An Afternoon With Ning Baizura !

Ning Baizura is in the house! For the uninitiated, Ning Baizura or popularly known as Ning is one of Malaysia's greatest pop and R&B music divas. Ning not only records awesome music albums, but has acted in numerous films as well.

Ning Baizura
Ning Baizura's latest album cover, Dewa

For the record, check out some info I've managed to pull off wikipedia on the great Ning Baizura, there's a whole list of her discographies, films, theaters and awards found in Wikipedia as well as all over the world wide web. I've taken the liberty to list down the awards Ning has won throughout her career. Get ready to be awed.
  • 1991 — Voice of Asia
  • 1991 — Best Artiste Development Award
  • 1993 — AIM Awards Best New Artiste
  • 1993 — AIM Awards Album of the Year (Dekat Padamu)
  • 1993 — Anugerah Juara Lagu: Best Song - Ballad Category (Curiga)
  • 1994 — AIM Awards Best Pop Album (Ning)
  • 1994 — Anugerah Juara Lagu: Best Song - Pop/Rock Category (Kau & Aku), award as lyricist
  • 2003 — Anugerah ERA Choice Female Vocalist
  • 2004 — AIM Awards Song of The Year (Selagi Ada Cinta)
  • 2005 — AIM Awards Best Album Cover (Erti Pertemuan)
  • 2005 — AIM Awards Best Music Video (Awan Yang Terpilu)
  • 2005 — AIM Awards Song of The Year (Awan Yang Terpilu)
  • 2005 — AIM Awards Best Pop Album (Erti Pertemuan)
  • 2008 — VOIZE Favourite Local Act Award
  • 2008 — Cosmopolitan Malaysia magazine’s Fun, Fearless and Fabulous (FFF) Award 2008 - Singer category
"Her discography includes 10 full studio albums (three of which are full English albums), as well as numerous compilations."

"Ning has also won various music industry awards and prizes, and has performed in the UK, Italy, France, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Switzerland and the United States. "

"Ning is best known for her live stage performances. She is an actress and has had roles in musicals, ten major films, short films and several tele-movies."

Yours truly had the chance of a lifetime to get up and personal with this great artiste thanks to Nuffnang. Upon reaching Nuffnang's office, three other Nuffnang bloggers were already there and ready to join in the "meet and greet" session with Ning. I for one am extremely excited because I know how famous she is, and it's not everyday you get to meet up and chat with a true blue pop diva.

Ning Baizura
Bloggers with Ning Baizura! L-R: Me, DeqDeq, Awesome Ning, DD, and Zaid

The next hour or so was spent with a whole lot of interaction with Ning Baizura. She was really down to earth and friendly, and answered all our questions with a smile. The environment was really cozy with lots of laughter in the room from all the silly questions we threw at her. From the short chit chat with her, I learnt so much.

Ning Baizura
With Ning Baizura
For one, did you know Ning Baizura is really active in the social media networks now? Check her twitter and remember to follow her at @NingDalton! In fact she even started to blog now!

Ning Baizura's latest music album Dewa was just released last week. Still hot off the oven, we were ecstatic to receive a copy of her album complete with her personalized autograph. Ning took the effort to introduce to us Dewa, the reasons behind choosing the name, the songs contained within, and how it reflects her journey as an artiste through the times. Why only eight songs? That's so her fans get just enough to satiate their thirst, but not enough to fully satisfy and make them sleepy! "It's also a good number!, " Ning added.

"Each and every song inside Dewa is my favourite!", says Ning and I believe her, as after listening to her album, I think the music was just awesome. It was energetic with a lot of soul injected in, I kid you not. When I saw the songs titles, I questioned her on it, and the answer given were really detailed, but in summary every song has a story behind it. The most significant song would be the last in the album titled "Aku Bukan Dewa".

Ning Baizura
My personalized CD
Ning Baizura
8 Awesome Songs to Rock Your World!

Ning Baizura also revealed that she will be holding a concert real soon, and it will involve Nuffnang! So be sure to watch out for it on all channels. It was a great afternoon, one I will remember for a long time to come. For now, do check out this short video below which I manage to record of Ning Baizura promoting her latest album. Awesomeness.

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  1. Hi Isaac.....I want to be the first to comment here...heheheh.....Nice to meet u, really enjoy it....
    The moment with Ning Baizura really fantastic...

  2. wah after so many years =D haha

  3. She is our legend alright...but too bad...I can't recall any of her songs... :p

  4. Wah!! Meeting up with the diva! LOL! Not a big fan on Ning but I like her song Awan Yang Terpilu : )

  5. Hey Isaac! You're absolutely lucky to be able to get an up close and personal session with Ning. A lot of my favourite local songs are of Ning's. :) And this was really a great write up too! The wikipedia list really really  is a great reminder on how long Ning Baizura has been in this industry. :) Great job on the post!! :) 

  6. Cool... get to meet her!! Got her album summore??? O.O

  7. Reanact11:54 PM

    wow... what excitement! meeting Ning... gosh..her voice is very unique.. 

  8. Edwin Toh12:27 AM


  9. omg! so cooool. got to meet her in person!!!~~

  10. Ooooooooo...I love "Awan yang terpilu". Watch the video clip, can cry one... And I've liked her since "Curiga" - her first hit song ever. Which song of hers is your favourite?

  11. wow, that's really a good opportunity to get up close and personal with a celebrity huh.. hehe, i didn't even have such a chance before.. so did she sing a couple of her new songs in that event??

  12. remember used to listen to her when i was in primary school..
    some english song.. but after that she like went missing.. or was it me who's not an avid follower? :P

  13. wahhh... not bad la bro. U get to meet the real person and also get her autograph! You're the only Chinese who attended! Bravo! :D

  14. Oh lucky you to have met with one of the greatest diva in Malaysia. I'm sure you had a great time! Love her songs and her voice :)

  15. toninkush9:26 AM


  16. Eugeneung9:30 AM

    Ning has always been my fav local artist, besides the like of Shiela Majid, Anita Sarawak and Anuar Zain, Amy search ... so far only these few i like...................

    and not every day i can come to the blog of famous blogger like Isaac too,,hahahahhahahahaahah

  17. wow! that's awesome!

  18. lynnohood9:44 AM

     NING<so good u guys meet her face to face,sit next to her.Close up  somemore .

    I remember i saw her last year when she came to malacca. Her voice sounded familiar,then i see,its her.SHe sings live damn good

  19. hildamilda10:31 AM

    I love her songs, her voice alone is so powerful! :D 

  20. Wow! Nice one bro! Meeting super star weh. *envy sei ngo*

  21. awesomeness~ I met her once by chance, but all I could re4member is how tall she looked in her awesome high heels. lols~

  22. Alice Law10:52 AM

    You are such a lucky guy!! Gosh, gueast I really gonna sign up to be a nuffnanger liao!

  23. lol after so many year . . . she looks chubby! :X

  24. Luciana1:07 PM

    Isaac, i`m so jealous with u !!!!

  25. Qi Wen4:49 PM

    you're so lucky to meet the awesome diva! :) great 

  26. ning baizura is awesome! gorgeous and great voice!

  27. Submerryn9:08 PM

    DD was there too? Caya gitu! So nice of you to get to meet Ning!

  28. Amar_ajit3:58 PM

    she is truly a diva,support her forever

  29. Philipchinchinwah11:59 PM

    Wah!!!! What can I say? Feeling on top of the world!!!


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