Happy Feet 2 (2011)

Happy Feet 2, the sequel to the first Happy Feet animation movie which came out in 2006 which captured the hearts of kids and parents worldwide, is out now in the cinemas. Expecting a feel good movie, I caught Happy Feet 2 the other day over at TGV Cinemas, Wangsa Walk Mall. I was not disappointed.

Happy Feet 2!

This round, Happy Feet 2 tells of Mumble (Elijah Wood), the main character of the original Happy Feet who is now happily married to the beautiful and talented lady penguin Gloria (Alicia Moore) who sings really well. They have this really cute son named Erik (Ava Acres) who like his father was a bit of the shy type and outcasted by his Emporer Penguin clan because of a failed first attempt to dance. Erik is one spunky kid, who never gives up even when the going gets tough.

Penguins everywhere, waddle waddle waddle

We then see the shift in Earth's climate causing the giant icebergs to collide and move causing a disaster where Erik's clan is stuck in a large crater with no way out. There was no way to get to the sea for fishes, causing panic to everyone there. Of course, this is when our heroes come in, with Mumble and his son Erik going everywhere looking for help.

That's the cute Erik

A lot of new characters were introduced into Happy Feet 2, from the Elephant Seals, to the cutesy small tiny krills Will (Brad Pitt) and Bill (Matt Damon). Bill and Krill really added humour when we see them in every scene, except they're too tiny to be noticed by the penguins. It was akin to watching a mini movie in the big picture of Happy Feet 2.

Will and Bill having the adventure of their lifes
Another new character being brought into the movie was this unique flying "penguin" Sven (Hank Azaria) from Svenland who not only flies, but have this rather cocky attitude of Sven thinking.We do see him doing his best in helping the penguins at the end though.

Sven from Svenland
Overall, this movie was a feel good movie through and through. If you have a bad day, and would like to have some laugh with lot of positive spirit, do check Happy Feet 2 out. I rather liked this movie, as I liked the original Happy Feet. I'm not very good in ratings, but personally I'll rate this a 7.5/10. The movie is rather short though, or probably I felt it was short since it was enjoyable. 

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  1. happy feet 2!! havent catch it yet ":/

  2. Richard,
    You should catch it! makes us happy watching it. Haha.

    Fun for all the kids in us :P

  3. Ah!!! This one, I would want to see... 7.5 out of 10, that's good. I did not see the first one though...

  4. wah, that's a pretty high rating!! means it's a must watch :D perhaps next weekend :D

  5. I saw the Part 1... so this is better?

  6. the shrimps look cute! the 1st is better i heard :)

  7. can't remember if i've watched part one also leh.. but i think this will surely be a happy movie, especially if there are kids inside the cinema, you can feel more happiness from their laughter.. :)

  8. sound like a good movie

  9. IS it me or the shrimps look so HD? :p

  10. i wanna watch happy feet 2!

  11. havent watch it but yes would definitely going to watch it! :D

  12. Have not watch Happy Feet 1 yet haha.

  13. oh my so cutesy the penguins!!

  14. LOL Bill & Krill are so cute...

  15. wow the prawns look crazy real! (and delicious though its surprising coz they look cooked)

  16. will go watch this movie as well =)

  17. they r just too cute eh;) enjoyable show!


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