Heritage Village Cafe

Heritage Village is this cafe serving nyonya food located in the vicinity of Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya. My late grandmother was a nyonya herself, and I must tell you, her homecooked food were excellent comparable to none, hence I arrived at this restaurant with very high expectations. I wasn't disappointed at all. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, when I arrived with a bunch of food bloggers under part of the Selangorlicious Foodster Trip "program". 

Heritage Village
Heritage Village

Heritage Village (Penang Nyonya Cuisine)
D-G-31, Jalan PJU 1/45,
Aman Suria, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Business Hours: 7 days a week from 8.00am to 10.30pm
Tel : 016 337 3384, 016 233 0889

Heritage Village is a certified halal restaurant, serving some really good Penang nyonya cuisine, just like how my mum and late grandmother cooks it. In fact it was so similar in taste for some of the dishes, I actually called the owner to the side to tell him how good it was. The ambience was good, not unlike many of the cafes and restaurants around PJ area. I took the chance to capture some photos of the decor.

Heritage Village
It's a rather comfortable cafe
Heritage Village
With lots of foodie photos, the owner's late grandparents photos, and even a huge "history" banner

It wasn't long before the dishes were served. I'm from Penang myself, and being here tasting these food brings me back to my hometown. It's as if I'm having my Char Kuey Teow, Chendol, and "Hokkien Mee" in Penang itself! Do check out below on some of the photos I managed to capture that afternoon.

Heritage Village
#1 Chicken Lor Bak Platter - RM8.90
Heritage Village
Crispy on the outside, meaty on the inside, I just had to take this shot.
Heritage Village
#2 Har Mee - RM6.90
Heritage Village
#3 Assam Laksa RM6.90

I do have to commend on the Har Mee and Assam Laksa, if you haven't tried Penang laksa yet, try it here. The sourness is just right, coupled with huge chunks of fish inside the soup, tastes just like home I tell you.

Heritage Village
#4 Duck Egg Char Koay Teow - RM9.90

Next up on the menu was the set meals that Heritage Village offered for its customers which consists of 1 Nasi Lemak with a choice of an optional dish. Below would be a photo of the Nasi Lemak, and the optional dishes available. Good stuff I tell you.

Heritage Village
#5 Nasi Lemak to go with a variety of other delicious dishes
Heritage Village
#6 Ayam Goreng Berempah - RM7.90 with Nasi Lemak
Heritage Village
#7 Chicken Rendang - RM7.90 with Nasi Lemak
Heritage Village
#8 Assam Udang - RM9.90 with Nasi Lemak
Heritage Village
#9 Acar Fish - RM9.90 with Nasi Lemak
Heritage Village
#10 Pong Tay Chicken - RM7.90 with rice
Heritage Village
#11 Curry Kapitan - RM7.90 with rice

All the above optional dishes came with either rice or Nasi Lemaks, were really reasonably priced and delicious to boot. I recommend taking the Ayam Goreng Berempah, Assam Udang, and the Chicken Rendang. Do try the Acar Fish, but the sourish taste might be a bit too strong for some folks. Next up are the other side dishes available to order at Heritage Village.

Heritage Village
#12 "Jiu Hu Char" or the 'Stir-fried vegetables with cuttle fish" - RM12.90
Heritage Village
It's supposed to be rolled up this way, and eaten with some sambal chili, delicious!

Now this "Jiu Hu Char" dish got me really excited as this was one dish my mother never misses out during our chinese new year reunion dinner as well as the dish to be had on the auspicious day itself. Guess what, it tasted exactly like how my mother cooks it!

Heritage Village
#13 Otak-Otak - RM5.50
Heritage Village
#14 Otak-Otak Fried Rice RM7.90
Heritage Village
#15 Chee Cheong Fun - RM4.50

Of course, a good Penang Nyonya meal wouldn't be complete without some sweet desserts, and what better dessert to have than Penang's evergreen Durian Cendol and ABC. I loved the Durian Cendol, there was even a piece of D24 Durian in the middle of the bowl.

Heritage Village
#16 Durian Cendol - RM7.90
Heritage Village
#17 ABC - RM5.50

Overall it was a really hearty meal, and I really have to refrain myself from repeating the fact that all the dishes served in Heritage Village tasted exactly like what we would taste if we ordered it in Penang. Good food indeed, and to end it, a group photograph of the food bloggers present that afternoon together with Heritage Village owners.

Heritage Village
One for the record.

Will I come back here again? Definately, if not just for the the Char Kuew Teow, "Jiu Hu Char" and Durian Cendol.


Henry Lee said...

agree agree! will definitely come back again! i want the durian abc and laksa! :D

[SK] said...

wow, excellent, all the traditional dishes under one roof!! really the king of nasi lemak yeah, look at that, so enticing especially with the fried chicken.. fuyoh!! must try~~

FiSh said...

i think i would love the acar fish with nasi lemak, like seriously i haven't seen it before in my life. lol. what a failure, right. would like to have a try ^^

JunFook said...

I wish to try Pon Teh Chicken! I had once before in malacca and it was freaking good.

jfook said...

I love Ayam Ponteh!!!

Nikel Khor said...

Ya... Nyonya Food is nice nice

Alice Phua said...

Oh, yes, the olden Nyonya ladies generally have a reputation of being good cooks! My favourite is the har mee and asam laksa. Yum-yum.

P/S: You are actually photogenic leh. You look nicer in the photos compared to when we met in Midvalley GSC for Tintin.

wenn said...

wow..variety of choices..

Unknown said...

Love the ABC there..hmmm

Reanaclaire said...

Very sedap looking.. the prawns 9.90 only? so cheap? Love the desserts displayed..

Baby Sumo said...

Ooo as good as Penang's version ah... must try then!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Lupp the Jiu Hu Char & Otak2 first preference the rest also ho ho ho liao..tQ

ellis said...

These dishes remind me of the Famous Penang food.. so yummy...

Twilight Man said...

Eh! How come I didnt know you are from Penang too?? I was from SXI. You leh?

Koh Kian Fai said...

Hungry ar!! :P jom lets makan again!

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