Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil, an exclusive by invitation only event happened last night, and I was fortunate enough to get some invites thanks to JFook. I was at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge earlier this year in April , and it was really good hence my expectations for this one was pretty high. This round, the event everyone was anticipating happened at KL Live, the latest hot spot in town for clubbing events.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Johnnie Walker Black Ciruit Brazil!
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
The rather cool passes for Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil

So there I was, reaching pretty early in the night at around 8pm, way before the party even started. The crowd was just beginning to gather at the entrance of KL Live. After a quick dinner over at TGI Fridays I returned to see everyone already queuing up at the registration counter. Johnnie Walker took effort to transform the usually bare KL Live into the exclusive party event it's meant to be.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Registration Counter
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Outside the dance floor: there were pre-drinks before entering.
We had beautiful ladies explaining some registration, games, and stuffs to us outside before entering
It was all rather grand and all, with Johnnie Walker's colours of Black and Gold seen everywhere. Even the outfits of the Johnnie Walker promoter ladies were in black and gold as well. I managed to catch up with some bloggers (Wilee, Melissa, Kah Mon, and Jiayeen) who were working as the crew before entering. They looked rather cool in party dresses holding their cameras.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Jiayeen and Melissa
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Some of the dancers were in really colourful eye catching outfit
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Another dancer with this really large headgear.
Entering the dance floor, we were presented with some performances to liven up the night. I've been to KL Live for many occasions recently, but I've never seen it as nice as it was that night. Johnnie Walker actually took the effort to carpet the whole floor. Music blaring, with free flow of Johnnie Walker's Black Label at each table, the party had just started.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
The Stage
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Performances to entertain the party people
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Brazil themed dances
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
You can't go wrong with this, free flow of it makes the night better!
The party however started quite poorly, as the songs weren't really good enough to warm up the crowd. Either that, or the crowd last night were too exclusive to go crazy. It wasn't until way past midnight that everyone started warming up. I was pretty disappointed as I had really high expectations of this party coming out from the big one Johnnie Walker did in April. Anyway, do catch some of the few photos I managed to capture that night.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Some of the bloggers that attended Johnnie Walker Brazil! L-R: Tony, Iris, Sherry, Benjamin and gf, Joel, and Yeongboon
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
When there are bloggers, there will be photos.  L-R: Isaac, Jessicat, Ryan, YeeIng and Sherry
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
This was taken towards the end of the night, check out those happy faces ..
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
Johnnie Walker in black! L-R: Isaac, Benjamin and Yeongboon
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil
One for the album!
There you have it, the exclusive party Johnnie Walker event that happened at KL Live last night. I had expected much more, but overall it was good fun. Here's to more happening Johnnie Walker events, drink up and keep walking! Oh, here comes the mandatory safety message, "Never Drink and Drive".

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