Tiesto greatness, full party madness as everywhere around me, everyone just let loose and danced. The music was great, loud and booming. Thousands of fans rocked the night away, and it was all good fun.

Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#5 A shot taken of DJ Tiesto after I managed to fight my way up to the front of the stage
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#6 It was all loud colours, lights, and fireworks from the stage
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#7 DJ Tiesto in pink driving the crowd wild
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#8 Paying tribute to Malaysia
Heineken Thirst Tiesto
#9 A section of the crowd as seen from the front of the stage
As I left the arena, people were still dancing away. Heineken Thirst 2011 at Sepang was a blast with this event coming down as one of the largest scale parties I have attended this year. Good times indeed. 
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suituapui said...

This was sometime ago, right? Seen some posts on the event. Adoi...I see the crowd - already breaking out in cold sweat. Sure, heatstroke...pengsan...this old man. LOL!!!

Isaac Tan said...

STP, actually it was just 2 nights ago. Saturday night, the last one was last year in 2010 :)

Most of the posts on this event were pre-event posts, i even did one pre event post for this. hehe

The crowd was really huge! haha

Shopaholic said...

You didn't stay until the end? There were fireworks!!

benjaminvai said...

whats up~ so i heard u missed the fireworks? haha

[SK] said...

wow, beer + music + crowd + party!! you sure were having lots of fun that night huh?? cool.. :)

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. party till so late d..

jamie said...

awwww you party hard man~ :D but then again, it's year end and it's to partayyyyyyy.... lol

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Love the logo word "Thirst" nice. Wow having lots of fun there.

Choulyew said...

woohoooo!!! seems like u had fun!