Sri Ayutthaya Thai Wangsa Maju

The other night, I was looking for a good Thai restaurant around my area to have dinner with the partner.  I did a quick GPS search, and Sri Ayutthaya Thai restaurant popped up in my search results. A few turnings later,  I arrived at Sri Ayutthaya which was located just next to Carrefour Wangsa Maju. There was ample parking spots since it was a week day. It was my first time there even though I drove pass the area daily.

Sri Ayutthaya Thai
Authentically Thai.

Restoran Sri Ayutthaya

2, Jalan Wangsa Delima
Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4143-6883 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            03-4143-6883      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

GPS : 3.19471,101.741585

Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed the decoration was put up to mimic an authentic Thailand restaurant. Even some of the waiter and waitress were from Thailand. We were served almost immediately. Service was okay, just the food quality I found rather lacking, but more on that later.

Sri Ayutthaya Thai
The menu
Sri Ayutthaya Thai
Ambience was good
Sri Ayutthaya Thai
There's more space upstairs!
Sri Ayutthaya Thai
Some seats to lounge around in

We got around to order our meal. Since there were only two of us, naturally we ordered small portions, and shared some of the bigger portioned dishes. Check out the dishes we had that night. I omitted one particular dish, grilled lamb because it came out spoilt and tasted bitter. I complaint, and was not charged for that dish. Luckily, my stomach survived the night. 

Sri Ayutthaya Thai
#1 Pineapple Fried Rice - RM 19.90
Sri Ayutthaya Thai
#2 Tomyam Seafood - RM13.90
Sri Ayutthaya Thai
#3 Pandan Chicken - RM23.90
Sri Ayutthaya Thai
#4 Thab Thim Grob (Dessert in coconut) - RM9.90

#1 Pineapple Fried Rice - RM 19.90 

I loved this dish. The tastes was really flavorful especially with the added spices, pineapple cubes, diced chicken and my all time favourite cashew nuts. For two person, the serving was just nice, not too much to make you full, yet leaving you wanting for more.

#2 Tomyam Seafood - RM13.90

The tomyam came in single servings, which I felt was rather pricey. RM13.90 for a small bowl of single serving tomyam just doesn't cut it in my books. However, I cannot complain about the taste as this dish really tasted good, authentically Thai.

#3 Pandan Chicken - RM23.90

Again, another good tasting dish but with a price tag which I felt doesn't justify the portions. We were served with these deliciously cooked pandan wrapped chicken which smelt as good as it tasted.

#4 Thab Thim Grob (Dessert in coconut) - RM9.90

We had this dessert, which was my staple dessert in every Thai restaurant I try. However I found this one to be lacking in sweetness and also the ingredients. Usually there will be much more slices of jackfruits (Nangka) and also more of those red water chestnuts. I wonder why would they scrimp on these basic ingredients.

Overall, it was an okay meal, but one which I may not actually come back for, considering there are plenty of other good Thai restaurants in the vicinity. Again, I did not elaborate on the spoilt lamb which I was served with. Go for the poultry and seafood, lay off the lamb. My thoughts were people don't normally order lamb in a Thai restaurant hence it went from fresh to stale.

Still, there was a steady stream of crowd entering the restaurant even when we were leaving at 9pm. Do check out this restaurant should you happen to be in the vicinity. Sri Ayutthaya have branches in USJ Subang Jaya and Medan Damansara as well.

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suituapui said... nice! I love Thai! But so expensive! Wah...some people these days...dine at exclusive high-class places hor... Wink! Wink!

Reanact said...

Such a lovely ambiance.. sure the price will be beautiful too! but as long as with your love one, price doesnt count.. hahaha... 

Alice Law said...

Last week I heard my lil brother wanted to bring my mom to ths place for a Birthday dinner, I actually thought he gonna treat her mamak food again... shame on me lar, such a nice place with great ambiance, and the food aren't cheap too!^^

HenRy Lee said...

so overall how was the food? luckily ur stomach survived! no picture of that lamb?

Bananazஇ People said...

Ayutthaya? Sounds very familiar often see this in the news but not a Thai name...haha. Nice place very grand oh love spicy food.

atreyu strange said...

Have you tried Kinaree Thai Restaurant? I think they have some brilliant dishes there!

Luciana said...

thanks for sharing these...planning to go there next week but...think twice, thrice :)

[SK] said...

thanks for the information, so there's no need to purposely go there to dine, hahahaha~~ :D
makes me ponder for a while where this restaurant is, so it's just next to carrefour.. :)

tekkaus said...

The Thais restaurant always have pineapple rice huh! :D

Isaac Tan said...

STP, once in a blue moon. If everyday I will pokai :) 

Anonymous said...

I've been here for three times. this is because i look forward to this restaurant's improvement. No so much improvement at all.

The deco an service are very2 good. 4/5

The price is reasonable (might be a bit expensive too). 2.8/5

Somehow, the waiter totally not Thai people... They are Indo, Bangla/Nepal... surely not Thai people.

The Cook
1st time - Thai (from Bangkok) 3/5
2nd & 3rd - Mixed! and im surely not Thai people! 1/5
*(this is not based on race but the quality of cook and taste)

Dessert: i gone thru 3/4 of the dessert offered. Taste 2/5.

The main course: ok for my first time. 2nd and 3rd gome wrong somewhere of the taste (because of non-Thai cook... maybe).

Totally: 2/5 stars from me.

Anonymous said...

I've been to the place recently (WM branch).
The deco is quite grand, it's 2 storey lot. Ambience is good.

Service is good but not extra ordinary. Hardly get good service in MY anyway so consider good alr.

Order 4 dishes (tofu, asparagus, tomyum & squid) & desserts for 2 ppl.

No drinks menu. They offer selected fruit juices only so we just ordered warm water.

The food:
Tofu (RM20++) - 4/5, it has some salad & anchovies on top. quite special n taste good
Fried Asparagus in Thai Style (RM20++)- 3/5, not bad it's fried with prawns.
Tomyum Kung (RM13.90) - 2/5, you can get better tomyum at other Thai restaurant. Taste ordinary. Anyway it's a dish that I will order everytime I dine in Thai restaurant.
Fried Squid in Thai Style (RM20++) - 2/5, fried with lady fingers & dunno wat kind of leafy vege.

Red ruby for dessert (RM 9.90) - 1/5, should put more chestnut & jack fruit. Dissapointed.

Another dessert, dunno wats its name alr (Rm 10.90) - 3/5. It has jack fruit + coconut + strange white color liquid. Quite special, you won't find it at other thai restaurant (among those Thai rest. I went). :p

All above we order(S) portion for dishes, the amount served can actually cater for 3 ppl. Food price is quite expensive but for the portion served & environment I think it's still ok for once a while.

Total damage for 2 ppl - RM 120 (+ service & gov tax) :D

Sunshine Kelly said...

never try this restaurant before, may go to try their pineapple fried rice & tom yam seafood