Sausagefest Charity Event At The Bee

Sausagefest, a charity event brought together tonight at The Bee, in Jaya One PJ is a collaboration by the local band 'Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Name Bob' with Start Society where sausages are served for a good cause. (Start Society brings together children from various orphanages and teach them the arts -music, drama, speech, writing, design, others for the betterment of these children)

Sausagefest Promotional Banner

I got the invitation and showed up as planned last night in support of Sausagefest. I love sausages, and having sausages while doing my part for charity was a pretty good deal for me. Local bands spiced up the night with acoustics and music while we had our sausages. A few cool bloggers showed up as well, and together we just chilled with the music at The Bee.

Sausagefest Charity Event
The female vocalist, Esty Richards from the band 'lead vocalist for Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Name Bob' 
Sausagefest Charity Event
The signs are clear, donate and the sausages are yours!
For a minimum donation of RM5 to Start Society, we would be getting a stick of sausage, while an RM10 donation would get us 2 sticks with a chance to win the lucky draw. Having my sausages, while listening to the bands play and in the company of friends, nothing beats that happy feeling. The sausages themselves weren't too bad, probably a bit too burnt on the sides, but delicious all the same. 

Sausagefest Charity Event
Sausages for charity! Donate RM5 and you get a stick.
Sausagefest Charity Event
The folks from Start Society, remember Alex Au from the 100km Xtra Mile Charity Run?
Sausagefest Charity Event
A few of the bloggers that showed in support of Sausagefest
We had local bands such as Leo Lee, Our Sunsets, Ariff AB, Weakenders, The Wishing, Locust Day Dream, Heart A-Tack, Car Crash Hearts, and Bob The Sausage going up the stage to perform. I personally don't know much about our local indie music scene, but it was nice to listen to some new and fresh music from these cool bands.

Sausagefest Charity Event
That's me with my 2 sausages, yum!
Sausagefest Charity Event
Janice having some of that sausage as well.
Sausagefest Charity Event
Fellow bloggers, Benjamin and Elwyn enjoying their sausages for charity!
Overall it was a pretty good night, The Bee was a really nice place to hang out and an awesome place to have an event such as this. I found myself having trouble to move around though, probably because of the big crowd that turned up last night. 

Bear in mind, this is only the first part of Sausagefest, with the second part to be held on the 24th November at The Laundry Bar, The Curve. Don't forget to mark down your calendars because you wouldn't want to miss the Sausagefest there! Seconds To Collide, An Honest Mistake, Rosevelt, Bob The Sausage, DJ Jee Hoe, DJ Bui Yen will be some of the names performing this 24th November. Hope to catch you guys there!


Mamü Vies said...

The one at Laundry Bar sounds good.
Thinking of showing up for that one.

Carina said...

Nice hair cut issac! You look fresh and young! haha (probably too late to say so)

Wait, is that a goodie bag in the 6th goodies bag? Or.... hiak hiak hiak!

Hilda Milda™ said...

The sausages look so good! :D Eh, the durex roadshow was still there huh? I went there earlier but at the college beside The Bee.

kuromeowiie said...

I'm hungry dy =3=

suituapui said...

Ooooo....I love sausage! German ones! Big and long! Hey, wait a minute! I'm talking about sausages, right? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Unknown said...

i wonder what the goody bag contain insideXD hehhehe

Diana Diane Teo said...

Sausage for charity? First time I heard of this but it's not a bad idea to do something meaningful.

Looks like everyone is curious with the Durex goodies bag. ^^

FBS Headmaster said...

I get to know about the band through this video:

which was acted by one of my friend who knows them. I love their song there =)

Nikel Khor said...

Alamak.. yesterday night, my stuff cannt finish on time.. so no more sausage for me..

Twilight Man said...

Suituapui so hamsap geh! I know it is sausages laaa. So yummy!

Koh Kian Fai said...

hahah that sausage is too much of chicken breast meat le

Isaac Tan said...

yo bro, let's go crash the laundry on the 24th if we have the chance :)

unfortunately no condoms in the bag.. LOL. previous events sponsored by Durex had it though

oh, not sure there's any roadshow. The durex goodie bags were given by Sausagefest. :)

yum yum... hehe

Isaac Tan said...

LOL! i love german sausages too, they're really tasty. of course we're talking bout sausages :P

inside normal freebies only. But there was a CD by the band "A sausage named Bob' :)

lol, yup, sausages for charity. A pretty unique concept. :)

oh! you know the band too! pretty sweet songs :) They gave me their CD.

Isaac Tan said...

aiyo, next round bah. let's go laundry! lol

thanks for dropping by again bro! really appreciate it. The sausages were slightly burnt, but for charity, not bad!

Kian Fai,
yea man, not enough fats. So lean.. I call it "elongated meat balls on a stick" .. lol!

- said...

A good deed goes a long way. with sausage :D

Anne Lee said...

saye mau hotdog!!

darranlow said...

Nice initiative and the sausage is making me hungry!

Reanaclaire said...

wow..didnt know there are so much happening in KL!! my girl will love this place...

Small Kucing said...

so much happening on 24th

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Gosh, those sausages made me drooling in this early morning =X

*Stare, saliva dropped*

FiSh said...

wow you guys seem to eat alot of sausages that day! only one flavour available?

wenn said...

ya, german sausages are perfect!

[SK] said...

oh!! sausage!! my favourite!! i wonder what kind of sausage are they selling?? i want porky german sausage~~ :D

The Yum List said...

What's the usual menu at The Bee?

Charmaine Pua said...

What's the Durex paper bag doing there? LOL!!!