Maria's Restaurant And Cafe Damansara Perdana

A couple of days back, I had the opportunity to try out this rather cool restaurant over in Damansara Perdana, Maria's Restaurant and Cafe courtesy of an invitation from Melanie. Upon entering the restaurant, I was told Maria's Cafe is famous for their steaks, which I will showcase later in this post.

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
Maria's Restaurant and Cafe
Maria's Restaurant and Cafe
C313A, Center Wing, Metropolitan Square
No 2, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77252313

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
Location Map
Located on the upper floor of Metropolitan Square, Maria's Cafe exudes a really homely environment and ambience, with soft lighting and classy decor. With a tagline of "The Best of Traditional Western Cuisine", you know you're in for some good food here.

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
Inner Decor
Arriving at Maria's Cafe at around 8pm with Janice, the other bloggers haven't arrived yet which gave me the chance to have a quick chat with the cafe owner's daughter, Mary. To my surprise, the cafe was already filled with customers who mostly consisted of families and couples.

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
Maria's Cafe Restaurant Menu
It wasn't long till the rest of the bloggers arrived and we were seated on this rather long table ready to dig into some good food. As usual, I took the opportunity to get to know new friends, and that night, the bloggers that arrived were really pretty and good looking I kid you not. Anyway, do check out some of the dishes that we had that night.

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#1 Spicy N.Z Mussels - RM16
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#2 N.Z Rock Oysters - RM6 each
I wasn't really a fan of oysters and mussels, being more of a meat lover but these oysters were really fresh without any hint of fishiness odour, plus they were really huge.

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#3 Ox Tail - RM19.50
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#4 Pumpkin Soup with Croutons - RM8.50
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#5 Seafood Minestrone Soup - RM19.50
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#6 Caesar Salad - RM14
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#7 Oriental Salad - RM10
After some healthy soups and delicious Caesar Salads, our next dish was Maria's Cafe's signature steaks. We were served with the Australian Wagyu 7 beef steaks, and also the Australian Chilled Black Angus steak. Naturally the Wagyu 7 steak tasted really good, being tender and very nice texture. At RM95/100gm for a wagyu 7 steak, I was informed the price was pretty reasonable for the quality of the meat. Check them out below.

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#8 Australian Wagyu 7 Beef Steak - RM95/100gm
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
I just had to capture this heavenly piece before it went into my mouth
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#9 Australian Chilled Black Angus Steak - RM42/100gm
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#10 Pan-fried Sliced Fresh Tuna - RM24
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#11 Seafood Spaghetti - RM24
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#12 Chicken Parmigiana - RM22
Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#13 Black Pepper Chicken Chop - RM18.50
Desserts were served at the end, sweet tempting cakes which melted in our mouths. The Tiramisu came in a rather huge cup while the Moist Chocolate Cake was warm with some ice-cream served by its side. 

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
#14 Moist Chocolate Cake - RM9.50, Tiramisu - rm13.50 and Blueberry Cheese Cake - RM8.50
Needless to say, by the end of the night, we were literally filled to the brim with good, delicious food from Maria's kitchen. All the food served were good, all of which were meticulously prepared fresh from the kitchen.

Maria's Restaurant And Cafe
Yours truly with the owner's pretty daughter Ms Mary
So if you are around Damansara Perdana area looking for some really good steaks, or any western food for that matter, do drop by Maria's Cafe over in Metropolitan Square. If you're lucky, you may even have Mary serving you your dishes! Anyway that's beside the point, go for the good food.


Unknown said...

OMG! I'm salivating like nobody's business here!! And it's 3am!! Where to find food right now?? Aiyooo hungry!!

I loooove oysters and those look heavenly.. I'm also a meat lover and I just looove my steaks. The wagyu beef looks sooo scrumptious.. like i want to lick the monitor only! hahahaha.. I love my steaks medium and it looks absolutely perfect. YUMMMYYY!! I WANT!

One day I'll ask my best friend to take me there.. she's living near there, so she should be able to find the place. Price wise, it is rather reasonable.. but is that the normal portion? Portions do look a tad bit smaller than usual restaurants, no?

Isaac Tan said...

Good morning!! Thanks for dropping by early in the morning. lol!

Janice took most of the oysters as I don't really take it, just had a bite but I can say I did not taste any fishy taste at all!

The portions shown are normal portions, probably my photos are not very proportional, but can full la. lol XD

Unknown said...

Wah.. Nice blog food, I love the fried mussels, oysters not bad too.. very fresh from the picture =)

What I interested is the beef.. is that a half cook beef that you ate??

Salad, and pasta quite cool... makes me drooling =)

missyblurkit said...

awesome! another place for me to head in when i am in damansara perdana!

right now you have me craving the angus and wagyu!

suituapui said...

Looks so-so...and very expensive. I've seen better.

Baby Sumo said...

The Wagyu is slightly expensive and comparable to Prime. But the Black Angus price is quite reasonable. Medium rare? ;)

Nikel Khor said...

Wah.. western steak!!

[SK] said...

wow wow wow!! although the name and the interior design of the restaurant look so plain, but those food definitely kick my taste buds.. delicious, especially the steak and the melting chocolate on the chocolate moist cake!! fuyoh~~

Hazel said...

moist chocolate cake is extremely sinful!makes me drooling

wenn said...

wow..great food over there!

Anne Lee said...

the desserts really got me drooling.

Small Kucing said...

very good post. Yummy food

Kellye Tan said...

Wow. the oyster and moist chocolate cake looks niceeee!

Huai Bin said...

I'm a HUGE fan of oysters! They look awesome. :)

The steaks looks really good too. Definitely worth a visit. :D

Alice Law said...

Such an exquisite dinner, so blessed tht I just hv my dinner... phew, else it's hard to resist the temptation!;D

p/s: Thank you so much Isaac, Thx 4 sharing Tin Tin contest, and your blessing too, yay! We are invited to the premier, see u there!^^/

Caroline said...

Hatchu!! am drooling now and i demand for supper now!! hahaha!! the foods look so delicious!! :( am hungry.

Alice Phua said...

I love eating mussels and oysters! But the food there looks pricey, eh?

j O C y said...

nice posts in here..keep posting

Amy said...

A few more good reviews about Maria's:

Cheers. My favourite place time and time again.