Freedom 360 KL Live

KL Live has been a really popular choice for clubbing events lately, for all the good reasons. This round, I was invited to crash in on Freedom 360 event happening at KL Live on the 19th November 2011. The tagline reads "Scream Your Choice: The Freakiest Freedom Yet!" and it does really remind me of Halloween. Halloween is over, but here at Freedom 360, we get to experience costumed freaky monsters all over again!

Freedom 360
The Devil and a Witch welcoming us to Freedom 360
Freedom 360
Freedom 360 !
Freedom 360 KL Live
19 November 2011

So there I was getting all hyped up and ready to go freaky with all the monster at KL Live. The party started pretty late, with spinners Leon Bolier, Ummet Ozcan, and our local voted DJ Dono, Simon Lee, and Alvin churning out head shaking, feet shuffling music. The crowd trickled in and things went into full swing soon after. 

Freedom 360
Some of the ladies at the registration counter
Freedom 360
Free flow of cocktail liquor for everyone
The halloween spirit is still pretty alive at this event, with costumed monsters ranging from ghosts, chucky the doll, the "Scream" dude, Jason, IT the clown and even a mummy lookalike. I was pretty fascinated with the effort taken to look the part. Check out below on some of the costumed monsters I managed to capture walking amongst us.

Freedom 360
Mr Mummy and I
Freedom 360
You wouldn't want to mess with Ms White Face Ghost ..
Freedom 360
Hey it's Chucky with the bloggers, Suki, Sherry, and Kah Mon!
Freedom 360
Even Mr Skeleton wasn't spared.
It was a rather nice event, not as large as the other big events such as Hennessy Artistry, Johnnie Walker, 7aste or even Heineken Green Room, but everyone that were there enjoyed themselves, or at least I thought they did judging from their happy faces! Music and friends do go well together, the alcohol is just a plus factor to a good night out. Freedom 360 does liven up the Saturday night party crowd.

Freedom 360
Fellow bloggers, Sherry, Adrian, Jackie and I
Freedom 360
We're here again! Jackie, Benjamin and I
Freedom 360
I even brought my colleague this time, L-R: Benjamin, myself, Yong my colleague and his friend
The free flow consisted of Absolut vodka mixed with punch and lychees, which in my personal opinion wasn't strong enough. Nobody got really drunk that night, so it was all fun and music. I leave you with Freedom 360's manifesto taken from their facebook page.
The Manifesto: 

FREEDOM is a state of being.
FREEDOM is a state of mind.
FREEDOM is experiencing unique individuality.
By sharing a common desire.

FREEDOM is boundless.
FREEDOM is endless.
FREEDOM is for you.
And for everyone.

What is FREEDOM?
It is what you make of it.

More Photos from the event can be found at my Facebook Page at

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suituapui said...

Wah! Party all the time, you party animal! Really enjoy hor... Where's Janice? Night out with the boys? Got girls leh?

wenn said...

hehe..not scary anyway..

Isaac Tan said...

lol not all the time la, once in a while only :) Janice doesn't really like alcohol events :P

yup, they were rather comical actually. lol!

Nikel Khor said...

Best Theme.. but u not in dress theme d... Too bad.. I like alcohol event in pairs.. keke

suki jezz said...

wua....u no need sleep ar?

Wilee Tee said...

wah the crew really dressed up till so scary !

Anonymous said...

you really enjoyed the party.. =) have a nice day..

Anne Lee said...

looks like another halloween party.

Unknown said...

chucky! cooooool~

Reanaclaire said...

So Happening in KL.. everyone seems to be having a good time!

quang ba web said...

nice girl!

Merryn said...

so scary! Thank goodness Janice was not around. She should not be looking at scary faces...

Koh Kian Fai said...

lol Isaac is party animal *laugh*

Unknown said...

I was really drunk yesterday. I admit this time!

darranlow said...

It is like Halloween all over again!

Rebecca Saw said...

LOL.. I chose to stay home & sleep on tis one!
So tired ..and I prefer bigger /more exclusive events now