Wan Thai Restaurant Langkawi

Wan Thai Restaurant in Langkawi was highly recommended by friends and the world wide web, so there I was 2 days ago checking out the place. Upon reaching the restaurant, I was pretty impressed with the crowd that was already building. It was a Thai restaurant, and majority of the patrons there were families with at least 5 in a table. I like the fact they ushered us to a comfortable and strategically located table, and not give us some lousy small side table, even though it was only 2 of us.

wan thai restaurant
Wan Thai at night
Wan Thai Restaurant
Jalan Kelibang,
07000 Kuah, Langkawi.
Open daily 11.00am - 3.00pm, 6.30pm - 10.00pm

The waitress serving us were very polite and pleasant. Even though the place was packed, we were still given our due attention to order and served. I guess they're already used to big crowds, hence are effective in handling the crowd.

wan thai restaurant
The cashier, who doubles up as a waitress
wan thai restaurant
Wan Thai has its fair share of awards
wan thai restaurant
An open kitchen to show us no hanky panky done behind closed doors

I really liked the open concept for the kitchen, as we are able to catch a glimpse of our food being prepared. The cooks were multiracial which reflected nicely on the overall impression of the restaurant. Let's move on to the food we ordered.

wan thai restaurant
The Menu
tomyam kung
#1 Tomyam Kung Pia (Seafood Tomyam) - RM 10
mixed vegetables
#2 Phal Phak Ruam Mid (Mixed Vegetables) - RM 8
wan thai restaurant
#3 Gai Phad Med Ma Muang (Chicken with cashew nuts) - RM 12
fragrant rice
#4 Fragrant rice
What can I say, I loved the taste of Thai food, especially Tomyams. We did not order many dishes as there were only 2 of us. In fact, with this 3 dishes ordered, our stomachs were bursting by the end of the meal.

#1 Tomyam Kung Pia (Seafood Tomyam) - RM 10

The tomyam tasted good with a generous amount of prawns thrown in. The soup wasn't too sour with the exact amount of spiciness we would expect from an authentic Thai Tomyam.

#2 Phal Phak Ruam Mid (Mixed Vegetables) - RM 8

Mixed vegetables, nothing much to comment there. It doesn't taste bad. We ordered this dish for the sake of having more vegetables in our meals which is good for you and me. The portion wasn't big enough as both my partner and I love vegetables.
#3 Gai Phad Med Ma Muang (Chicken with cashew nuts) - RM 12

Everytime I'm at a Thai restaurant, I usually end up with this dish. The taste of cashew nuts tossed together with some great tasting chicken is just fantastic for the taste buds. I love the fact Wan Thai was generous with the nuts. Lots of nutty action there!

Overall this is a great Thai restaurant, and should you happen to drop by Langkawi for the holidays, or just over the weekend, don't miss out visiting this restaurant. Now I understand why there's so many rave reviews out there on Wan Thai Restaurant.

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sherdegarmo said...

so early morning post bout food. hungry liao~

Kelly C said...

wow the price is pretty cheap uh

Glo-w said...

 I love the little touches like the flower carrots and the unique shape the rice is presented <3

wenn said...

wow, i hvn't been to Langkawi for ages!

Joanne Kathy said...

 price reasonable, looks tasty as well... worthy to give it a try.... 

Smallkucing said...

i love the look of this tom yam. not those santan type. Must have been real yum yum

suituapui said...

 Nice! I love Thai food. Wah...the cashier looks so elegant, so fair, so smooth the complexion... LOL!!! Btw, why do you always call your wife partner...not wife or missus?

Bananazஇ People said...

#1. Always love the aTOMic YAM 
#2. Go for the carrots wow nice cutting too
#3. Will go for the cashew nuts first haha..

Nice pixz tQ

Edmend Koh said...

 not bad :D at least we know before we travel to the place, thanks to isaac! :D LMAO

Thristhan said...

So long haven't visited Langkawi. Never seen this restaurant before, will give it a try on my next trip there :)

Thristhan said...

 Wait a minute, I think I have visited this restaurant before. It's situated just beside the river right?

Isaac Tan said...

 Sherry, it's a ploy to make you drool! Hehe

Isaac Tan said...

 kelly, yep! I think it's rather affordable. In fact any food in Langkawi is quite cheap. :)

Isaac Tan said...

 Glow, you're right! I didnt really notice the flower carrots, you do have an eye for detail! :P

Isaac Tan said...

 Wenn, me too! The last trip I had to Langkawi was 6 years ago.

Isaac Tan said...

 Joanne, Yeap, it's a must go if you're planning a trip to Langkawi XD

Isaac Tan said...

 Smallkucing, really yum yum! Haha. Must go restaurant!

Isaac Tan said...

 STP! Look at the food! not the ladies. LOL. Em, cause we haven't had the chinese tea ceremony yet, so I'm not very comfortable with wife reference. Hehe. So as of now, it shall remain partner. A generic safe term :P

Isaac Tan said...

 Bananaz, we have the same taste! I love the cashew nuts :P

Isaac Tan said...

 Kian Fai, Thanks for dropping by bro! Much appreciated. XD

Isaac Tan said...

 Thristhan, hi there! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. It's not by the river. it's in the town of Kuah actually, but since Kuah is by the seaside, so I guess you can smell the sea water air.

Heading over to your blog now! XD

Linda Musa said...

i love to eat there everytime went to langkawi...somtam, ayam pandan, tomyam which is serving in the coconut fruit is sooo delicious...  :)

darranlow said...

Looks like a very authentic Thai restaurant. How was the Tom Yam soup? It is always too spicy for me.

foongpc said...

Yummy! I like Thai food!! Cant wait to visit Bangkok again! : D

[SK] said...

WOW!!! that is really a lot of awards they've got, impressive yeah?? and the tomyum actually looks very promising to me, am drooling now, hahahaha~~ :D 

Reanact said...

What a wondrous life u lead!!  It has been more than 10 years since i last went to Langkawi.. i guess it is time for me to go again!

Caroline May Ling said...

 alright now u make me craving for thai food dy! T.T

Qi Wen said...

 salivary gland activated. Who's fault? Isaac's! :D

Alice Law said...

Thanks pal, now we know where about to eat out at Langkawi liao!;D

Glo-w said...

 I love the little touches like the flower carrots and the unique shape the rice is presented <3