New World Park Penang

This weekend, I drove down to my hometown for a short break and also to pay a visit to my parents. The last time I was back here was a month back. This round, a fellow blogger came down as well, playing the nice host, I brought them to this rather nice food spot in town. New World Park in Swatow Lane Penang was officially opened in 2008 as this huge food court offering local Penang delicacies.

New World Park Penang

New World Park,
Lorong Swatow, Georgetown,
10050 Penang

Google map pinpointing the location

The location itself reminded me of a large foodcourt, one with a rather large crowd. Unlike the usual Penang roadside stalls, New World Park had a bright and clean look to the whole place. Check out some of the food that we ordered. As there were four of us that afternoon, we had the opportunity of ordering a rather varied amount of food.

#1 Penang Char Kuew Teow - RM4.50
#2 Penang Cucur Udang - RM 5.50
#3 Chee Cheong Fun - RM 4
#4 Loh Bak - RM 12
#5 Cendol - RM2
Ice Kacang - RM2

Overall a rather good meal, not the best though. However the char kuey teow was good, especially the one we had. We actually ordered the one with duck egg instead of chicken egg, and the aroma was awesome! Of course, we being the avid bloggers didn't miss out the chance to get a photo of ourselves after eating.

Henry Lee, Me, YY
My brother and I

Look forward to more Penang food post while I'm still wondering around Penang for the next day or so. This trip will be a short weekend trip only though as I am heading back to busy KL soon.


  1. just say, it's beside tune hotel at jalan burmah la hahahaha......

    been there a few times already and it's still good. plenty of good restaurants as well as hawkers... just that they don't open till late at night

  2. Aiyyoooo shouldn't have dropped by here early morning before breakfast. now feel so hungryyyy diiii.. :( hahah hope to  go to penang soon, though! :) 

  3. "Unlike the usual Penang roadside stalls, New World Park had a bright and clean look to the whole place." I agree 100%. Love this place - lots of nice things to eat... You did not take the yam cake, the pasembur etc etc.... Anytime better, lots better than that horrible Gurney Drive!

  4. Hahaha your bro and I don't look alike yo.. haha

  5. Eunice_lim28943:05 PM

    WUUUUU!! I MISS PENANG!! The chee cheung fun ahh!!! Made with thick shrimp paste.. and the ice kacang! So simple yet so appealing to me!! xD 

  6. Reanact9:10 PM

    New World is more or less for tourists, right? I went there a lot of times already..cos it is very near to the hotel i used to stay.. lots of choices...

  7. Not bad loh bak nice ka? haha YY and Munkey :P

  8. Nor_airul9:02 AM

    Love chee cheong fun..very fun!!..kalau kat penang..suka pegi kat warong area dato keramat..popia besar..perrghh...dekat dgn mobil kalau x silap.. ..

  9. I know this place.. got nice chung too!

  10. Smallkucing9:45 AM

    wah lau eh....really droolling all over the laptop already

  11. Wow! So much yummy food! Hungry now even though I have eaten lunch!

  12. Adoi all my fav. Used to eat them when my office was a stone's throw away. Missing em now great pixz. 

  13. Alice Law9:33 PM

    ah har... I thought it was a theme park or fun park, muahahaha! What a nice makan place at Penang!

  14. wow the food looks so good..
    must plan a trip to penang! :)


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