Pizza Hut At Jusco AU2 Keramat

This is one often used Pizza Hut near my company, one that we will drop by whenever we felt like having something heavier than the average lunch fare. This afternoon was one of the special days where my colleagues and I felt like having some pizza for lunch. Our destination? Pizza Hut at Jusco AU2 Keramat, just a couple of kilometers away from our company.

Pizza Hut AU2 Jaya Jusco, Keramat
Pizza Hut AU2 Jusco Keramat
Lot No: G55, Ground Floor, AEON AU2,
Shopping Centre,
Mukim Ulu Kelang,
54200 Kuala Lumpur.

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Since there were around 6 of us, we decided to go ahead to order the pizza set for 4 comprising of two regular pan pizza, 4 garlic breads, 4 mushroom soups and a jug of Pepsi drink. We took a separate order of 2 more soups to cater for all of us.  Anyway, do check out the dishes we had this afternoon.

The Menu

#1 Mushroom Soup
#2 Garlic Bread
#3 Pepsi
#4 Thai Spicy Seafood Pan Pizza
#5 Hawaiian Chicken Pan Pizza
Overall the pizza tasted okay, but not exceptional. I feel the pizza hut's franchise is too  commercialized that it wasn't really special anymore. Anyway it was my first time having this Thai Seafood flavour, and I felt it was rather good. But still, nothing exceptional.

Colleagues, Interns and friends: Shun Ru, Lau, Joanne, David, Me, and Kok Beng

The set for four was priced at RM49.70 (before tax) while the ala-carte soup was charged at RM2.80 per bowl. The price came out to about RM64 for 6 hungry folks, which wasn't really cheap to me because I still felt rather hungry after the meal. I did not order any extra side dishes because I felt it was better not to overstuff myself during lunch breaks. Time to work out and start dieting soon!