Truly A Shopper Finale At Fahrenheit 88

Hopping on invites from Henry Lee, I was at Celsius Bar, Fahrenheit 88 tonight to catch the live finale for this reality shopping show called "Truly A Shopper". Forgive me for my ignorance, but i did not know about the show until I was informed by a few fellow bloggers. Anyway I've been told this reality show is quite the rage nowadays. Tonight's finale will determine the one shopper who will walk away with RM10k in cash, so you can bet on the shoppers going all out to win!

The TV Hosts

From my brief knowledge on this online reality shopping show, "Truly A Shopper" celebrates the art of spending. The online show's episode ran and culminated with tonight's finale where one shopper will emerge the winner of the RM10000!

The winner, Swing Chan

Do check out their webisode on the link below. I personally went through a few of their episodes, and it was really quite entertaining.

Anyway, what interested me most tonight was the food as I was pretty famished by the time the show ended around 8.30pm. The moment the finger food and buffet spread was laid out, yours truly was already first in line for the food.

Some fried rice, vege, curry chicken and spaghetti
Salads for the health conscious folks
Pizza anyone?

The group of bloggers that attended tonight were awesome! Celsius Bar was cool enough to let us have a big corner table with sofa for us to lounge while eating. Overall it was a nice night, not superb as the event was rather messy in the beginning. Bloggers and media weren't allowed to hang out in the main lounge which wasn't really nice. In the end we got the corner though.

The bloggers! L-R: Jayren, Yee Ing, Cayenne, Kah Mon, Janice, Me, Samantha, Jackie, Sophia, and Joshua Law

As for me, I'm just happy I got to meet more new friends, and also had a good meal to fill my stomach before heading home a happy man. Let's look forward to the next installment of "Truly A Shopper".


  1. sherdegarmo1:55 AM

    belinda is always so pretty!

  2. Yum! Yum! Event like that, they also invite bloggers to do promo kah? Already over leh? Sigh...nothing like that here.

  3. Hi Isaac! :) Isn't your life just full of events, these days? hahaha Well, hope you had a wonderful time. Don't worry, I haven't heard of Truly A Shopper before, as well! LOL! That RM10k prize sounds awesome though. Some people just have all the luck! Hahaha. So if you guys couldn't hang out at the main lounge, where did you guys end up being before you got the table. 

    I swear sometimes, that I can pull off a better event than some of the events I attend.

  4. ooopsss pardon for my ignorance i've not heard about this show at all, haha.. anyway, the food looks good especially the pizza!!! yum yum :)

  5. thanks for coming along and sorry for being late... phailed inviter here! ehh... the group picture in the camera looks good ah but why the quality here a bit different?

  6. fuiyo, u really rajin go for all these events eh? bravo bravo :)

  7. Submerryn11:56 AM

    aiks... where did my first comment gone too?! >_< something ate my comments! 

  8. Moonlight_zone12:01 PM

    I'm certainly not a good shopper but nvrtheless i so in LOVE with good food, muahahahah! Just look at the buffet spread, YUM!

  9. Alice Law12:01 PM

    Ermmm... moonlight_zone= Alice Law =_=

  10. Belinda Chee Rules! :D

  11. for the whole post, I only interested in Pizza, Nuff Said! LMAO!

  12. Luciana2:06 PM

    such a great event to meet up with bloggers..i wish i could get the invitation,hehehe...have a nice weekend ya :)

  13. Qi Wen3:48 PM

    Jayren told me the event is quite bored LOL~ At least got food to eat :P

  14. fuiyo, u really rajin go for all these events eh? bravo bravo :)


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