Crumbs Pavilion KL

Crumbs, the famous franchise coming all the way from Hong Kong opened it's first outlet in Malaysia at Pavilion KL a couple of months back. Being invited by ILoveDiscount for a review of this outlet, I did not miss the chance to sample the famous frozen yogurts and scones from Crumbs.

Crumbs Pavilion KL
Crumbs Pavilion KL
Crumbs Pavilion
P1.11.04, Level 1
Pavilion KL

Crumbs is located on the 1st floor of Pavilion KL, where the majority of the food outlets are at. The 21 stars from their logo, and the bright colours of the outlet was really eye catching to say the least. Now I'm pretty new to the world of frozen yogurts and scones, in fact I got laughters and weird stares when I popped the question "what are scones?" when I arrived.

"The scone is a small Scottish quick bread especially popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, but are also eaten in many other countries. They are usually made of wheat, barley or oatmeal, with baking powder as a leavening agent. The scone is a basic component of the cream tea or Devonshire tea"
Source: Wikipedia

Crumbs Pavilion KL
#1 Chocolate Scone - RM2.90
Crumbs Pavilion KL
#2 Raisins Scone - RM2.90
Crumbs Pavilion KL
#3 Cheese Scone - RM2.90
After biting into these flavoured scones from Crumbs, I would say I really enjoyed the way they crumble inside my mouth leaving a really nice after taste. My favourite would be the Cheese Scones as I'm a Cheese lover. The other two flavours were good too, all made with premium materials as introduced by the owner of Crumbs Pavilion (USA Plump Raisins, Imported chocolate beans and Australian Parmesan Cheese)

Crumbs Pavilion KL
Freshly Baked Scones from Crumbs

Crumbs wasn't just famous for their scones, but their frozen yogurts are one of the sought after product people look for when they come to Crumbs. With a combination of 24 different flavours to choose from, one was spoilt for choice when ordering their cup of frozen yogurt.

Crumbs Pavilion KL
The various flavours to be mixed by Crumbs to make your frozen yogurt
Since this was a bloggers' review, coupled with the fact that representatives from Red FM came as well, we had a short round of "Make Your Own Frozen Yogurt" contest. 4 teams were formed, and I was pleasantly surprised to be partnered with the ever bubbly and enthusiastic Red FM DJ Linora Low. Check out some of the photos I manage to capture of the short contest.

Crumbs Pavilion KL
#1 Skills are needed to squeeze out those frozen yogurts
Crumbs Pavilion KL
#2 Fellow bloggers, Shaun and Choulyin preparing their delicious creation
Crumbs Pavilion KL
#3 Linora Low and I showing off our frozen yogurt mix!
Crumbs Pavilion KL
#4 The judges testing our frozen yogurt mix for flavor and presentation
Crumbs Pavilion KL
#5 And the winners are ... Hey it's us! A picture of myself with Linora Low and the owner Ronnie
Good times indeed, we get to have loads of frozen yogurts happily mixed by ourselves, and I must say, for a person that rarely take yogurt, Crumbs' frozen yogurts are really delicious. At RM11 for a regular sized yogurt with 1 topping, and RM12.90 for large with 2 toppings, I wouldn't say it's the cheapest around, but for the flavor and quality of these frozen yogurts it's worth the price. 

Crumbs Pavilion KL
The large blueberry and raspberry frozen yogurt topped with house crumbs - RM12.90
Crumbs Pavilion KL
Check out some of the cute fans of Crumbs Pavilion giving the thumbs up!
Crumbs Pavilion KL
One for the album (Bloggers, Red FM and I Love Discount representatives with the owners of Crumbs)

Currently there's an ongoing promotion by ILoveDiscount so do check their latest deal for Crumbs as below. 


FiSh said...

nice leh, next time can treat us more scones with your vouchers XD


Baby Sumo said...

Love scones... the price are very reasonable here..

Unknown said...

<3 Linora!!!

Anyway, how does this froyo fair compared to the likes of Moo Cow and Tutti Frutti? :)

Isaac Tan said...

Hehe, sure! lets go again soon. wahahaha, but the parking charge in pavilion is killing me.

Baby Sumo,
Yep, for the scones are reasonable. Plus we don't get this franchise anywhere else. Thanks for dropping by my blog ya!

She's awesome right! Lol XD
I can't answer your question bro, because the truth is, I haven't actually tried other frozen yogurt places yet. ><

Nikel Khor said...

The price is scary.. but ilovediscount make it lower and lower... great deal.. so sad, bank account is empty now..

Hayden Chan said...

nice! look tasty and the price is reasonable well with all the fresh fruits toppings. gonna have it the next time i go KL ;)

Alice Law said...

Hi Issac! Cheese scones, great idea, perhaps can bake some during these holiday! Thx for the idea!

wenn said...

I hvn't tried that yogurt before..

Agnes CF Lee said...

Love yoghurt..very healthy food..with all the fruits as toppings, it can be super healthy!!

Cereal said...

I've tried the scones and yoghurt as well, they are absolutely delish!! I just wish the price wasn't so steep, otherwise i'd have it every other week ;)

Small Kucing said...

Looks great but I seldom go that area.

[SK] said...

wow I just love those scones, but they don't give clotted cream and fruits preserve to go with it?? those yoghurt ice cream are self service we help ourselves with the toppings??

Unknown said...

hey its quite reasonable. gotta try it one day...

foongpc said...

Wow! I want the yoghurt! Not a fan of scones so I will skip that! But how do you add the toppings for the yoghurt?

Isaac Tan said...

pricey, but really delicious!! hehe.

do check them out should you be in KL. Look for me first, I have some vouchers to spend there :)

Wow, you know how to make scones yourself? Awesome!

thanks for dropping by, yup, i have never tried too, until yesterday :)

Isaac Tan said...

yes it is. Such a healthy dessert :)

hi there! thank you for visiting my humble blog. Oh you've tried before? Nice right? :) Try going for Ilovediscount deals to get a better pricing.

Small Kucing,
when do we get to meet up for some nice makan makan :P

for now, it's just scones, but i'm sure if you ask, they'll have those supplementary stuffs to add in. Actually it's not self service, you order, and they will make it for you. Yesterday review was special because it was a contest to make our own frozen yogurt :)

they don't have any outlets in Penang yet, in fact the one in Pavilion is their first in Malaysia outside of Hong Kong. Come down kl find me! :)

The toppings were added by Crumbs staffs, not us. Hehe :)

suituapui said...

Ooooo...I love scones. Used to have those English cream teas in England...and they served rich, buttery scones with fresh cream and jam. Out o fthis world! Must try these - I hope they are just as good.

suituapui said...

Muahahahaha!!! You are like Phua Chu Kang. In one episode, his high class sister-in-law was talking about scones and after she left, PCK asked his mother, "Ah Ma ah...what are scones?"