City Golf Bangsar Shopping Centre

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to try out some indoor golfing thanks to Nuffnang and City Golf at Bangsar Shopping Centre. By indoor golfing, I mean virtual golfing without the large green fields and golf course. This high tech facility is located on the 4th floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre and have these really cool latest state of the art Full Swing Golf Simulators to simulate the real thing. What's unique here is that you're able to golf, day or night, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Golf City Bangsar
City Golf's Interior with a bar and comfortable seatings

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City Golf
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya,

59000 Bangsar, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Golf City Bangsar
Some of the golf clubs available
We reached the place at around 4pm to be greeted by City Golf staffs. After a quick briefing on the agenda for the day which includes lots of golfing, a "killer" pool competition, and a dart competition. I was pretty upbeat and excited as this was actually the first time I'm golfing, doesn't matter if it's only virtual golf. The place looked pretty neat, with a club like environment, complete with a bar, a pool table and more.

Golf City Bangsar
City Golf Staffs who are really friendly and helpful
Nuffnang Malaysia
The awesome folks over at Nuffnang! From L-R: Thara, Fresh, Jo-Ann, and Anne
City Golf was packed to the brim with Nuffnang bloggers that afternoon, and we did not waste much time getting all hot and sweaty with the virtual golf. Everyone had an equal chance to "whack the ball at the wall", so to speak. In fact I was rather dissapointed that I did so badly on my first attempt at golfing. I had to swing like a madman, with 2 to 3 swings to finally get my club to connect with the ball. I was literally laughing at myself.

Golf City Bangsar
Some finger food provided
Golf City Bangsar
My "failed" attempt at golfing
Golf City Bangsar
Janice actually did better than me!
While the bloggers were golfing, we had the pool and darts event happening concurrently. So for those who had enough of golfing, they could show off their skills at these 2 other sport. Unfortunately for me, there were others much better than me, hence I could not win any prizes that day. It did not stop me from mingling and chilling out with everyone though. Happy day indeed.

Golf City Bangsar
Darts event, again Janice was better than me.
Golf City Bangsar
Pool! Lots of pro pool bloggers in Nuffnang, excluding me of course.
As usual, after the event, I wanted to get a group picture, but we could only manage to get a small group picture, because there wasn't really an effort to group everyone together. Some friends had to rush off to another event, so they left earlier.

Golf City Bangsar
These are really nice people. From L-R: Henry Lee, Benjamin, Tony, and Iris
Golf City Bangsar
Awesome bloggers @ Golf City.
My conclusion, City Golf is a really cool place to hone your golfing skills before heading to the green fields. The state of the art equipments and simulator screens really made it feel like you're "almost" there. Do check out this place if you're keen on golfing and would like to have a good practice run.

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suituapui said...

Wah! Into golf now eh? Ada gaya, orang kaya! Wah! Wah! Pandai cucuk hor! Btw, I thought you're supposed to get the stick into the hole and not the balls? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

Eugeneung said...

You know bro, i just wrote to Nuffangn or complained to them kekekek  that how come bloggers from KL got all the goods and here like nothing,, hahahha, will wait for their reply, mana tahu got geng thngs coming up for us too

Reanact said...

Golf is a rich man's game! hehehe... and some called it a man's mistress because they might be spending their whole evening at the golf course... my friend even speaks "golf language" with her golfer friends, something I do not really understand..  :)  anyway, i think it is a nice sport, a lot of walking and swinging! :p

ken said...

i suck at it :P

tekkaus said...

This is so cool o. You can play golf and don't have to walk around. Ha :D

tekkaus said...

You are right. This is the perfect place to hang out and hone your golfing skill before you go out there and hit it with your iron. :)

Iamthewitch said...

Such a cool place for doing outdoor activities without being outdoors :P Perfect for people who are afraid of the sun like me :P hehe

Nikel Khor said...

I like Golf... long time din play liao...

[SK] said...

oh nice, free food and free games, haha!! but i think outdoors one will be better.. i remember i once went to a golf range and i really love playing golf, albeit just standing there to strike only but the first time was always the best.. :)

wenn said...

wow, such fun!

Gallivanter said...

Thanks for the writeup Isaac. To add, it's a perfect place for beginners to pick up golf, away from the sun, air-conditioned, clubs provided, no dresscode, and see full stats of your swing. :-)

Submerryn said...

LoL at STP's comment! Isaac, so are you taking up Golf anytime soon? :D

HenRy Lee said...

haha... i think somehow i enjoyed myself at city golf. Just that i prefer the real thing. To think it through, actually this is cheaper cause we don't need to buy our own golf stick. We saved our hassle of bringing our own stick if to compare to going for driving range or golf club itself. We can rent it there but that's an additional cost right? Anyway i feel that it's a good place to chill out but too bad the place is not too strategic enough for people to notice its existence :)

p/s: what's with that fierce looking face on Tony? wakakaka XD

Smallkucing said...

LOL at STP's comment. Btw, saw from another blog says that food was not enough that day.

Koh Kian Fai said...

Tony looks odd in there! hahah funny hairstyle :P

golf in virtual . . . *shake head* if u swing the real 1 . . . ur hand next morning KO hahah

ying ying dai tao har said...

wow.. you had so much fun with your friends...  hope i can try golf one day... never try before lah >.<

Sam Wong said...

really great event and let me tried something new. See you on next time. :p

Foongpc said...

Oh nice! Indoor golf! And with good food too! Haha! But I think I prefer outdoors cos I like nature : D

Ivan_5354 said...

lol @ stp's post.. damn yellow la wei!..

Alice Law said...

Wow, this is sure an awesome experience, looks like a great clubbing... I meant the real resort clubbing with golfing , dart and pool! YAY!

Jo Ann said...

it's a fun bloggers gathering!!!! food is delicious!

Caroline said...

nice experience there! :D

Caroline May Ling said...

nice experience there! :D

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

nice experience there! :D

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