Malaysian Bars Association

Malaysian Bars Association, on the mention of this name the first thing that came to mind was lawyers and whether it's a place for them to gather, an association of sorts. When I heard there was to be a food review there, I still couldn't dis-associate the name from lawyers. Probably it's a restaurant for lawyers, I thought to myself. It wasn't until I arrived at the bar restaurant that I realize, hey it's a rather cool bar to chill out and have some good food!

Malaysian Bars Association
Malaysian Bars Association
MBA (Malaysian Bars Association)
Jalan PJU 5/22, 
Red Carpet Avenue, 
The Strand Kota Damansara, 
47810 Selangor, Malaysia 

Malaysian Bars Association
Tagline "We Raise The BAR"
Initially I couldn't really find this restaurant as it is located in the new Red Carpet Avenue inside The Strand of Kota Damansara. A quick google search later, and I arrived at location, to see a couple of fellow bloggers already there. The first impression of Malaysian Bars Association was the cool ambience as the lighting was really dim. Dim until the point I found it tough to get good photos of the food. However for a drinks bar, and a place to chill out, this was the perfect environment.

Malaysian Bars Association
The decor
A quick chat with the owners and I found out that initially the name of the bar was really inspired by lawyers and that their hope will be folks will come over to just chill out after a long hectic day at work. It didn't take long before our food was served, and I was rather surprised that Malaysian Bars Association offered a fusion menu, on top of western food, there were fried rice and even Thai Fried Soh Hoon. Check out some of the dishes we were able to sample that night starting with the chicken dishes and ending with western food.

Malaysian Bars Association
#1 Chicken Wings Oriental - RM20
Malaysian Bars Association
#2 Inche kabin - RM14
The chicken was nicely done up, both the Chicken Wings Oriental and Inche Kabin. I can't find any fault with it, as anything deep fried with spices are normally very tasty and smells nice. We were then served with asian local delicacies.

Malaysian Bars Association
#3 Mashed Potatoes - RM8
Malaysian Bars Association
#4 Wild Fungi Soup - RM12
Malaysian Bars Association
#5 The Indon Treasure (Fried Rice) - RM10
Malaysian Bars Association
#6 Thai Fried Soh Hoon - RM9
The 2 local dishes above kind of surprised me as we don't normally get fusion food like these in bars. In cafes' probably, but it is rather peculiar to be eating Fried Soh Hoon over a cup of beer. But that's probably just my point of view. Let's move on to Malaysian Bars Association's western fare below.

Malaysian Bars Association
#7 Traditional Fish and Chip - RM24
Malaysian Bars Association
#8 Grilled Beef Sirloin - RM36
Malaysian Bars Association
#9 Skillet Salmon - RM36
We had 3 different but common dishes namely the fish and chips, grilled beef sirloin and salmon. Nothing really exceptional about the taste though, as I felt it tasted just okay. Probably the taste buds were tainted by the first few dishes? However the salmon was above average though as I could taste its freshness. I'm not very fond of seafood, so enjoying the salmon tells a lot.

Malaysian Bars Association
MBA's logo on their menu
That wraps up the night, food was rather reasonably priced, very good ambience, and it's a cool place if you were to chill out with friends at Malaysian Bars Association. The food for now were good, but my expectation were pretty high, a "lawyer" wannabe's expectation. Go for the ambience, and just to note, ILoveDiscount ( has come up with a pretty awesome deal at Malaysian Bars Association pretty soon so be sure to check it out!

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Reanaclaire said...

Yes, when the word Bar Association... people associate with Bar Council.. :) anyway, nice ambience...

BTW, MBA also can mean Married But Available... :p

Henry Tan said...

sounds so cool! MBA wor! hahaha
but really will pokkai if go eat there! =S

Anonymous said...

i want the chicken wings!! om nom nom nom...

Isaac Tan said...

Married but available, erhmm.. sounds a bit like me.. lol! Oops, hope Janice doesnt read this XD

Yo! thanks for dropping by! lol, actually compared to a lot of other bar food, its pretty reasonably priced here oh. KL price ma :)

[SK] said...

haha, what a name.. i would have thought of the Bar Council too.. anyway, the food looks good to me leh, drooling..

Nikel Khor said...

Grilled Beef Sirloin YUMMY lor

Click Click Culinary said...

it sounds so alike as the malaysian bartenders association!

foongpc said...

Funny name! I would never have associated it with a restaurant! The food looks good to me, but you said they are mediocre? OK, then the price are not worth it. Well, maybe just for the ambience then : )

Small Kucing said...

awww..I thought the food is very good. Maybe it look good coz your photography skill. :)

Aki said...

ha ha ha.. I thought it was Malaysia Blues Army (Chelsea's fan).. ^_^.v..

Nava K said...

Looks can be deceiving so can the name of the associationa as well as the photos,its all part of an experience as no venture no gain in knowledge.

Unknown said...

Knew you would not be blogging something serious like,law,legal stuff,courts and orders,,,guess I was right, cos My Isaac is a lifesytle blogger ma........

So did you win the case? kekekekekek

suituapui said...

Ya...I thought it would be something to do with lawyers too. You MBA kah - married but available - don't let Janice hear that or you'll be grounded for life. LOL!!! Nice place, food looks good too....kind of fusion, it seems - a mix of everything.

Alice Phua said...

Hahaha...yes, me too, first thing in my mind with that kind of name, MBA, are lawyers, or perhaps the owner is a lawyer by training but somehow has diverged into F&B business....hehehehe, just a hypothesis.

missyblurkit said...

hey...the lawyers one was malaysian bar council:P

when i first saw MBA at the launch of the encorp strand, it hit me as "married but available" bar. partially because i saw a bunch of men there (with not many females around)

benjaminvai said...

Must go drive pass this place, so near my house XD

toninkush said...

damnit, the foods look good. now i regret for declining to go lol

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இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

I put it to you what a confusion you have made hahaha..

MBAs can have lots of meaning other than the Masters, most common Married But Available & Master Buat Anak.

Twilight Man said...

You bet! I will go there this weekend cos the photos made my tongue wag!! ha ha!


yab!!! U r right 'sounds'.. anyway important is Good name with Good food & Good environment & Reasonable price..coz we had tried MBA's food & its really YUMMY..not bcoz of your photo skill only wakaka!!! Will visit MBA again! Gambateh !!

Anonymous said...

;-D hehehe

Anonymous said...

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