Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex Media Event

Talking about erection hardness, or sex for that matter has always been a taboo subject in Malaysia, where more often than not it will induce giggles or squirming actions when brought up. Well, a couple of weeks back, I was invited by Pfizer to catch one of their live discussion forum on "Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex". 

Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex Media Event
He Says, She Says "Let's Talk About Ideal Sex"
He Says, She Says Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex
3rd December 2011
2pm - 4pm
TwentyOne Kitchen + Bar,
20-1 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex Media Event
The venue, TwentyOne Kitchen & Bar

Now, a quick background information on how this talk came about, and what is the topic about. According to the Pfizer’s Ideal Sex Survey 2011, Asian couples agreed overwhelmingly that quality of erection hardness and the ability to maintain an erection are the most important criteria in achieving an ideal sexual experience. Well, there's nothing really much to shout about here, but there was another fact that arose which piqued my interest. 

There is actually a measurement standard for erection hardness – the Erection Hardness Scale (EHS).

"Since erection hardness is a fundamental component of erectile function, the availability of a simple parameter to measure erection hardness may prove useful in diagnosing the presence and severity of ED. The EHS is used to measure erection hardness during sexual intercourse. Grade 4 is the optimal erection hardness and it gives greater sexual satisfaction for both patients and partners. Doctors do use this tool for monitoring treatment outcomes."

Check out the varying state of hardness there! On exactly how to measure it, there wasn't an actual tool to measure, I guess we can just "feel" the hardness based on the degree above. This got me thinking, I wonder how many guys out there actually come out with an erection hardness of 4, the optimal erection number.

Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex Media Event
Sharing a laugh during the discussion on the psychological and physical aspects of men’s sexual health

"Good news Malaysian women - most Malaysian men placed top priority on the importance of achieving and giving sexual satisfaction to their partners. They believe that all physical aspects in a sexual relationship such as quality of erection hardness at Grade 4, ability to maintain an erection, orgasm intensity, duration and frequency of sexual intercourse leads to more pleasurable sexual experiences for themselves and their partners."
- Ideal Sex for Malaysian Couples: The Harder, The Better

This round, a prominent food blogger, Sue Lynn ( and her husband were brought in together with the experts Prof. Dr. Low Wah Yun (Professor of Psychology, University Malaya) and Prof. Dr. Ong Teng Aik (Consultant Urologist, University Malaya Medical Centre) to basically talk about her husband's erection and so forth. 

Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex Media Event
Low Wei Jien, sharing his stories on married life with Tiong Sue Lynn a.k.a. Bangsar Babe.

Blogger Sue Lynn and her husband, Wei Jien who just got married recently agreed that while they are newly wedded couple, still enjoying the honeymoon period, the session opened their eyes to a different aspect of sexual intimacy.

“This is a very interesting topic and I applaud Pfizer for organizing a discussion session to educate the public on the importance of erection beyond just physical sex and how it can affect our intimacy, emotions and health as well,” said Sue Lynn.

When asked how he would handle a hypothetical situation of experiencing sub-optimal erection, the husband Wei Jien mentioned he hoped to never have the problem, but would definitely seek a doctor’s help should he ever have to face the issue.

Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex Media Event
Bangsarbabe thinking hard on some answers for rather tough questions thrown at her

“This is a very interesting topic and I applaud Pfizer for organizing a discussion session to educate the public on the importance of erection beyond just physical sex and how it can affect our intimacy, emotions and health as well”
- Sue Lynn

Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex Media Event
Some finger food for us

Overall, it was a rather fruitful discussion, as questions were thrown from the floor to our lovely couple. What I've learnt from this event was the fact that erectile disfunction (ED) is a problem every guy may have to face in the future, and shouldn't be swept under the rug. When so much is at stake, couples should not discount the issue of quality of erection hardness as it not affects the intimacy between a couple, but can affect the well being of the emotion and health. If in doubt, head to your nearest clinic immediately, I kid you not!


  1. what an unique interview there? erection eh? =P

  2. Iiiiiiiinteresting.
    But I have to admit, erectile dysfunction is like a major fear of mine. So the panelists are right about that.

  3. Hahahah omg so cool

  4. Lots of giggling at the event too? :P

  5. Xue Ren,
    Yep, talking bout man's erection and how people look and talk about it. :) Rather interesting actually.

    It's every guy's fear bro.. so let's eat healthy, and take care of our assets well. Any signs of malfunction, immediately seek help.

    Wahaha, interesting right? :)

    Baby Sumo,
    Yep, but we all tried to remain professional, and no funny faces :P.. got professors there weh.

  6. Dang, it's HARD to find educational events like this, especially in Malaysia.

  7. so what did you learn from this session?? BTW, the refreshments look good, haha, how come no banana or sausages?? :D

  8. wah damn got level wan ah..
    should have invited me, i can comment alot LOL! ;P

  9. Looks like an interesting event bro. Do were you hard enough? :)

  10. WOW Y U NO INVITE ME!? HOT CHICK TALKING ABOUT SEX!? I would've asked her if she'd get down with me during the Q&A LOL


  11. hahaha so this is that event la

  12. wow nice event! talking about the topic also that I interested XD

  13. This sure is educational!

  14. Awwhh~ Malaysian just paiseh. :(

    And I'm paiseh to talk about that subject too.


  15. In all, I found the live forum very informative. Tackled all the 101 and 401 of men's erection about endurance.

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