Coffee Chemistry Signature First Subang Mall

Coffee Chemistry Cafe opened their new signature branch over in First Subang Mall, SS15 and it's a pretty classy place. Named Coffee Chemistry Signature, the ambience and decor is perfect for a comfortable meal, or folks to just chill out. Today, a couple of bloggers decided to have a small gathering over there, where the owners of Coffee Chemistry Signature were gracious enough to prepare a special menu for us.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
Coffee Chemistry Signature
Coffee Chemistry Signature
First Subang Mall, SS15 Subang Jaya
Operation Hour: 
Monday - Sunday : 10am - 11pm / late

Subang Outlet Tel No. : 03-56122299 / 0126677512

Coffee Chemistry Signature
The comfortable and classy ambience of Coffee Chemistry Signature Cafe
Since this was a bloggers gathering of sorts, the atmosphere today was filled with chatters and laughters with lots of cameras clicking. I found the ambience of Coffee Chemistry Signature really nice, and suited the occasion really well. We had the owners Johnson Tay, and Ryan present to serve us, which was pretty cool. Anyway check out below on some of the dishes we ordered.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
#1 Baked Chicken Chop with Homemade Mushroom Sauce - Special price of RM20 comes with fresh fruit juice
Coffee Chemistry Signature
#2 Homemade Thai Spicy Assam Fish Pasta (Spaghetti) - Special price RM20 comes with fresh fruit juice
Coffee Chemistry Signature
#3 Angus Beef Steak with In-house Signature Sauce - Special Price RM38 comes with homemade iced lime juice
I ordered the Angus beef steak for myself, and at the special price of RM38, it was definately worth the price as the meat was really tender and tasty. The prime new zealand breed Angus beef came medium rare, and suited my taste really well. Of course, I might try their Wagyu beef steak the next time I come around.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
A piece of the tender and delicous Angus beef steak
Coffee Chemistry Signature
#4 Wrapped chicken sandwich
Coffee Chemistry Signature
#5 Cafe Mocha - RM8.50
Coffee Chemistry Signature
#6 Chocolate cake
Overall, the food in Coffee Chemistry Signature was good, and their coffee were really unique, using coffee beans from the Graffeo Coffee. Coupled with the beautiful coffee art, and freshly made dishes, one can't go wrong with any orders here.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
Coffee Chemistry Signature's upcoming Christmas menu
Since this was a bloggers gathering, organized by Henry Lee, we managed to capture lots of photos. A roll count of the bloggers and friends present, consisting of Henry Lee, Benjamin and his gf, Ivy, Charmaine, Eunice, Li Chuen, Ryan, Nana, Michelle, Elwyn, Yee Ing, Choulyew, Choulyin, Jayren, Kian Fai, Thristhan and many more! Do check out some of our photos below.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
Bloggers and friends
Coffee Chemistry Signature
More of us
Coffee Chemistry Signature
Group Photo #1
Coffee Chemistry Signature
Group Photo #2
Not to forget, each of us got to leave down our signatures onto this rather large black card, sort of like an autograph book. We were celebrities in our own rights today.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
That's Benjamin holding up the signature card together with Ryan and Nana
Coffee Chemistry Signature
My rather poor attempt at drawing ChurpChurp's bird as my signature
Coffee Chemistry Signature
Together with the owners Johnson and Ryan of Coffee Chemistry Signature
So there you have it, a rather colourful writeup of today's bloggers gathering over at Coffee Chemistry Signature Subang. The owners were really friendly and nice to give us discounts on their dishes. I left the cafe feeling really satisfied from my Angus beef steak, and with a good feeling because it is always nice meeting up with friendly bloggers over some good food. Do check out Coffee Chemistry Signature should you be in the vicinity.


Xue Ren said...

Nice gathering there! i really wish I was there today! =(

Small Kucing said...

been to that mall but didnt go to ccc

Charmaine Pua said...

It was a cool experience! :D Nice to meet so many ppl!

quang ba web said...

I like Wrapped chicken sandwich

suituapui said...

Hey!!! We drove past yesterday. My friend wanted to stop there to walk around but I was too lazy... Hmmm...could have stopped by to say hi to Via!!!

Koh Kian Fai said...

awesome post! too bad you ciao too early else I will be in the picture :P

Ryan said...

Since when I own CCS 1

April Cheong said...

