Overtime Pavilion KL

Tonight I had the chance to dine and drink some really good beers in OverTime Pavilion courtesy of Sirens Media and Taufulou, for their soft launch. Tonight, we were even graced with the presence of Master Brewer of Starker, Timothy O'Rourke who brewed up Starker beers, fresh beers tapped straight from the barrel.

Overtime Pavilion KL
OverTime Pavilion KL
OverTime Pavilion
Lot C4-02-00, Level 4,
Pavilion Shopping Mall
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0108395095
Website: http://www.overtime.com.my
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/overtime.int

Overtime Pavilion KL
OverTime Pavilion ambience and decor with a live band playing sweet music
So there I was, reaching just in time to catch some really good food being dished out. The whole place was buzzing with bloggers as well, as the night was supposed to be a "bloggers night out" as well. The guest highlight for the night would definately be Timothy O'Rourke, master brewer for Starker beers, a really famous icon where beers were concerned.

Overtime Pavilion KL
Timothy O'Rourke posing with his caricature photo on OverTime's menu
"Derived from a German word that means ‘stronger’, Stärker literally revives an old world style of beer drinking, offering you a strong, unrivalled taste of truly fresh beer that many beer lovers have missed for generations."

Overtime Pavilion KL
#1 Starker Beer
"The German-style beer is traditionally brewed from malted barley and wheat with an aromatic touch of rich Citrus (orange peels and corianders) and mixed with a hint of delicate spiciness of German hops to balance the sweetness. Such unique formula, without the need for filtration and pasteurisation and chemistry of aging simply gives way to a strong yet clean, crisp and natural body that is easy to down on its own."

Overtime Pavilion KL
#2 Starker Beer, I really loved the smoothness of the beer
 "Brewed for a shelf-life of only 7 days and served straight from the keg, Stärker is best consumed at 4° to 6° Celsius for your maximum pleasure. Beer so cool and taste so revitalising, let the ‘fresh’ experience begin."

That was a short introduction to the wonderful Starker bee, but the night wasn't just about the beer, it was also about the food that OverTime Pavilion had to offer. The food were really good I tell you, even though some of the portions were a tad too small for big eaters like myself and some of the bloggers present.  Check out some of the dishes we ordered off the ala carte menu.

Overtime Pavilion KL
#1 Beancurd Pork
Overtime Pavilion KL
#2 More pork dishes
Overtime Pavilion KL
#3 Grilled Chicken Chop
Overtime Pavilion KL
#4 Crunchy Pork
Overtime Pavilion KL
#5 Sang Har Yi Mien
Overtime Pavilion KL
#6 Pork Chop Set
Overtime Pavilion KL
#7 Grilled Lamb Shoulder

Of all the dishes I had the chance to sample, I would have to say I love them all, especially the lamb and the crunchy pork. Delicious, yet sinfully fattening. I'll definately need to clock in a whole lot of exercise hours to get rid of all these sinful calories The night continued on with food, free flow of beer, and bloggers with all types of cameras happily snapping away at everyone and everything in sight. I joined in the festivities, so do check out some of the photos I managed to capture below. 

Overtime Pavilion KL
That's me getting myself those really fresh beers
Overtime Pavilion KL
A small part of the big group of bloggers present. L-R: Isaac, Wilee, Ryan and JFook.
Overtime Pavilion KL
Couldn't resist getting a photo with the man himself!
Overtime Pavilion KL
Group picture of all the bloggers present at Overtime Pavilion tonight. (Photo courtesy of Shiiteck)
 Overall, it was a good event, one which gave all of us a chance to sample what OverTime Pavilion had to offer. OverTime Pavilion really is a cool place to just hang out after work with friends while having good food and listening to some good music. Check out this place should you happen to find yourself shopping in Pavilion KL. 


foongpc said...

First? : )

foongpc said...

Yay! Me first!! Wow! So many delicious food eh?

foongpc said...

Haven't heard of this beer before! Nice or not the beer? : )

Isaac Tan said...

Hehe, yep you're 1st! XD

The beer is supposedly very very fresh, straight from the barrel, and expires within 7 days. So i would say its really really good and fresh :)

Tekkaus said...

There's an overtime here in Malacca as well. :D

Henry Lee said...

sO FAST... AWESOME FOOD AND BEER although some of the food tasted quite sweet and salty but who cares? it's free! LOL

suituapui said...

Live band? Oooo...I like! Food? Ooooo....lagi like! Beer? No, thank you. I've stopped. LOL!!!

[SK] said...

hey, i just noticed these few chains just open outlets one after another everywhere in scary speed - chatime, overtime and snowflake!! what happened to the people?? i've never been to any of them still, hahahahaha~~

Anonymous said...

lalalala i had mamak after that cos i wasnt full!!! lol!

Cutebun said...

Soooo many bloggers!!!

Cutebun FB page

Unknown said...

more drinking place for us

Isaac Tan said...

Oh, malacca, and the whole nation! :)

lol! you're right! nom nom nom, love the smooth and fresh Starkey beers!

same sentiments as me. But the beer here is really really smooth and all :)

You're right, Overtime is opening everywhere! lol Like food chain store now. :) but the place is rather classy bro.

Isaac Tan said...

Haha, wah mamak after that ka. I was pretty full, not stuffed though.

yup, it was a big group, but my regret was i didn't get to know all of them :(

drink, be happy and the world smiles along with you! hehe

Taufulou said...

wah lau weih..you really damm fast in updating post. .


Merryn said...

WOW! I always pass by OverTime in Giza.. pork and beer... tsk tsk... terus jadi porkbelly after that!

Wilee Tee said...

Nice meeting u yesterday ! :D

Reanaclaire said...

More male bloggers than females.. cos of the beer? hehee... the food looks great esp the crunchy crunchy skin.. u know what i mean.. :p

quang ba web said...

so delicious!

bendan said...

So fun!! And I missed it... Haha!! Food looks good and I love Starker too, smooth. ^^

bendan said...

So fun!! And I missed it... Haha!! Food looks good and I love Starker too, smooth. ^^

Yee Ling said...

Wow...pork n pork!! Delicious...

Nikel Khor said...

Wow.. enjoy so much beer d.. i like ler..