Umami Steamboat Sunway Mentari

Umami Steamboat is this restaurant serving an "all you can eat" steamboat buffet located nearby Sunway Pyramid over in Sunway Mentari. Prior to reaching this eating spot, I did notice that the whole area do have a lot of steamboat restaurants, and with stiff competition we know that the food served are bound to be good.

Umami Steamboat
Umami Steamboat Sunway Mentari
Umami Steamboat
12a (Ground Floor),
Jalan PJS8/17,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
Operation Hours: 11am - 12midnight
Tel: 03-56222663

Adult: RM26.80+
Child (<130cm): RM13.40+

Umami Steamboat
Location Map of Umami Steamboat

We reached around 8pm at Umami Steamboat to find the place bustling and filled with steamboat lovers. My guess is the price of only RM26.80+ for an adult really attracted the masses, with food that is worth way more than what you're paying for. I'll elaborate more on the extensive menu and food available here, be it the raw fresh seafood, or the various grilled menu. The environment was rather comfortable, a class higher than your average steamboat restaurant.

Umami Steamboat
The crowd that night
Having a group of friends all huddled over a piping hot pot of steamboat, with fresh seafood ready to be cooked is an experience in itself. The feeling of togetherness, especially when we were jostling to cook the food is second to none. Do check out the below for the food available every night at Umami Steamboat Restaurant.

Umami Steamboat
#1 Seafood platter, with crabs and various oysters.
Umami Steamboat
#2 More seafood, this time with the inclusion of fresh prawns, and fish
Umami Steamboat
#3 Beef, egg and more!
Umami Steamboat
Getting your food was an experience in itself due to the number of varieties available
On top of the raw seafood ready to be cooked in our steamboat pots, there was a special corner serving grilled food which took my fancy since it smelt really good the moment we arrived at Umami Steamboat. We have the obligatory chicken dishes, satays, and even grilled fish and crabs!

Umami Steamboat
Grilled specialties for meat lovers like me
There you have it, we were spoilt for choices, and at an affordable price of RM26.80+ per person, one could come here and "eat all you can" without hurting the wallet. There is even an ongoing "Buy 2 Free 1" promotion going on currently, perfect for those coming in groups.

Umami Steamboat
That's us having a really great time over some good steamboat.
Is it good? For the price, it is really affordable as the food choices are really extensive and fresh. Drop by here the next time you're craving for a steamboat around Sunway Pyramid area.


Unknown said...

Been before this steamboat.. not bad.. got time promo is RM19.90 when opening.. after that RM23.90 per head.. bow not sure.. I love BBQ chicken.. =)

Nikel Khor said...

I like their BBQ step... Not the one contact with charcoal, dark and unhealthy.. This one look OKOK..

Pamela Yeoh said...

Looks nice :)

Taufulou said...

reasonable price with alot of selection wor..can go makan d. .

Posh said...

So much food at a very low price..ini sudah bagus!! I can write off Flaming Steamboat la...*wink wink*

suituapui said...

Sooooo cheap - with ALL the good stuff! Worth it, really worth it. Here, around RM20...and all we get would be those cheap frozen fish balls, crab sticks and stuff from the supermart. I went to try - never went again.....

wenn said...

wow..lots of stuff to choose from!

SuFang (Careen) said...

Looks yummy! I wanna go with my friends XD

Unknown said...

my only regrets is not trying the grilled crabs.. T3T

[SK] said...

i love the design of the food counter, black and white mosaic just look cool!! and those food are also very fresh, especially love that beef slice, wow just perfect for steamboat.. :)

bendan said...

It's like the one I have it in Cheras... Even the interior looks alike wehh!! Btw, forget the name of the shop. =O

I want Steamboat la... bila gathering?

FiSh said...

omg so many varieties! taste very good

Thristhan said...

Wow man, all this while I thought that Restaurant Talipon at Kuchai Lama was the one with the best Steamboat buffet, but this people seem to have a better variety in their range. Price is ok for good eaters like myself.

Twilight Man said...

I am a frequent diner for steamboats of all kinds! I will go there tonight as I am a regular at Mentari. Didn't realise Umami got such nice interior!

Twilight Man said...

Hey thanks for the You Tube directions! It is so easy to follow and I always buy toilet flush 'blue' cubes from Cash Converters!! Ha ha ha

Small Kucing said...

i baru pass by this place just now. There are so many steamboat restaurant at that area

Reanaclaire said...

Very cheap la!!! so many choices!

darranlow said...

The grilled meat looks really tempting, it is already making me crave for one of those chicken wings already!

Twilight Man said...

Hey I went there for my dinner. I loved their chicken wings and snack bites like pandan chicken! Yum yum! I will ask my gang of bloggers to eat there soon.