Weissbrau Pavilion Second Anniversary Celebration

Weissbrau German Bar & Bistro held their second anniversary celebration over at their outlet in Pavilion on the 18th of October 2011. With the tagline "The Germans Came and Conquered Pavilion" and "Instead of war, they bring good food and beers to the KLnites" I knew it was going to be a good evening filled with good German beers and food.

Weissbrau German Bar

Weissbrau German Restaurant and Bistro Second Anniversary Celebration
It wasn't my first time over at this awesome place, each time I thought of Weissbrau, good, huge and long German sausages came to mind. Weissbrau German Restaurant and Bistro at Pavilion that night celebrated their second anniversary amidst friends, media and patrons. I was really glad to get an invitation to a night of German cuisine and beers as well as live entertainment from the band Mad Sally.

Weissbrau German Bar
Our sticker for the night, I do love Weissbrau
Weissbrau German Bar
Mad Sally (www.madsally.com)
The cuisine at Weissbrau is designed not only to satisfy our taste buds, but also to offer a full exploration of food from the German region as the dishes there reflect the fusion of cultures, ingredients and cooking styles. Executive Chef Pascal Schnyder, trained in Switzerland, has always tried his best to ensure the food served at Weissbrau is made from the freshest ingredients as well as good quality products.

Weissbrau German Bar
Janice with the beer tower
Weissbrau German Bar
Of course, we had the pretty ladies too for the night
So are you ready for the food? A range of really good food were brought out specially for those that attended, and I kid you not when I say it was a really "hearty" meal. Check out below on some of the food that was served that night. I truly enjoyed the different varieties of food that were served that night, something for everyone's taste bud.

Weissbrau German Bar
#1 An awesome "healthy" platter of delicious German sausages with bacon
Weissbrau German Bar
#2 Some salmon to go with your beer sir?
Weissbrau German Bar
#3 Pork slices with a dash of wasabi
Weissbrau German Bar
#4 The famous "Flammkuchen"
Weissbrau German Bar
#5 Moule Mariniere or Seamen‟s style Mussel
Weissbrau German Bar
#6 Some desserts for the sweet tooth
Weissbrau German Bar
#7 Some meaty burgers to fill our stomachs
Weissbrau German Bar
#8 And for those who loves to have some vegetables in their diet..
Weissbrau German Bar
#9 Janice's Hot Mocha
Entertainment that night came in the form of the up and coming Malaysian band Mad Sally who even sang a couple of famous Chinese songs from the 80s to the crowds' enjoyment. On top of that Linora Low, the hot Red FM DJ was in to entertain the crowd as well.

Weissbrau German Bar
The hot and captivating Linora Low
Weissbrau German Bar
The "kind of hot" and "kind of awesome" me with my balloon!
So there you have it, Weissbrau's second anniversary celebration came to pass, and it was celebrated with gusto. Happy birthday Weissbrau, and may there be many many many more wonderful years of good food, awesome beer and great crowd to come!

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Koh Kian Fai said...

should be Linora Low :P

Linora was soooo Hot hahaha! :P

anyways this is the one you rush from this place to Mid Valley? XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

Super hungry after reading this post, I'm always a sucker for bacon *drools*

suituapui said...

Oooo...I love German sausages and meat! Yummmmm!!!! Wah! Janice so lihai...drank all the beer in the tower. You married a kaki botol kah? Muahahahahahaha!!! Sorry, Janice...joking only - pulling Isaac's leg.

Henry Tan said...

wow! sausage with bacon! the best to go with beer!

Nikel Khor said...

wah.. beer with food.. LIKE

[SK] said...

oh, and it's also Oktober Fest now, sure that will add on to the climate of the party.. wow, i just love those finger food, all look so yummy!! the german sausages wrapped in bacon, heavenly!!!

LauraLeia said...

I'm sorry, but my whole attention for your post stopped at the bacon and sausages photo. I am literally drooling and craving it now. T___T

Charmaine Pua said...

"Healthy" platter? LOL!! Really this name wan ar?

Merryn said...

Nais BALLOON! Haha.. :p

Alice Law said...

Wow, it was like celebrating Oct Fest! Drooling at the smoke salmon liao!>_<

Rebecca said...

I like Mad Sally - but i didnt knw they play chinese songs too!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Good meeting you that day! Next round, must take pictures together. :)

bendan said...

Ask me together ma next time. Me always miss good stuff weh!! XP

Linora Low said...

Hahaha i just saw this post ^_^ nice coverage Isaac, as always.. you are so fast in posting up.. i dont understand how you do it