Super GT International Series 2011 At Sepang

Following up on my previous post on this hot racing event happening at Sepang International Circuit, today I had the chance to get a grandstand view of Super GT International Series Malaysia race. Thanks to Evelyn for the tickets!

Super GT Tickets
This was my first time attending a racing event over at Sepang Circuit thanks to Super GT race. We reached the place after a 65km journey at 2pm just in time to catch more qualifying race. The whole place was bustling with GT fans, media, photographers, families and visitors. My expectations were high because from the brochure I knew we were getting a Super GT motor show, a GT Queen pageant show, and a flea market with bargain buys on top of the main event.

Super GT 2011
Entering Sepang International Circuit
I soon found out the reason we were given the Touch N Go cards with the tickets. The whole area was a cashless zone, meaning all mode of payment were via TnG (Touch and Go) terminals. Don't worry if you haven't top up yet, because there were top-up stations scattered everywhere.

For the car enthusiasts there were show cars on display at the entrance for the "Mean Machine Exhibition", "Super GT Motorshow", and the "Super GT Auto Saloon". Do check out some of the displays below.

Super GT 2011
Showcar Pic #1
Super GT 2011
Showcar Pic #2
Super GT 2011
Showcar Pic #3
Super GT 2011
Showcar Pic #4
As I walk further towards the grandstand seats, I found out there were so many other exhibitions and activities all happening concurrently. We saw more luxury and supercars on display, as well as superbikes. Sometimes I really wished I had the cash to get one of those RM100k+ superbikes. It will be awesome riding one of those to work.

Super GT 2011
On Display
Super GT Girls
Car? Girls?
Super GT Girls
Focus please. Cars.
Throughout the day, we had ongoing qualifying races, namely the Super GT (GT300/GT500) official practice and qualifying, the GT Asia Series race, JPM Megane Cup race, and Classic Cars race. "Vroom.... VROOOM!" The sound by these monster cars were deafening to say the least. A word of advice, treat this like the F1 race, buy or bring along some ear plugs if you love your ear drums. I did not have access to the pit, which was really a waste as all the japanese GT Queens hanged out there. Without this access, I could only see them from 300metres away.

Super GT 2011
The race pits
The cars zoomed pass so quickly that I had trouble getting a good photo with my humble digital camera. This was when I wished I had a DSLR with those huge zoom lenses. Anyhow, do check out some of the pictures I managed to capture.

Super GT 2011
Race Pic #1
Super GT 2011
Race Pic #2
Super GT 2011
Race Pic #3
Super GT 2011
Race Pic #4
Super GT 2011
Race Pic #5
Super GT 2011
Winners for the qualifying rounds
Of course I did not miss out the chance to catch the on-going Super GT Queen Search Finals. Here I got to see so many beautiful ladies parading around in skimpy clothes while answering questions by the judges. "Who inspires you the most in your life, and why?" Now go think how you will answer it, some of the ladies had really inspiring and smart answers.

Super GT Girls
Super GT Queen Search Finals
Overall, it was a superb qualifying race day, the actual race day will be on tomorrow (Sunday, 19th June 2011)! So if you have not gone yet, don't miss it. As for me, even though the weather was scorching, I really enjoyed coming for this awesome Super GT International Series.


suituapui said...

Not into sports and games...and not into cars. Hey! Why Queen search got guy one? LOL!!!

ken said...

nice shots!

darranlow said...

You take all of the photos with a compact? If so, the photos of the cars in action look pretty good especially the first one

Isaac Tan said...

Ken, Thanks bro. You can't imagine how tough it is trying to get good shots with my low end camera ><

Submerryn said...

Awesome pics there! Imagine what u can do WITH a dslr! Time to invest :P

Nikel Khor said...

Very Very Extremely Hot There? or HOT chic? haha

M-Knight said...

nice photos.....

[SK] said...

wow, not bad huh, you got a chance to go to Sepang F1 Circuit to watch the race.. hmmm, and you were able to shoot the cars, i thot they just "zooomed" by in front of your eyes within split seconds and you could only see the shadow, hahahaha~~ :D

Reanact said...

you really active in events la! good exposure... :)

Koh Kian Fai said...

Fuiyoh but only last pic got amoi a? :D