Spasso Milano

Spasso Milano is this quaint Italian restaurant located just along Jalan Ampang. It's a fairly new establishment which just opened its doors to the public end of last year. When I was invited for a food review last weekend, I had some trouble locating the restaurant, probably because Spasso Milano is actually located on the top floor of the Nihonkan Club.

Spasso Milano
The building
I was pretty impressed with the building, imagine a swimming pool, and a bubble lift packaged in this huge mansion-like building. Everything looked really clean and proper.

Spasso Milano
The billboard
Spasso Milano
347 Jalan Ampang
(03) 4252 7088
Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch (12:00noon to 3:00pm)
and dinner (6:30pm to 11:00pm).

Spasso Milano
The decor

When we arrived, our host ushered us in to be presented with the ongoing lunchtime Italian buffet - antipasti. Antipasti means "before the meal", and Spasso Milano's antipasti buffet is a meal in itself, before the main course. All for a price of only RM18++ without main course, and if you add abit more at RM21++ you will get the buffet plus one main course from the preset menu which is updated weekly.

Spasso Milano
The Antipasti Buffet Menu
We were presented with a variety of food in the buffet spread which includes soup, vegetable frittata, bread, meat dishes, seafood and shellfish, stuffed zucchini with mozzarella, and salads, along with a range of fresh fruit and house-speciality desserts. Just check out the pictures below for a glimpse of the buffet spread and the food.

Spasso Milano
An extensive choice of "Antipasti"
Spasso Milano
One of the main course choices which comes with the buffet - Pan Fried Dory Fillet
I personally felt the Antipasti buffet was really worth it. Where else can you get Italian food buffet at this price? Headed by Chef Felice Martinelli, an Italian Native from Milan, you know the cuisine you get are just like what he would have cooked back home in Italy!

Spasso Milano
Chef Felice Martinelli showing us how it's done
After having the antipasti buffet, Spasso Milano was so gracious as to let us order anything off the menu to have a taste of all the good food they have to order. I was elated, to say the least. Check out the photos of the other Italian cuisines that we had that afternoon off the ala carte menu below.

Spasso Milano
#1 Braised lamb shank, served on soft Polenta - RM52
Spasso Milano
#2 Australian Wagyu Rib Eye in aromatic Herbs Crust - RM98
Spasso Milano
#3 Assorted Mushroom & Black Truffle Risotto - RM38.80
Spasso Milano
#4 Tiger Prawn and Asparagus Risotto - RM38
Spasso Milano
#5 Grilled Filet of Salmon, Lemon Butter Sauce and Herbed Potatoes - RM42
Spasso Milano
#6 Dessert Moulton Chocolate Lava served with Vanilla Ice-cream - RM18.80
Spasso Milano
#7 Ricotta Cheese Tart with Raisins and Lemon - RM 21
Spasso Milano
Our 3 shots of alcoholic lime, orange and apple drinks infused with vodka and rum
It was an awesome experience to say the least. The antipasti buffet was really value for money as compared to ordering ala carte, hence the crowd of customers that Sunday afternoon. I saw quite a number of families coming to have their lunch here too. Do check the place out if you're in Ampang KL area.

Spasso Milano
The bloggers with Chef Felice Martinelli, forgive my rather drunk look.


shiiteck said...

omg omg! Drooling when reading your post!

sherdegarmo said...

nice ambient and food! :)

suituapui said...

Looks so nice...but the prices *pengsan! I'll just hop over to Pappa Rich next door. Hehehehehehe! Btw, so few invited to the food tasting?

Ciki said...

Looks fab.. one of my fav Chef's he's so nice.. and cooks well too Chef Felix!

Reanact said...

wow..what an exquisite lunch!! pricey no doubt but these are something really special, right?  paying RM21 for a  cheese tart!! phewwww....

Iamthewitch said...

OOhh tried this before too! The antipasti buffet is really good value for money, considering the ambience and quality of food served. :)

[SK] said...

yeah, i would think RM21++ is very worth for a little buffet with main dish, so that is only available for lunch?? looks not bad actually.. so how about the ala carte, if not because of food review, would you pay for them?? hehe.. :)

ken said...

nice :)

Eugeneung said...

It is always nice to read your blog when i want to know or cuci mata as far as good things and good places are  concerned,,,, you know every time i read about good restaurant, the first that i would look for is the  decor, not so much about the food,, i am not that foodie type of person.....

thanks bro for coming to my blog often,,,appreciate, say hi to Janice for me , will ya?

Li Ping Pua said...

Not bad... but kinda pricey though for individual dishes

Caroline May Ling said...

everything looks so yummylicious there! me likey la! :D

jfook said...

The RM 98 rib eye.... You owe me a food review bro... in fact as many as possible hahahaha

Alice Law said...

Ohhh... Hv yet notice this Restaurant before though I passed Jln Ampang umpteen times (I reckon it's not by the roadside?), but hvg a decent meal there can certainly cause damage to my pocket, lol!

Henry Lee said...

wah so many nice food. This is a must visit! Wah u look so red la bro! HAHA XD

agnes said...

The prices seems to be on the high side similar to those at the hotels, while the buffet is reasonable.

Lindy said...

Wow.. the Moulton Chocolate Lava look so scrumptious!!!!

xes said...

Great review! cant wait to try it!