Nuffnang And ChurpChurp Chatime Event

What do you get when you combine a happening ChurpOut event with a Nuffnang Bloggers Sharing Session? Have it at the new Chatime Publika in Solaris Hartamas, and you have a very big group of awesome bloggers all out to have good fun over some drinks and games! That was exactly what transpired this afternoon at Chatime Publika, where ChurpChurp and Nuffnang held a "TeaTime with ChaTime" event inviting blogger and twitter fans to just spend an afternoon chilling out. 

Nuffnang Chatime Event
Check out all the attendees for "Teatime with Chatime" event
Chatime Publika
Chatime Publika Solaris Dutamas
Chatime Publika, 
Lot FC18, Level UG1, 
Publika Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 012-9765567 (Richie), 016-9081089 (Jito)

So there we were all gathered in Publika Eat Food Village, before being given RM20 Publika cash voucher to spend on anything in the food village. Needless to say, our first choice was Chatime! I have never tried Chatime before, and was really excited to have my first taste. Being given RM20 to splurge on Chatime was indeed very cool. After consulting a fellow blogger, I chose my first Chatime drink to be the Japanese Matcha Tea Latte and promptly ordered it.

Publika Cash Voucher
Publikash Cash Voucher
Chatime's Japanese Matcha Tea Latte
Chatime's Japanese Matcha Tea Latte - RM6.90 with "pearls"
"All work and no play makes Jack and Jane a rather dull person". In this case I rather rephrase it to "All blog and no play makes you and me a no-lifer" hence the Nuffies and Churpies had some games all lined up for us, with rather attractive prizes. All we had to do was to form a group of 4 persons, and play a "guess the Chatime drink" game.

Nuffies and Churpies
The beautiful people from Nuffnang and ChurpChurp
Isaac's winning team
My group, the Incredibles with Sarah, Janet, myself and Benjamin
Eight cups of Chatime drinks were laid out on the table, and each of us got to test 2 drinks. We had to guess the name of the Chatime drink after the quick taste. For a first timer like myself, I found it rather confusing, but managed to get 2 of my drink's name correct!

Nuffies and Churpies
The judges checking the results
Nuffnang Winner
And the winning team goes to... The Incredibles!
We were pleasantly surprised when the results came up 5/8 drinks correctly guessed by my team, and each of us got to walk away with a ChurpChurp plushie, a Nuffnang T-Shirt, and coupons from Chatime Publika each. It was a pretty good feeling to win something. Do check out below on some of the photos I managed to capture of the event today.

Blogger Gathering
Awesome people
Merryn and her family, picture perfect.
Overall, it was a successful event, bringing together familiar and new faces of Nuffnang and ChurpChurp where everyone were friendly to each other. New friendship were forged, and existing friendships strengthened. Thank you Nuffnang, ChurpChurp and Chatime Publika for holding this event for your fans and followers. Looking forward to more gatherings like these. "Teatime With Chatime", the perfect afternoon.


michleong said...

Nice gathering! It was nice to meet everyone too! :D

Anonymous said...

wooohooo you guys made it happened! Thanks you guys! <3

Anne Cheah said...

Oppsie, forgotten to leave my name. hehe

Merryn said...

So FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memang INCREDIBLE!!!

Jayren Kwan Hann Yaw said...

Awesome gathering indeed ! =D

JiaYing said...

Why u so lucky de? get almost all events invite.....admire u la...

Carina said...

I am so sad cause I didn't manage to go :(

FiSh said...

wow u are so quick! efficient blogger!

Isaac Tan said...

nice meeting you too! Awesomeness :)

LOL! you made it happen too, you and your awesome team

The incredibles! lol, i up a post fast when I'm happy and excited. Better write it before the excitement subside :P

yea man. Nice catching up with friends and meeting new friends!

Actually not just luck wor, if i don't get invites for an event, and I really want to go for it, I'll see which friend got extra invites and crash that event. Hehe. #behpaiseh

Isaac Tan said...

You were sick right? :(:(

were you there?

Twilight Man said...

So you had a blast! I never attended any events, guess I am shy!

wenn said...

so nice to have the time to attend those awesome events.

Mek Onie said...

wowwwww! :D

Reanaclaire said... nice.. i think i better migrate to KL la!!

foongpc said...

Oh! First time drinking Chatime? That's surprising cos I thought you always go to every possible places LOL!! Anyway, I'm not a fan - prefer Snowflake! Haha!!

foongpc said...

Btw, how come this post's URL link is unclickable in my Blog Roll??

Queennie said...

Yeee.How fun ! I missed it again :(

Choulyew said...

Lol!! kena cut out from group pic. T___T sad nya. lol

so super efficient! LOL i'm still overdose-in from chatime LOL

Isaac Tan said...

Twilight Man,
Yep, Had a blast! :P and i don't think you are shy la bro. Come join us for some makan makan session sometime.

Busy actually, but i do try to make time for things that matter :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

hehe, can always come down for those big big events. XD , and we have not met yet!! :(

ya man, not really a fan of these drinks, not sure why. Tried those in Taiwan though :)

why you didn't join in today? :(

Isaac Tan said...

omg :( you were on the right or left? Sorry!, all my group photos came out like that. T__T

lol!! on a high now from the sugary Chatime? Nice meeting you again!

Henry Lee said...

why ethan boy looks so sad :)

Anne Cheah said...

cus ethan boy wants more chatime. hahaa

Koh Kian Fai said...

wa need to drink and think about the name lol

Henry Tan said...

wow! good gathering to know all of the awesome bloggers!

bendan said...

Great Churpout!! ^u^ Happy Day!!

Caroline said...

it was fun indeed! :D

benjaminvai said...

wah tis one u super speed ar?

toninkush said...

Haha still find it kinda funny how two of you turn out to be the winners of the game

Chatime #ChurpOut

Anne Lee said...

bloggers are having so much fun...

darranlow said...

That was one huge gathering! I see lots of new faces :)

Baby Sumo said...

Hehe so happening! So many bloggers turned up.

[SK] said...

wow, that's really a big bloggers event huh?? how come i wasn't invited?? hahaha, just kidding.. oooh, guessing the name of the drinks?? that's tough but yet your team made it, cool!!

Qi Wen said...

Wow, it took me so long to scroll until the end to comment here.. Awesome event, such a big group of people :)

Jessy said...

It was ur first time drinking chatime, so cute oneeee!

I want the plushie please please pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

suituapui said...

Wahhhhhh!!!! I wish I could get to meet sooooo many bloggers and make friends. Nice!!! Now, you're in full swing already, eh? Keep it up...start earning Ks. Don't forget to belanja me, all right? Your loyal supporter right from the start...

cutebun said...

So nice! U got a cutie churp churp plushie!

Tekkaus said...

Glad to know that you enjoyed it bro. :)

kc said...

the beer shirt stood out!