This is my first time to this kind of gathering. It was really nice meeting everyone. Hope to meet again. And btw the food there was really nice :)

Anne Lee said...

what a cool gathering.

Nana Eddy said...


Damn efficient la you~ I now only just reach home. too lazy + tired to blog. ehehehe~

Tekkaus said...

Overall the food does look good...but a bit stale. :p

Tekkaus said...

But I guess what really matters is the gathering right? :D

Jayren Kwan Hann Yaw said...

U super fast la ! Nice Gathering ! Isaac , i emo you dy , u miss out my name ! =/

Nikel Khor said...

Enjoy their coffee.. not yet try their signature food wor.. too bad me..

SiMon Har said...

wish I was there... have to balik kampung :(

Jessy said...

I Was there too! But I left early=p

Alice Law said...

Ahhh... all the young bloggers, I suddenly feel so old!

My oh My, the savoury dish looks great, the mocha looks awesome and the cake looks delish, wht else can we ask more... gonna dine in some day, perhaps Christmas dinner?!! lol!

Henry Lee said...

it was a pleasure to meet up with all of u. It's good to see u there Isaac and thanks for coming to this gathering. I would say it's a success since about 30 ppl came (some come and left early). Food was good too! Next time i must try the Angus Steak! :D

Ai Wei said...

hi, nice meeting u the other day.
heard their coffee is good. have yet to try. aiksss

Ginny Hana ◕‿◕。 said...

I wanna join blogger meet up too.... T___T
i saw Ben and Munkey there..

Choulyew said...

WOAH 19 comments already!! HAHAHAH

Awesomeee! :) really had fun at the gathering !

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. "Another Blogger Gathering" :P

Isaac Tan said...

Xue Ren,
Oh no, how come you didn't make it today? exams ar?

Small Kucing,
Oh, probably could try it sometimes. It was my first time at that mall though.

Awesome right? We can always do this, to meet up and click with more friendly bloggers. Next time can even bring it outstation XD

Quang Ba,
I did not get a chance to taste it, but heard it was nice.

oh!! you were there? oo, why didnt you call me? I could rush over to meet you, anywhere in KL, selangor, and the Klang Valley :(

Isaac Tan said...

Kian Fai,
Ya man :( paiseh bro.. What time did you arrive?

Since yesterday! co owner right? LOL

Hey !! whats up, nice meeting you too! :) yum yum food XD

Anne Lee,
It was pretty cool. I've met up with everyone before though :)

Pokes pokes, lets semangat write ya! Thats the whole point of getting lots of blogger friends, so we can motivate each other towards better writeups!

Lol!, why do you say its stale ya? Paiseh, my compact camera might not do justice to the food. No allowance to get a DSLR yet.

Isaac Tan said...

OMG, just realized. I have added you in. Sorry bro!! :(

Go try. lol! why you didnt join us for this gathering bro?

Awwwwww, did not manage to catch you. You stay nearby there? it was my first time to First Subang mall ><

Hey hey, we are never old, and always young at heart!! XD

they do have a christmas menu, so just check them out ya. The owners are really really obliging, nice and helpful.

Isaac Tan said...

Henry Lee,
No worries bro. Always nice to have gatherings like these. Next time make one to share knowledge :) Its always good to share and improve ourselves.

Yup, the Angus steak was good!

Ai Wei,
Hi fellow food blogger!! :) really awesome meeting you the other day too! XD

Come! join us for the next round. Don't miss it!!

Hehe, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog ya! Really appreciate it :) Nice healthy fun

Haha, then the next one would be "Another Bloggers Gathering II" or "Yet Another Bloggers Gathering" .. or "Whuttt, gathering again?!" Hahaha but it was fun la!

darranlow said...

Wow! I see lots of new faces there!!!

Mamü Vies said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but it does look like my kind of place. Hrmm... Maybe I'll drop by one of these days.

Qi Wen said...

Da beef! Throw some NAO! :D HAHA

suituapui said...

Aiyor...just came down for a while, not much time...and what for you wanna meet boring old man - got so many sexy young chicks surrounding you all the time? Muahahahahahah!!!!

[SK] said...

congratulations to vialentino for the 2nd outlet, cool!! i think those food looks really good, and the foam art on the coffee is just so cool~~

ღ 關於我 - Masako ღ said...

another new place to target.. ^^ COFFEE

Sherry said...

I am nearby not yet go try.