Coffee Bean Prince Court Medical Centre

This morning, while hanging around Prince Court Medical Centre, I dropped by their in-house Coffee Bean outlet for a quick breakfast. First off, I rarely drop by any Coffee Bean outlet so I'm pretty new to their breakfast set. With a tagline that reads "Breakfast-All-Day", I was presented with a choice of 11 breakfast sets to pick from.

Coffee Bean at Prince Court
Coffee Bean Prince Court Medical Centre
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Prince Court Medical Centre
Level 1, Prince Court Medical Centre,
39 Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2171 7688
Fax: 03 2171 7689

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 08:00am - 05:30pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: Close

Prince Court Coffee Bean Bar
Ordering counter
Prince Court Coffee Bean Breakfast Set
Going through all the breakfast set choices, I went ahead to order the Brek 'O' Day set at RM16.90 per set. There was a choice of either black coffee or tea, and I chose the coffee, which was a pretty lousy choice for me because I did not really like the coffee at all.

Coffee Bean Morning Set Coffee
The black coffee which came with the Brek 'O' Day set
Anyway I do have to comment on the person in charge of orders behind the counter, she wasn't friendly at all. I didn't really expect a service with a smile atiitude, but at least leave out the rudeness please. For a person that rarely comes to Coffee Bean, naturally I had to enquire on where are certain stuffs, such as the condiments and sugar. The reply which was rather rude and not courteuous at all took me off guard. This certainly spoilt my impression of the franchise.

Coffee Bean choices of condiments
Sugar and Spices
Coffee Bean Prince Court Medical Centre
My Brek 'O' Day breakfast set - RM16.90
My order came awhile later, which was hand carried to my table. The coffee however, I picked up from the counter itself. Served with some salad, 2 chicken sausages, toasted bread and scrambled eggs, I have no complains on the set as the eggs and sausages were nicely done. I tried looking for soy sauce to go with the egg though, but Coffee Bean didn't have that. The meal was filling enough, which I felt was a rather healthy way to start the day. Now if only the person behind the counter was more courteous to her customers it would have been perfect.


  1. I had one before this.. Their breakfast is nice!

  2. it's been a while since i last been to coffee bean. Now that so many cafe opened, Coffee Bean breakfast is now considered cheaper than some of the cafe... anyway, i still prefer the normal kopitiam breakfast! xD

  3. gile la u! prince court pon buat! what's next? pantai hill park hospital nye starbucks? :P

    jk jk hehehe love ur enthusiasm in blogging.


  4. Nikel,
    ooo, coffee bean should be nice kua, for the price we pay for it XD

    I guess its pretty ok, if compared to the other high class cafes. Lol, but i was pretty unhappy with the service of this one though. hehe Roadside Kopitiam coffee FTW!

    lol!! well, i felt like putting into words the photos that i took, and where better than my dear 'ol blog. :) Thanks for dropping by though!! :)

  5. I used to be a fan of Coffee Beans but their price was killing me. So I went to Old Town when it opened but theirs services damn sucks with the worst smelly toilets in any outlets.
    I am surprised the Coffee Bean's staff was rude as they are normally friendly because they dont hire Banglas.

  6. it looks so nice! there is one coffee bean franchise in Kuching, but they closed down cause not many customers. HAHA. :P

  7. Never knew coffee bean offers breakfast (: It looks yummeh, especially the scrambled eggs!

  8. I always have this at Penang airport. Expensive but very very nice...and free flow of coffee.

  9. scrambled eggs + sausages... yummy!! I like breakfast set like this. XD

  10. The Franchise got the Name but the Customer Service was poor, it happen everywhere dude. Maybe your case was slightly extraordinary. Ignore this kind of people man :)

  11. Agree! Service does make a difference.

  12. i tried that before too! quite nice =)

  13. Still prefer Starbucks over Coffee Bean. WIN!

    Just saying :)

  14. The scenerio looks just like the branch in ipoh.. i guess all looks the same cos franchise.. i like the desserts there..

  15. I love their cakes and coffee. :D

  16. The breakfast set looks really generous. :D

  17. we hv coffee bean in Ipoh too but I hvn't gone in before.

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  19. u selalu visit medical centres..hahahha.., food to try sampai go hospital punya isit?prince court looks damn exquisite..drove by few times bt nvr tot of steeping in..hahah


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