Heineken Green Space Vertigo Club

So there I was at Vertigo Club, The Gardens for Heineken Green Space event the other night just to catch up with some friends. Upon reaching the club, I had this rather mixed feeling about the whole Green Space thing, I'm happy to catch up with some friends, but on the other hand, I was really quite sad to see the crowd and the music being played that night. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but probably fresh from the high at Heineken Thirst in Sepang, this event pales in comparison.

Heineken Green Space
Heineken Green Space
Heineken Green Space
Date: 13 December 2011, Tuesday
Time: 7pm ‘til late
Venue: Bianco @ Vertigo Club (6th floor rooftop), The Gardens, Mid Valley
Theme: Step Into Tomorrow

Heineken Green Space
The ladies welcoming us to Green Space
"Heineken Green Space: putting the events into the hands of our consumers. A bi-monthly series of bespoke events designed by Heineken Music fans, giving them the opportunity to throw their personal music event of the year."
Source: Press Release

Anyway, this round of Heineken Green Space involved Dragonsoft Research, who introduced some pretty nifty "photography" games as well as the overused RFID wrist tags to tag us on Facebook.

Heineken Green Space
Heineken all around
Heineken Green Space
Benjamin and Kah Mon registering for the RFID wrist tag to work
Heineken Green Space
We were able to capture our photos on the spot and upload it directly to FB that night
So there was free flow of Heineken beer, but the music was pretty off that night. I'm not sure what it was, but something was missing from this party, the ingredients were there, probably the mixture just wasn't right. Anyway I did manage to capture some photos before heading off for some really good Bah Kut Teh later that night. Check us out below.

Heineken Green Space
Isaac and Chris
Heineken Green Space
Kate and Ryan
Heineken Green Space
One for the album, Shii Teck, Elwyn, Ryan, Melissa, Isaac, Kate, Benjamin, Kah Mon, yeong Boon, Jia Yeen and Kelvin
Heineken Green Space
"The Party's Waiting For you?" or vice versa?

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Nikel Khor said...

wow.. beer!

Xing said...

You guys only drink beer that night? Seems like nothing much happening there.

suituapui said...

Any event this weekend? Can I tag along?