Pfizer Feel Healthy Smoke Free Event

My last Sunday was spent attending this informative talk on this smoke-free event organized by Pfizer the pharmaceutical company. Entitled "Feel Healthy and Live Smoke Free with", I arrived in the morning at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel with the expectation of learning on the hazards of nicotine and how to break free from it. Of course, it would have been better had I been a heavy smoker as the information learnt from this event were really valuable to kick the habit.

Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign

The big banner proclaiming its purpose to help you kick the habit
The activities lined up for us that morning and afternoon included a health talk by a very cool doctor Dr Nathan, medical officers, as well as Pfizer representatives. We had loads of food, Wii games and a shoulder massage session as well, which I truly enjoyed.

Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
Some rather interesting facts on smoking were relayed here
Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
The device to check for our CO content in our lungs

I found the device to measure our CO (carbon monoxide) level in our lungs rather interesting as it could actually indicate whether you're a smoker or a non-smoker. The scale went from 0-20 with 0 indicating a healthy lung while a 20 will be an alarm your lungs will fail soon. I got a 2, while Janice puffed out a healthy 0. 

The event was also held to showcase Pfizer's website on their smoke-free campaign which after a quick check proved to hold all the information you need to find out what are cigarettes, and how to break free from it. Check out below on some rather interesting facts.

Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
Sourced from
Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
Sourced from
Of course, breakfast was served which had a rather unique range, with cheese, dumplings, roti canais, ice creams, and loads of bread.

Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
The breakfast spread

Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
More for breakfast

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a really boring dude, hence after the short but powerful talk, we were treated to a myriad of Wii video games, a short golf game and some shoulder massage. It was truly a great time to socialize and I took the time to get to know as many new friends as I can. Guests and bloggers alike had some good Wii fun.

Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
Fancy a round of "golf"?
Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
Wii Games! We had Tennis, Boxing, Bowling, etc...
Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
The expressions on our participants playing the Wii video games
Pfizer Smoke Free Campaign
I enjoyed this session of shoulder massage by Mandara Spa folks
A couple of bloggers who attended the event, Rexs, Kelvin, Nana and I
Overall it was a good event, and from what I heard from Pfizer's representative, this was the first time they organized an event such as this. Information was good, but I do feel that the message to quit smoking were relayed in a rather gentle manner, which I felt was way too gentle to "force" a smoker to quit smoking.

I always feel to help a smoker kick the habit, the message must be powerful enough to get hit into their brain. Anyway that's just my opinion. We then adjourned for more food at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel's lunch buffet, which will be captured in further detail in my subsequent posts. Do check out Pfizer's website at as well as the smoke-free campaign website they're promoting at


Cik tikah said...

the foods look very yummy!

Isaac Tan said...

Cik Tikah,
Thank you for taking the time to drop a comment ya! Really appreciate it! :) and yea, the food was yummylicious! ;)

[SK] said...

i hate smokers too!! and yeah, that is really a very nice environment, and the food is simply heavenly..

Anne Lee said...

I find that the refreshments are more addictive. Teehee.

Small Kucing said...

wah lau refreshment and got massage ...what else is there

toninkush said...

looks like an event that i should really have went for hahaha.

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suituapui said...

You do not smoke, how come you got 2? Aiyor...stop smoking and go and eat all the sweet and fattening stuff, also back in square one. LOL!!! Ooooo....I love having a massage!

Isaac Tan said...

Lol, hotel food, is always cool! :P

Anne Lee,
I feel everything was pretty sweet and nice that morning :) Of course, to me food = successful event. loL!

Small Kucing,
Got a very nice lunch buffet which I did not include here :P

yea man, suitable for you :P now guai guai go check out their website k.

probably i inhale too much 2nd hand smoke I guess. Haha, don't worry, I'm trying to cut down on fattening food already. XD

The massage was pretty painful, till I asked the person doing it to tone down slightly :P

wenn said...

wow..I would love the massage!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

You are a non-smoker and you scored a '2' while wife perfectly clean. Think you have been a 2nd class smoker with all the activities going on. Dunno what my score will be for ex-smoker? Any idea what is the average score for ex-smoker? Lovely wii games and yummy food. Nice pixz of the food and event.

Merryn said...

Rexs looks like a blowfish! Hahaha..

Unknown said...

Hi Isaac,

I think they were taking the "Kill with Kindness" approach in trying to get smokers to stop. Haha!

But the activities they had lined up looked really engaging. Wifi games, massages, not to mention the splendor of food.. definitely looks like a well organized event to me! :) good job, Pfizer!

I used to have a friend who worked with Pfizer and he gave me a free soap, shaped like Viagra! minus the effects! hahaha it was so cute!

foongpc said...

How come you got a 2? You smoked last time? : )

bendan said...

Even Janice looks enjoyed much wor... Yer... looks fun!! >,<

Aki said...

Me got 5 Bro!! Ha ha ha.. But it still indicate me as a non smoker.. a smoker should be around 8.. ^_^.v.. Maybe because I'm already a light smoker.. ^_^.v..