Heineken Green Room

Just last night, I had the opportunity to attend a Heineken sponsored event thanks to invites from Benjamin and Heineken. It was the Heineken Green Room event, and I was quite pleased to meet up with so many other fellow bloggers that night. Heineken Green Room was held at KL Live in Jalan Sultan Ismail which kicked off by 8pm.

Heineken Sexy Girls

Beautiful Heineken ladies welcoming us to Heineken Green Room
Heineken Green Room
Heineken Green Room!
So there I was where everybody was pretty hyped up even before the party started. Heineken Green Room was to be graced by US indie darlings Gossip and Australian dance rockers Art vs Science as the headlining acts. Joining Gossip and Art vs Science were local acts Mini Compo, Twilight Actiongirl and a collaboration between openers Hypeem Beats and Jeehoe spinning a blend of dance beats.

Heineken Green Room
KL Live, 1st Floor, Life Centre, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail 

I was pretty surprised a short body search was done for everyone that arrived, and they were rather thorough in searching the "curves" on my waist. It's all good I guess, for the safety of Heineken Green Room's guests. Good job security folks.

Heineken Green Room
Body searches being done by the security folks
Heineken Green Room
Heineken, with its world of privileges
We were given a rather cool Heineken can opener door gift upon answering a short survey paper at the entrance. Check it out below, although I'm not too sure when I will actually use it. It looks nice, kind of like a huge Heineken badge akin to a Sheriff's badge from the movies.

Heineken Green Room
A rather unique Heineken bottle cap opener
Heineken Green Room
A short group photo with a couple of fellow bloggers before entering the dance floor
The party kicked off with booming bassy music, the atmosphere was good, people were there, but somehow the mood to dance and move didn't come until much later in the night. I attribute it to the fact that there weren't any free flow of beers for the guests. We all know alcohol gets people moving, feed them alcohol and you will see the dance floor filled with bodies grooving to the music. 

Heineken Green Room
Great performances by the Australian dance rockers Art Vs Science
Heineken Green Room
Dan Mac from Art Vs Science bringing the house down with his electrifying music
Heineken Green Room
A couple of random shots of Heineken Green Room
Heineken Green Room
Group photo taken by fellow blogger Henry Lee of us!

The night was good, with awesome friends to just chill out and have fun. My take on the event? I felt it was good, not great though as the crowd did not really warm up enough to dance the night away. I left feeling rather empty as if there was something missing. Nevertheless, I'm still hyped up for being able to catch Heineken Green Room this round. Thanks again Heineken for being given the chance to party out with friends.


Ken Wooi said...

liquor companies throwing parties here and there.. not my type of events la :P

Unknown said...

lol can see andrew in there.

Isaac Tan said...

i know right? Nvm la, I attend these for the experience XD and it's kind of fun too. :)

yeap! I noticed too! lol!

Unknown said...

u should join me for second round in library!

Isaac Tan said...

wow you guys went 2nd round some more ar. It was a week day! lol

Tekkaus said...

Yupe! That is really a whole new world of privilege with special can opener. :D

Henry Lee said...

i wonder what's empty...? hmmm... freeflow? haha... i regretted staying for gossip. AvS was good! :D

suituapui said...

I can't drink Tiger - gout attack...but they say European brands like Heineken is ok. Don't dare to try...later one whole week, cannot walk. Can die one, so sakit!

jfook said...

I love your expression on the last photo Henry. =D

[SK] said...

oh, i love that doorgift, what a special and nice bottle cap opener right?? and nice to have free flow of heineken beer too?? :)

wenn said...

that must be fun with lots of people.

cutebun said...

Quite cool le the event.

Unknown said...

LOL why la u show middle finger in the picture..hahaha

nice event indeed..

toninkush said...

i see that you didnt stay till the end as well haha

ALoud Asia #2

Alice Law said...

Wow, such an eyes opening, chilling gathering!

Anonymous said...

Hi Isaac, did you stay for Gossip's performance coz it was certainly the highlight of the night.

Anne Lee said...

aiyo,met so many bloggers didnt meet me also. T.T