Twenty.One Tables + Terrace BSC

Bangsar Shopping Centre houses some really exclusive and good restaurants, one of them being Twenty.One Tables & Terrace located on level 3 of the shopping mall. I had the chance to try out Twenty.One's upcoming unique Christmas menu dishes the other day with a couple of friends and it did leave a rather good impression.

Twenty.One Tables
Twenty.One Tables + Terrace
Twenty.One Tables + Terrace
Level 3 Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof,
59000 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: +603 2287 0021
Monday till Sunday: 12 noon till 3am

Twenty.One Tables
Twenty.One's comfortable ambience and decor
It was my first time over at Twenty.One, and I must say the place has a really classy look to it. Coupled with a windowed terrace view out where patrons can dine with a view, Twenty.One does look the part of a great chill out place after a long day's work. I observed that Twenty.One has taken great lengths to ensure their customers have the best seats, view and food.

Twenty.One Tables
The Christmas Menu "Jingle My Bells"
We were there for their Christmas menu, and with a tagline that reads "Jingle My Bells", I can already feel the Christmas spirit. The 3 course set menu comes with a starter, one main dish, and dessert. Even these had names to them, "Santa's Little Helpers", "Fill My Stocking" and "Mistletoe Kisses", talk about high Christmas enthusiasm from Twenty.One Tables & Terrace.

Twenty.One Tables
The 3 Course Christmas Set Menu
For starters, we were served with the "Santa's Little Helpers" which was a choice of either the warm asparagus salad with duck proscuitto, poached quail egg & hollandaise, or the Creamed brussel sprout soup with handmade turkey meatballs.

Twenty.One Tables
#1 Warm asparagus salad with duck proscuitto, poached quail egg & hollandaise - RM24++
Twenty.One Tables
#2 Creamed brussel sprout soup with handmade turkey meatball - RM24++
Now the duck proscuitto was a pretty new dish for me, and requires an acquired taste for the duck. It was seasoned well though. Anyway, I was told this was a traditional christmas dish. The creamed brussel sprout soup with handmade turkey meatball however tasted rather good, a healthy soup indeed. I liked how the turkey meatballs turned out, and wanted more actually as four was not enough for me! 

We were then served with the main course "Fill My Stockings" for the night, which was the Oven baked sliced turkey breast with yam croquette, chicken sausage, edamame bean & caramelised cranberry.

Twenty.One Tables
#3 Oven baked sliced turkey breast with yam croquette, chicken sausage, edamame bean & caramelised cranberry - RM42++
Twenty.One Tables
The dish came with yam croquette
Now I was pleasantly surprised with the good taste, as there were so many ingredients mixed in. I mean, it's not often you get to taste beans, cranberries, yam and chicken sausages all inside a turkey dish. The turkey was good though, and very filling as the dish served generous thick slices of turkey breast.

Desserts "Mistletoe Kisses" came next, which was again a choice of either the banana bread pudding or the chrissy pudding. Both of these were rather filling, so if you're not full yet from the first 2 course, the dessert will definitely fill you up.

Twenty.One Tables
#4 Chrissy Pudding drizzled with vanila reduction, blueberries, white chocolate foam & crumble - RM18++
Twenty.One Tables
#5 Banana bread pudding with white chocolate foam, lemongrass ginger custard & caramelised cranberry - RM18++ (photo sourced from

Overall it was a good meal, and if you're at Twenty.One from 5 to 8pm, they have their Happy Hour promotion so there's a 1 for 1 promotion for all loose drinks. Do check out this place should you happen to drop by Bangsar Shopping Centre, as the Christmas set meal promotion will be on-going throughout the month of December.


Reanaclaire said...

WOW.. I love the desserts! Feel like eating now...

choulyin.tan said...

all looks delicious :D am certainly spoilt for choice this christmas...not really sure which place to go :/

Hilda Milda™ said...

Looks good to me! :D Even the name of the dishes sound interesting enough.

Baby Sumo said...

The duck prosciutto looks good! The prices seem very reasonable too.

Ken Wooi said...

i want! haha

foongpc said...

Looks yummy!!! : )

suituapui said...

Yummmmmm..... Only RM75? Cheap!!! X'mas dinners these days - hard to find anything less than RM100. Hmmmm....I love the witty play of words - jingle my bells? Muahahahahaha!!!!

Huai Bin said...

Nice! I've been to 21 a lot of times but never to eat, just to drink. Interesting to see the dishes they have. Cheers! :)

[SK] said...

wow wow wow!! i give three wow for this, haha.. the food really looks good.. don't mention about the taste, the presentation alone already is so impressive!! like~~

Merryn said...

yikes turkey breast my gawd! chicken breast ody i can't tolerate for it's often very dry, turkey's will kill me for sure :P

bendan said...

Yerrr~ *drooling*.. WHY u always get to eat nice good. RAWR!! So hungry right now... ='[

Tekkaus said...

A place where food lovers should be. :D

Nikel Khor said...

A great fine dining experience.. However, the food can fill yours tummy? since you had alot good food quite often d.. wakaka

Unknown said...

woah..nice food...and damn cool signage

Thristhan said...

The sitting area looks good and I believe the food is great too :)

quang ba web said...

so delicious

missyblurkit said...

the dishes look so colourful and vibrant...very christmassy:D

Small Kucing said...

MMM...suit the occasion

toninkush said...

looks pretty good to me. ajak lah next time when got such good opportunity to review a restaurant lol

Bella Enveeus said...

Haha the name "Jingle My Bells" sounds so wrong.. Imagine :

Bf say to gf : Hey babe, you want Mistletoe Kisses ah?
(gf looked at mistletoe at ceiling)
Bf say to gf : Or you want Jingle My Bells??

Seriously tho, food looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Food quality in question.