Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid

Cafe Barbera is this rather cozy looking cafe located at Sunway Pyramid, serving a fusion of coffee, pastries and food infused with Italian flavors. I was there a couple of days back on an invite by Shannon to sample some of their signature dishes and coffee. As usual, I did not miss out the chance, this round the food review was with more than 20 other fellow friends.

Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
Cafe Barbera
Cafe Barbera
OB2-C7-42, Oasis, Boulevard Two,
Sunway Pyramid, 
Bandar Sunway, Selangor. Malaysia
(Located Opposite of Parkson)
Tel: +6 03 5622186

Twitter: @BarberaCoffeeMY

Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
Cafe Barbera's comfortable environment and nice cafe decor
"Café Barbera has more than 140 years of coffee perfection, originated from South Italy of a family business. The unique concept of Cafe Barbera is based on it's selection of exceptional coffees in Italy, current food trends and a consumer demand for a fresher, tastier, lighter & healthier menu where it provides a venue to relax in, a warm & inviting yet elegant dining experience."

"Along with the highest quality freshly roasted coffee products, it offers a varieties of food items such as inhouse baked pastries, handmade shakes, juices, a large array of freshly made soups and salads, sandwiches on Ciabatta breads, pizzas, pastas, main course meals and desserts"

Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
The menu
Upon arrival at the cafe, I was pleasantly surprised to see tables and chairs arranged in a really nice fashion, with chandelier and all. Cafe Barbera even installed these cool looking fans ensuring the comforts of their customers which I really appreciate. It was going to be a good day, I thought, especially when the food were served. Check out below on some of the glorious food served that afternoon. 

Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#1 Multigrain Croissant - RM8 and Butter Croissant - RM7
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#2 Mushroom Soup - RM13
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#3 Rolled Smoked Duck Salad - RM20
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#4 Smoked Salmon Bruschetta - RM19
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#5 Spinach and Cheese Spring Roll - RM14
We were promptly served with the appetizers namely the Smoked Salmon Bruschetta, Spinach and Cheese Spring Roll, the Mushroom Soup, and the Croissants which was a good way to whet our appetite for the main dishes to come. And there are really a lot of dishes that were served for us to try out that afternoon.

Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#6 Cappuccino Shakerato - RM11, Mocha Shake - RM11 and Double Toasted Latte - RM11
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#7 Napoli RM12, Affogato RM11, Cappuccino Napoletano RM10, Affogato RM11
The coffee here came in various flavors, and really catchy names. I couldn't really recall all the names, but it was all good. I'm not a heavy coffee drinker, hence can't comment too much on this. Let us move on to the main dishes, which were enough to feed all of us present that fine afternoon.

Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#8 Pesto, Cheese and Mushroom Pizza - RM26
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#9 Prawn Aglio Olio - RM29
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#10 Chicken Lasagna - RM25
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#11 Braised Lamb Shank - RM39
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#12 Grilled Tenderloin - RM49
The main course which were served were nice, my favourite being the lamb shank and grilled tenderloin. Served warm and fresh from the kitchen, one can't go wrong ordering any of these to go with Cafe Barbera's signature coffees

Next up was the desserts, which helped complement our already filled tummy. They always say, "Save the best for last", and the desserts were really mouthwatering stuffs. I loved the chocolate fondant, with its flowing "lava" of chocolate to bits. Do check the photos out below. 

Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#13 Pear Crumble - RM14
Cafe Barbera Sunway Pyramid
#14 Chocolate Fondant, RM14.00
Overall, it was a really good meal, and having it with friends in a comfortable environment was so good we actually spent hours over at Cafe Barbera. Hours savoring the good food and drinks with friends, I would say it was a pretty good way to spend my Monday afternoon which so happened to be a holiday.

One for the album
Currently there is an on-going promotion being offered by Cafe Barbera which are really worth checking out should you find yourself shopping in Sunway Pyramid and craving for a good meal and coffee.

New Daily Breakfast Lite @ RM9+ with freshly baked pastry & a cup of Barbera's coffee, OR ADD RM2 for additional freshly baked pastry with any drinks purchased at Café Barbera Sunway Pyramid.


Unknown said...

Another one at this hour T_T
The dessert looks wicked though XD

Henry Lee said...

I was wondering why this Isaac Tan didn't update blog today and a minute after, i saw ur post in FB! XD
the duck roll looks good... but no description for the coffee? looks nice but don't know the content of it

Unknown said...

haha great food there :D

- said...

Have to admit, their coffee is superb! :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Not a coffee person but perhaps I shall give their food a try (:

suituapui said...

I was at the one at KLIA...twice and both times, I blogged about it. I think, the choices are very limited there though...

[SK] said...

oh this is a new restaurant in pyramid?? i just love those food, so nicely presented.. but maybe one day you want to show us how they really serve the food in normal days but not for food review?? then we shall know how sincere they are~~ :p

Isaac Tan said...

hey! thanks for dropping by my blog at that hour. Haha, i couldn't get this post up earlier, coz just reached home at 11pm >< work kinda sucks at the moment.

I personally don't know the contents of the coffee myself. Rarely drink coffee, except at food reviews like these. Lol!

yea man, ate till I had to loosen my belt at the end of the session..

Isaac Tan said...

oh, yeap, so many choices! It's a cafe anyway, so coffee should be their forte! :)

The coffee is good, food ok. :)

oh, you do know about this cafe. Wow, knowledgeable! it was my first time hearing about cafe barbera when i went for the review.

I guess its pretty new. Hehe, they got pass me some vouchers to try out their food on a normal day. So probably i can try see if the presentation is the same. Lol!

Elisha Batuncang said...

Wow, all these foods looks tantalizing! Any info that they're coming to Kuching anytime soon? =p

Nikel Khor said...

The food look great, pizza with awesome cheezy and pasta too..

Reanaclaire said...

Yes, the food looks creamy.. i stick to chinese food first.. but for the desserts, i will surely want to taste those!!

Charmaine Pua said...

The coffee looks nice! XD

wenn said...

love the presentation of those food..

Small Kucing said...

not my type of food but will go for drinks there