Asahi Super Dry Launch

Carlsberg Malaysia recently added Asahi Super Dry, the No.1 beer from Japan to its growing portfolio, and held an official launching event over at Double Tree by Hilton the other day. I was invited in to join the festivities which I took up just for my first taste of this premium Japanese beer which I heard so much about but did not have the chance to try it until that fine evening. 

Asashi Super Dry Launch
Asahi Super Dry Launch

Asahi Super Dry Official Launch
"Shift Your Senses"
13th December 2011
Ballroom A, Double Tree by Hilton

Reaching the venue rather early that evening, we were served with bottles of Carlsberg and finger food to stir up an appetite for the main event which was the launching of Asahi Super Dry. There I managed to catch up with some friends from the media as well as bloggers. Everybody was pretty excited to catch the performances as well as trying out the Asahi Super Dry Beer. 

Asashi Super Dry Launch
Finger food to complement the beers
Asashi Super Dry Launch
Isaac, Shang Leit & Seraph (photo credited to
Asashi Super Dry Launch
Some of the fancy dressed folks
Asashi Super Dry Launch
Yours truly with DJ Faith

"Malaysians can now enjoy Asahi Super Dry using Karakuchi, a secretly guarded Japanese brewing style, that has not only captured the taste buds of premium beer drinkers the world over but that has also set the gold standard in Japanese brewing"

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsber Brewery Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Asashi Super Dry Launch
Caught this rather petite lady with a rather huge teddy bear

The evening saw 300 guests unlocking their imagination in Streets of Tokyo with performances from DJ Faith and an enigmatic Harajuku Dance troupe, Energy & Excitement of Sydney with Violinist Dennis Lau & Beatboxer Shawn Lee, Cosmopolitan New York's High life with Singer songwriter Nadhira and rapper Vandal.

Asashi Super Dry Launch
Asahi Super Dry Launched!
Asashi Super Dry Launch
We all had our fair share of Asahi Super Dry Draught that night

"Carlsberg Malaysia is the second brewery in the Carlsberg Group Worldwide after Baltika Breweries (Carlsberg Russia) that was awarded the rights to manufacture this high quality beer" 

Mr Toshido Kodato, Director, Corporate Officer of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd

The launch of Asahi Super Dry adds up to Carlsberg Malaysia's premium beer porfolio which includes seven of the world's favorite brands: Kronenbourg 1663 & Blanc, Corona, Budweiser, Fosters, Becks, and Hoegaarden. Overall, it was a successful event that night, one which I will remember as the first time I tried out Asahi Super Dry which was pretty cool.


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