West Lake Garden Restaurant Sunway Resort Hotel

Tonight I had the chance to taste some delicious and unique rice dumplings at this really posh chinese restaurant in Sunway Resort Hotel thanks to Rebecca Saw. West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa will roll out some novel interpretations of traditional rice dumplings in conjunction with the annual Rice Dumpling Festival from 25th May to 6th June 2011.

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant is this really nice restaurant located on the lobby level of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa with a stunning view of the lagoon. One thing that caught my attention was the restaurant is a pork-free establishment, a rather impressive feat as we don't get many of these in KL.

West Lake Signage
West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa,
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor.
03-7495 1800
Open Daily 12pm-2:30pm (lunch),  6:30pm-10:30pm (dinner)

Arriving just past 7pm, we were ushered to our tables by Ms Crystal Koh from the restaurant. Met up with a few other fellow bloggers, which as usual gave me this really good warm happy feeling. I always love meeting up with people of the same interest, blogging. So there we were, to put into words, "waiting to be fed" some really good rice dumplings.

The master chef Chan Choo Kean himself came in with the dumplings!

Served a la carte for lunch and dinner, these little flavoursome rice packages are also available for take-away. Master Chef Chan Choo Kean and his team at West Lake Garden have concocted five unique flavours for this celebration. We were lucky enough to be served all 5 flavours. These were awesomely tasty dumplings I tell you. Do check them out below.

#1 Superior Giant Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Assorted Meat and Chef's Special Savoury Sauce - RM118++ 

First off, don't be put off by the price tag for this giant piece of rice dumpling. The 3kg rectangular dumpling can feed up to 10 persons or more! It is shaped like a giant bamboo and packed with an equal spread of dried scallop, dried oyster, barbecued chicken, lotus seed, chestnut, salted egg yolk, mushroom, dried shrimp and yellow pea.


#2 Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Yam and Lamb - RM 23++

Personally, I find this very unique. How often do you find lamb meat inside rice dumplings? I've never come across one yet, so I really dug my teeth into this one. Having the ingredients of yam, dried shrimp, mushroom, chestnut and seasoned lam meat brings out the taste really well. I can say this was my favourite dish among the five. Maybe this is because I really liked the taste of lamb which was both unique and delicious!


#3 Hong Kong Style Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling - RM28++

This would be the authentic traditional meat dumpling generously filled with dried scallop, barbecued chicken, salted egg yolk, black mushroom, chestnut, dried shrimp and yellow pea. Nothing much to shout about here.


#4 Steamed Vegetarian Glutinous Rice Dumpling - RM 18++

For vegetarians, or just for us "meat'arians" who love to sample some vegetarian rice dumplings. The taste wasn't bad actually, in fact it was really tasty due to the different mushrooms inside. We have the enoki mushroom, abalone mushroom and black mushrooms all stuffed into its fillings.


#5 Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sweet Red Bean - RM12++

This final flavour is rather sweet in nature. We have these creamy bits of red bean as the filling. Ccoupled with some honey sauce, this rice dumpling is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth! Who says savoury and sweetness doesn't mix. They do, and here's the proof of the two tastes blending together in one small package.

Our table full with dumplings!

Now wasn't that some really good stuff? There's more to come. To complement the delightful dumplings, we made the experience even more fulfilling with West Lake Garden's traditional Chinese Tea and sweet desserts. Be tempted with the pictures below!

Chinese Tea to complement your dumplings
Mango Puree and Vanilla Ice Cream (Comes with Tempura Durian Puff below) - RM12
Heavenly Tempura Durian Puffs which came with the mango puree above.
Double Boiled Dried Longan with Almond and Apple - RM12
Double Boiled Fresh Ginseng with Sea Coconut (in whole coconut) - RM12
Homemade cincao Herbal Jelly with Honey - RM12

What intrigues me was that all desserts on the menu were priced at a standard pricing of RM12 no matter what was ordered. Anyway, it was a great food experience. With the rice dumpling festival coming up, and if you're up for some really unique rice dumplings, do drop by West lake Garden Chinese Restaurant for these sinful delicacies. Remember it will be available from 25th May to 6th June 2011.


  1. Qi Wen1:39 AM

     So many dumplings, bet too much isn't good for digestion? haha.. With yam & lamb is so special :D

  2. supia2:07 AM

     That giant rice dumpling, I wonder how they cook it and how long its take to cook that whole thing. I love rice dumpling, wanna try the one with yam and lamb. That mango puree and the tempura durian puff, awww.. I want to try that too..and also the coconut. 
    Nice pics on the dumpling, they serve it like that or its special plating that way for your guys to photograph? 

  3. You should have this for your wedding dinner - Superior Giant Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Assorted Meat and Chef's Special Savoury Sauce while Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Yam and Lamb could be a good dish for couples finding fine dining while the 3rd dumpling pics is best for leisure eating :D wow the desserts price are comparable with the Honeymoon LOL!

  4.  That must be the pillow chang, they call it. I prefer the nyonya bak chang, with ketumbar...not these Chinese ones.

  5. wow..i love rice dumplings!

  6. Alice Law9:48 AM

    Eyes rolling on the pricing of dumplings... so nice of you always get to treated with scrumptious food in exquisite restaurant!

    I'm drooling over your dessert, durian puff... YUM!

  7. DUMPLINGS!! Hope to try all especially the Superior Giant Glutinous Rice Dumpling!! Looks cool la... have chance to have "Dumpling Feast".. RAWR!! The Double Boiled Fresh Ginseng with Sea Coconut Relly in whole coconut geh, looks seducing. My favo tongdui!! Yummss..

  8. oh well so fattening and good post bro :) very tempting indeed

  9. Smallkucing12:43 PM

    5th month festival so fast alredy ...? gosh...havent prepare anything yet

  10. Submerryn1:22 PM

    wah lau! The dumplings! >_< can feed the whole village!

  11. Looks fabolous. Making me hungry for Chung! Which reminds me, me and Cumi had that sweet savory Nyonya chung.. one each before we went for our 21KM run. Divine!

  12. Eli, the lamb dumpling is really unique, and delicious. If i were to return to makan there again, this will be the one dish I'll definately order

  13. Supia, it takes them 6 hours to cook the giant rice dumpling. :) Tempura durian puff was heavenly, inside the puff, the durian tasted really nice.

    I've added another picture of the table and the dumplings that were served for us. We had both a special plating with nice deco, and the ones for us to makan!

  14. Kyril, it is nice :)

  15. Ciki, Hi there! thanks so much for dropping by my humble blog. Woot, 21km run? when was this? And you makaned that before running? no indigestion? I agree the taste is just pure bliss :) 

  16. Merryn, Haha, one football team :P 3kg weh!

  17. Smallkucing, time flies right >< 

  18. Kian Fai, om nom nom nom. Thanks for the awesome comment :) 

  19. Bendan, Hehe, it does look cool doesn't it. Tongsui! But i think you dont take durians right? coz i loved the tempura durian puffs the most! :P 

  20. Alice, hehe, lets roll eyes together. Yup, I'm lucky to have awesome friends who invites me whenever there's a chance.

    Durian puff! Awesome stuff I tell you!

  21. Wenn, Bak Chang! :) 

  22. STP, nyonya bak chang would be the savoury ones? 

  23. CW, thanks for dropping by bro. I like the desserts, and I've never tried My Honeymoon yet :( 

  24. the vegetarian dumpling was really superb! A must have!

  25. awesome one with great foods! :D

  26. Me Join6:20 PM

    Hi Isaac Tan,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks.
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.


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