Immortals (2011)

Being a fan of the movie "300" and its genre, I would always catch all the mythological ancient Greek movies at the cinemas whenever they're out. Winning a pair of passes to watch the premiere screening of Immortals from Nuffnang made my day as I stepped into the cinema hall with high anticipation. Immortals the movie is slotted to come out in the cinemas this 11th November (11.11.11)

Immortals 2011 movie
One of the movie posters for Immortals
Immortals 2011 movie
Immortals Movie Tickets for the night
Immortals tells the tale of a mortal man, Thesseus (Henry Cavill) destined to be one of the great immortals, with courage and bravery second to none. The movie kicks off immediately into action with the evil King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) hell bent on finding the mythical Epirus Bow which will enable him to free the evil Titans which have the power to go against the Gods.

Immortals 2011 movie
The Bad Guy King Hyperion
Thesseus starts off being this really skillful fighter being trained up by Zeus the God himself in the form of an old man. Unbeknown to Thesseus, the training was meant for a reason, an evil he will soon face in the form of King Hyperion and his deadly army. Violence, bloodbaths and body counts are splattered throughout the movie, and if you have watched 300, Immortals is akin to that, but with a more surreal feel to it. Everything feels more real and vivid.

Immortals 2011 movie
Thesseus in rage
We have the Gods, namely Zeus (Luke Evans), and his "children", Athena, Poseidon and a couple of others who initially wouldn't meddle with the affairs of men, but are drawn into the final battle with the Titans for a fight of their lives. Yes, Gods do die here, albeit not killed by men but beings much stronger than men.

Immortals 2011 movie
The Gods in Immortals
If there's anything to appreciate in Immortals, it would definately be the cinematography, especially the "killing" scenes. Bodies dismembered, heads decapitated and blood all round being captured and played out so beautifully. I'm disappointed in the censorship though, as there were too many scenes being cut out which depicts fight scenes.

Immortals 2011 movie
The army of mortal men
The storyline was rather simple, albeit a bit short, but the action was fast and furious. Again, the violence here is over the top, but I like it violent. Thesseus accompanied by the priestess Phaedra (Freida Pinto), an "Oracle" who can foresee the future goes against the very deadly King Hyperion's army head on. 

I like this movie, the sound effect was deafening at some points of the movie, but that is all forgiven when the action goes on the screen. I will rate this movie a 6/10, not a must watch but an okay watch. Personally, I might get the DVD to catch all those censored scenes which were cut out in the cinema version.

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Unknown said...

LOL...the other side of the spectrum who enjoyed this movie like me *koff*Tony*koff* :D

Koh Kian Fai said...

Theseus is good, others is bad for me :P

Henry Lee said...

actually i dont think theseus did a lot of good stuff at the end. Just kill that king only, i have a feeling that the king was the one who raped his mom... and the God pretty weak... can die so easily

[SK] said...

oooh, looks like although you went together with Kian Fai, he just gave 2/10 and you gave 6/10.. haha, so who to believe ah?? but Greek Mythology movie is always quite an interesting topic for me~~ :p

suituapui said...

3D? Used to love this kind of movies when I was a kid - all the Hercules, Maciste, Goliath... Not any more. Old already mah! LOL!!!

darranlow said...

Like you, I am also a fan of 300. Immortals would surely interest me when it hits the cinemas :)

Reanaclaire said... really a movie goer.. hey, most nights you are either out eating in posh places and going to movies only? So nice!! Really refreshing...hahahaa...

FBS Headmaster said...

Okay... perhaps i should give it a go... haha i read benjamin foo's review and he only gave 1/5 =/

Isaac Tan said...

i guess it comes to personal preferences :) I like the dismemberment scenes, but not so the story line. :)

Kian Fai,
Yup, i guess it's not a memorable movie.

true, but seeing the gods die was pretty fascinating for me :)

LOL, better to believe kian fai's review. It's not a memorable movie. I always have an optimistic view on the movies I watch, as well as everything else in life :)

toninkush said...

i cant understand how you and ivan can enjoy this movie at all. if you guys like dismemberment in battle scenes, watch Machete or Spartacus. they have more sufficient scenes in that manner lol

Immortals movie review

Isaac Tan said...

nope it wasn't in 3D, normal old school 2D. Probably the story line will be a disappointment to some.

catch it, but probably not with a high expectation :)

not all the time, I just count my lucky stars each time I'm invited for food and movies. :)

lol! after reading other reviews, I guess it wasn't a really good storyline with holes everywhere. I take pleasure in seeing the Gods get killed though.

Isaac Tan said...

Lol, well, point noted. :) I still felt the movie was ok, not memorable, but ok. :)

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. i miss one more movie..

Unknown said...

download and watch it seems!! no censored...hahaha

FiSh said...

i think this kind of action movie is nice but it doesnt really suit me ><


Charmaine Pua said...

Overdose of bloodbath and violence is always men's favorite! hahaha

Hp said...

I want to watch this movie!!

Bella Enveeus said...

Wahh you're pretty generous with the rating.. Glad you enjoyed it coz I really didn't.. :(

Caroline said...

ok u're the first one to rate this movie not bad! :D guess its all up to one preferences. ;)