Rojak Buah & Mee Rebus At Pantai Kok

Rojak Buah (fruits rojak), and Mee Rebus, two Malaysian delicacies which I happen to stumble upon on my recent trip to Langkawi. We actually found it while driving down the rather serene and secluded Pantai Kok. This roadside stall was opened by the beach which was really cool. I admit the first thing that caought my attention was the rather large crowd that stopped over to have these food.

Rojak Buah & Mee Rebus At Pantai Kok
Hafiz Rojak Buah

My partner told me, one of her colleagues actually told her about this spot before we made the trip to Langkawi. According to the colleague, it was one of the stops we must drop by to enjoy food by the beach.I was rather skeptical initially, until I tried the place that day.

Rojak Buah & Mee Rebus At Pantai Kok
Roadside stall, with a sizable crowd
Rojak Buah & Mee Rebus At Pantai Kok
Location on google maps, Jalan Pantai Kok
Did I mention the view was awesome from where we were eating? We could hear the waves crashing onto the beach, and just look out into the vast sea. It doesn't get any much cooler than this, with the holiday mood and all.

Rojak Buah & Mee Rebus At Pantai Kok
The view which really gets you in the mood
We just had lunch that day, so we did not actually order a lot here, only a dish of Rojak buah, and a bowl of Mee Rebus. The price were really very reasonable. Check out what we had below!

Rojak Buah & Mee Rebus At Pantai Kok
#1 Rojak Buah (Fruits Rojak) - RM 2.50
#2 Mee Rebus - RM 4
Overall, no complaints on the food. I felt it tasted much better than the ones I have in KL though, but it might have been due to the combination of the beach and air from the sea. So if you're driving around Langkawi Island soon, do drop by this stall along the roads of Pantai Kok.

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