Fancy Mee Corner Wangsa Maju

The other day, I was passing by Wangsa Maju section 2 when I decided to drop by this relatively new establishment. Located just 5 minutes walk from the Wangsa Maju LRT, Fancy Mee Corner is popular amongst students for its delicious pan mee. I am not really a pan mee lover, but the cozy environment of this place drove me to stop by for a quick bite.

Fancy Mee Corner
Fancy Mee Corner, Wangsa Maju
Fancy Mee Corner Restaurant
15, Jalan 1/27B,
Desa Setapak,
53300, Kuala Lumpur
03-4149 6288

Google Map Location (balloon A)

This was not my first visit here, so I knew what to expect. We had the usual fare of pan mee choices, and the side dishes of fried dumplings, fried wantons, and more. Unfortunately this round I did not take so many photos, so bear with me as I'm just going to show you some pictures of the spicy pan mee (dry version) that I ordered.

fancy mee wangsa maju menu
I ordered the Chili Pan Mee (anchovies version) at RM5.30 while my partner ordered the same except it was the fried fish cake version also at RM5.30 (regular size). We could choose from having either thick or thin pan mee. I chose the thick one as I like to have more bite from each mouthful. The dish came in regular or large sizes.

Fancy Mee Chili Pan Mee
Chili Pan Mee (Anchovies version, thin pan mee, regular size) - RM5.30
Fancy Mee Chili Pan Mee
Chili Pan Mee (Fried Fish Cake version, thick pan mee, regular size) - RM5.30
Overall, for the price, it really tasted pretty good. However, it used to cost RM4.90 previously, I guess we see price hikes for food everywhere nowadays. I like the fact that Fancy Mee Corner provides these dried chilli flakes to add for the extra chili oomph. I for one added lots of these chili flakes. Would I come back for more? Well, since it is really very near to my home, I will definately come back whenever I have a craving for Chili Pan Mees.


  1. i love the fried fish cake and dried chili! appetizing!

  2. Qi Wen12:12 AM

    I just can't resist seeing pan mee, I just can have it everyday! *drool max*

  3. wrong time to check out your food blog :/

  4. Another one of those...usually nice but not great, expensive but not that expensive.

  5. Reanact6:31 PM

    the price is still of now.. i m sure they are going to increase soon..  there is one shop in ipoh, you have to wait half an hour for a bowl of pan mee! i seldom go there now..

  6. Submerryn9:25 PM

     wow! Pan Mee.. my favourite! The eggs look super appertising! shiok max!

  7. the pan mee looks great!

  8. hildamilda11:31 PM

    Chili Pan Mee is one of the food that I can't live w/o, but I usually go to Chilly Pan Mee (: 

  9. Alice Law1:55 AM

    Ohhh... love the egg tht cooked perfectly! YUMMY!

  10. this name really SHARP

  11. creative signboard yo! ai mian zhi neh! :D


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