Heineken The Opener iPhone App

This is the season to be jolly, with Christmas coming and all. Multiple apps are coming out daily for the iOS platform to be used on our iPhones, and this time around Heineken joins the Christmas party with "Heineken The Opener" iPhone application. Today, this post will be explaining the mechanics of this application and how together with Heineken you can be the life of the party this festive season!

Heineken The Opener iPhone App
Heineken The Opener
Heineken The Opener iPhone App
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What if all Heineken bottles had surprises inside? Here's the secret. Its all in the bottles! There are hundreds of virtual Heineken bottles all over the country. Download The Opener and use it to look for them in augmented reality. Capture them. And open them. 

Get hundreds of tips to tickle your brain, experiential treats and prizes. Discover how you can send an elevator straight to your level. Or how to shoo mosquitoes away. Find exciting treats too worth RM50 or RM200!

Heineken The Opener iPhone App
#1 The first few steps to register and enter the world of Heineken The Opener

The mechanics are pretty simple actually, download the app from Itunes , open the Opener app, register yourself and voila, you're in! Heineken The Opener utilizes your iPhone's GPS to show all the available Heineken spots where you are able to "open" your bottle.

Heineken The Opener iPhone App
#2 Utilizing the GPS to locate your virtual Heineken bottles

Once you get to the locations where the virtual Heineken bottles are located, then things start to get interesting! When you spot a Heineken bottle floating in the air, use the virtual bottle opener to open the bottle-- just like opening a real bottle of beer. Just check out a sample shot of how this works below.

Heineken The Opener iPhone App
#3 Catch your Heineken bottles and open it with a flick, as how you would open a real bottle
Heineken The Opener iPhone App
#4 There's where you find your Christmas party treats after every "open"

With treats ranging from RM50 - RM200, you can even share it with your friends via options in the app because it's Christmas time! Personally, I think this app is a pretty cool thing to have at parties where you could actually show your friend sitting next to you and go "Hey, check out my iPhone! It can open a Heineken yo!"

Do check out Heineken Malaysia's website http://www.heineken.com/my/ or Cnet's review on this app here. (Heineken The Opener for iPhone - Free iPhone software downloads and software reviews)


Reanaclaire said...

Great treats for the coming CNY? :)

Merryn said...

fuiyoh.. kudos to Heineken for being so APPLE friendly!

Nikel Khor said...

wow... getting this opener ads.. good job man.. are u joining?

Tekkaus said...

Wow...so good. There is an app for beer lovers. :p can share some more.

suituapui said...

This looks interesting...but I don't have an iphone. Two days to Christmas! Hint! Hint! LOL!!!