Green Lantern Corps Party

Thanks to Nuffnang, I had the chance to attend this really "green" event over at Artista Bar & Restaurants in Tropicana City Mall. It was the Green Lantern Corps Party, in celebration of the upcoming Green Lantern movie and also on some environment saving effort program. Both the Green Lantern and most of the food utensils used tonight were recyclable, hence the "green" theme.

Arista Bar
The venue
Nuffnang Staffs
The 2 lovely Nuffnang ladies Fresh and Anne at the registration counter

The venue was decked in green deco, I reached slightly over 7.30pm which was perfect as the event just started. Every guest had a chance to be photographed with the Green Lantern banner at the entrance together with "Mr Green Lantern" himself, a model in costume. The model's costume actually amused me. Check him out at the farthest right corner in our group photo below.

Nuffnang Bloggers
Bloggers group pic + Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps Party
Check out Mr Green Lantern's chest, I might want to get that 6packs too!

The event kicked off with some music from this "NGO" environment loving band, to be followed by a performance from these really cool music makers. These music makers actually gave a good drumming session from garbage cans, and recycled items. It was a really good effort actually, and I applaud them for it.

NGO Band
The band
Eco Band
Making music out from recycled items and rubbish cans.
After a question and answer session with the MC, we were allowed to go for the food. I was actually eyeing the food from the time we arrived because I missed lunch today due to work commitments. They served some light food buffet style, which was fine by me. Given the word "Go", I was the first at the table, and managed to get some photos before anyone actually took the food. Check them out below.

Curry Puffs
#1 Triangle shaped delicious curry puffs (someone mentioned "samosas")
tuna sandwich
#2 Tuna Sandwiches
Fried kuew teow
#3 Fried Kuew Teow
fried rice
#4 Fried Rice
The event then continued with more Green Lantern merchandise being given out through various fun activities. There was one which required everyone to search the whole restaurant looking for 7 green rings to walk away with some cool Green Lantern merchandise. I regret to say that yours truly did not find any, but a few fellow bloggers found it and were lucky enough to win the merchandise.

green lantern corps
Free Green Lantern Merchandise up for grabs
Overall, it was a good event, one with an impactful environmentally friendly message to deliver. The event also hyped up the upcoming Green Lantern opening this 16th June 2011 in our cinemas. I'm so looking forward to catching the movie when it shows!

Nuffnang Bloggers
Bloggers group pic #2
Nuffnang Bloggers
Group pic #3! Bloggers are cool right?


sherdegarmo said...

woots! can't wait for upcoming event.

Kelvin Tan said...

Erm, the group I'm with aren't really bloggers. LOL. Except for Simon Seow lah.

Alien said...

waa! so green! can't wait for the movie too! =)

ken said...

are you watching the premier (by nuffnang) next wednesday at curve? :)

Isaac Tan said...

Kelvin, got one ma, the one who gave me her card. And I met up with 3 of them at a previous events. Don't care, i golongkan them as bloggers coz they're cool! Hehe

Isaac Tan said...

Sherr, I always love meeting up with you guys!

Isaac Tan said...

Alien, hehe, me too! XD

Isaac Tan said...

Ken, unfortunately I did not get the premiere this time :( you're going for the premiere screening ken? Would love to meet you one of these days!

shemah said...

since I'm also a blogger, then I have to agree lah with your statement. Yes, bloggers are cool! :) LOL! :) 

shemah said...

It looks like a good event. I love the "go green" environment loving theme. :) At least it creates hype for the movie and increase awareness for recycling! :) Love it.  

Qi Wen said...

Yesh, that is a samosas, I tried it before and it is good. Why aren't you guys pakat to wear green? hehe XD

suituapui said...

One of my favourite comic hero when I was young... He has a special ring, right? Ooooo...I love sandwiches! Yum!

hildamilda said...

No one actually wore green to the event :P and the green lantern seems a tad too small for his costume hehe 

tekkaus said...

Green lantern. Haha:D Wow...his six packs look so damn packed. :p

Edmend Koh said...

hahah nice to meet you again Isaac *act Noob*

Kyril D. Soul-X said...


ken said...

ah.. yes im going (rare thing for me, hehe).. it's alright.. hope to see u soon! :)

Caroline May Ling said...

great one! haha i saw kelvin n christy thr too! :D

Alice Law said...

Wah, you gotto listen to live band some more, how nice!

ken said...

oh wait, i just realized i have 1 extra ticket for green lantern by nuffnang. u wanna come?
contact me, tweet me or smth if you are available.. it's tomorrow (wed) night :)