Far East Movement At KL Live

Far East Movement is in town, the latest popular craze with their chart topper song "Like A G6" which topped the Billboard Top 100 charts in late October. Comprising of a four members namely J-Splif, Kev Nish, Prohgress, and DJ Virman, KL Live was the venue for their concert last night. Thanks to Jfook and Ryan who called me up to join in the festivities, I had the opportunity to catch this group live at KL Live!

Far East Movement
Far East Movement in KL Live!

Moovment 2011
Saturday 3 December 2011
10pm - 2am
KL Live
Reaching KL Live just before midnight, I found out I was just in time to catch the appearance of Far East Movement's concert. Now why would anybody want to come earlier? Anyway, outside the dance floor, we were greeted by the beautiful promoters ladies who helped to capture a polaroid photo of us on the spot. 

Far East Movement
These ladies were holding polaroid cameras to capture instant photographs of us
Far East Movement
A rather blurred polaroid instant photo of me and Junfook
Far East Movement
It was jam packed with humans all ready to jam with Far East Movement

The concert kicked off with booming bass and loud music from Far East Movement which got everyone crazy. When I said crazy, it's like you hear screams all round me, which kind of reminded me of the last concert I went to this year which was MTV Worldstage. When Far East Movement appeared, the crowd literally went wild.

Far East Movement
That's me and Ryan all ready to go wild

Since I was standing pretty close to the stage, I could virtually feel the energy coming from Far East Movement. Jumping around the stage to their electro hop music, it was enough to get the crowd dancing along. Check out some of the photos I managed to capture of Far East Movement last night.

Far East Movement
#1 Kev Nish making his entrance together with his crew
Far East Movement
#2 Kev Nish without his glasses
Far East Movement
#3 Here we see J-Splif and Kev Nish with his guitar
Far East Movement
#4 Kev Nish taking a sip of water, which he actually passed to some adoring fans
Far East Movement
#5 Like A G6
Far East Movement
#6 Kev Nish with Prohgress, with DJ Virman at the back spinning the music
Far East Movement
#7 Prohgress and Kev Nish doing their thing
Far East Movement
#8 Far East Movement in action

Overall it was all good, and I would think a lot of Far East Movement's fans were extremely happy that night. As for me, I was just glad to soak in the atmosphere and the experience of seeing a really famous group performing before my eyes even though I'm not a really big fan. Far East Movement did a really good job keeping the crowd entertained throughout the night. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh god , that was so HIGH!

Nana Eddy said...

eh?? why no call me oso one? I oso want to see Far East Movement! hehhee~ It looks fun~

Isaac Tan said...

lol! High is good! :P

Oh, I didn't plan on going until 10.30pm last night when I saw some tweets from Jfook and Ryan. Lol! Next time if i have any plans, will tell you! :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Yea, didnt plan to go but saw the free tics giveaway by some ppl on twitter..but too lazy to drive out! HAhaha

suituapui said...

No, thanks. I'll just stick to Adele...or Bruno Mars. Old man mah...

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

No call me along. :(

Ken Wooi said...

up up here we go!!

Huai Bin said...

Fast posting! :)

I didn't go but my friend went, and coincidentally is in your crowd photo shot. Haha!

Hayden Chan said...

Beautiful girls in golden shirts,left was felixia yeap and right i don't know who. im pretty sure the party was really high

Henry Lee said...

awesome concert it seems! there's felixia yeap! hot babe!!! too bad i didnt get to go...

stephy-nie said...

Wahlao you also went eh? I was there too! Super high but at the same time such a bummer they made us wait for like 2+ hours.

soulesscloudy said...

R they Korean???

Hilda Milda™ said...

Sigh, I've not attended any concert this year yet and 2011 is ending alrdy FML so did you fly like a G6 after that? :P JKJK

Anonymous said...

My photo with you is blur....

FBS Headmaster said...