View Rooftop Bar Members Card

View Rooftop Bar is this rather exclusive bar located on the rooftop of GTower and like it's name, it has a wonderful view of the whole area. The last time I was here was for their bloggers night where we were served with a never ending supply of cocktails and vodkas. (View Rooftop Bar At GTower Hotel) This time around, I was invited over to hand me my own personalized View Rooftop Bar Members Card.

View Rooftop Bar
The view from View Rooftop Bar
The View Rooftop Bar
Rooftop (Level 29), G Tower,
199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +6 03 2168 1881
Business Hours
Sunday – Thursday (5pm till 1am)
Friday, Saturday & Public Holiday Eve (5pm till 3am)

View Rooftop Bar
An invitation to their members' night

So there I was at around 8pm to be greeted by the manager in charge and some food for the stomach. It was a simple event held solely to pass the cards off to their new members. This was the first time View Rooftop Bar is handing out their members card so I guess I must thank my lucky stars to be one of the lucky few to get this. Do check out some of the photos I managed to capture that night.

View Rooftop Bar
Staring down on the streets below
View Rooftop Bar
Rooftop seats to enjoy the view
View Rooftop Bar
Drinks menu
View Rooftop Bar
A rather interesting interactive screen to explore View Rooftop Bar's offerings
View Rooftop Bar
A collage of the finger food we had that night
View Rooftop Bar
I used my member's card immediately to redeem these two complimentary cocktails

Anyway, since we're still on the topic of View Rooftop Bar Members Card, I list below the card's privileges.
  • Be welcomed by View Rooftop's signature drink of the evening upon arrival, choice of alcoholic or non. 
  • Gain preferred access to exclusive 'Invitation Only' signature events, social gatherings and themed nights. 
  • Access priority reservations list for bookings or private events. 
  • 10% off total bill for food and beverages. 
  • Waived door charge for card holder and 2 companions. 
  • Enjoy Birthday Perks

For someone like me, a non-heavy drinker, I'm not sure if I will fully utilize this card, but it should come in handy should there be a special occasion or when one needs a place to chill out with friends. So if anybody wants to enjoy a night out with waived door charge and a small 10% off the bill, just ring me up. I might just take the Coke though.


  1. Hey Isaac!

    How have you been? Wow, this is the first time I've heard of an event held just especially to give the cardmembers their card. Well, at least something exclusive, right? Makes you feel special too..

    Not much of a drinker are you? Well, you could be the designated driver, then. Hahaha I'm not much into the bar scene .. but this is definitely a great card to go yum cha once in a while with friends. And they have birthday perks too, which is awesome!

    Anyways, I hope you and wifey have been well after your trip! :) Take care!

  2. Shemah!
    Thanks for dropping by! I've been well :) doing great after the marriage and the trip to Taiwan :)

    Hope to be able to catch up with you again soon ya. :)

  3. Birthday PERK? :O

    lol anyways what a awesome VIP card u had :P

  4. How come you are always a VIP?? always got free food one!

  5. I would love to dine here someday. The view is stunning!

  6. wow, so good you are given the members card for free?? i just love the atmosphere, such a nice view there.. hmmm, but those finger food looks a little lame~~ :p

  7. When got other events... sik jou lerr... heh heh heh. Cardholder powahhh

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  8. I'll take plain water!

  9. Guess the coke would have cost more than the cocktail haha.

  10. Nice one.. complimentary drink once arrive..

  11. So gonna use yr member card soon? :P

  12. cool! Did you pay for the card?

  13. No, thanks. I'm scared of heights... Did not use to when young, growing old - more and more useless... Sobssss!!!!

  14. woots!!! congrats once again for winning it...haha since u have it...then go more often over there to chill out

  15. Kian Fai,
    Lol, i'm not sure what the birthday Perk is yet though bro.

    Coz I'm an important person? lol perasan Isaac. This member card was won through their contest previously.

    You're right, hence the name View Rooftop Bar :)

  16. SK,
    Yep, given for free. Actually won it via a contest for bloggers held a couple of months back. The finger food so so only, I guess people go there for the cocktail and view :)

    Lol! I hope there are more food events :P

    Same here! lol, either that or coke or 100 plus :P

    somehow you are right, coca cola is rather expensive at joints such as these.

    Thanks for dropping a comment bro, and yea, nice complimentary drink.

  17. Baby Sumo,
    hey thanks for visiting! pro foodie sumo :P Not too sure though, don't feel like getting drunk recently :)

    It's free XD

    aiyo, don't say that. You're still young, evergreen!! XD

    and thanks again !! :) want to go there chill out also need kakis lo :P

  18. Invite me invite me =P

  19. Oh my. This place is beautiful! Somemore got my favorite eiffel tower symbol. Haven't heard about this place. rooftop.. i shall check this out. Thanks for sharing ;)


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