TimeOut KL Cocktail Mixing Workshop

Courtesy of TimeOut KL and Classic Fine Foods, I got a chance to try my hands at some cool cocktail mixing. I've seen on numerous occasions where the bartender would prepare these sweet delicious cocktail but never had I the chance to pour or mix it myself until today. The cocktail mixing workshop was a 2 hour crash course session held at this cool bar/wine post named Social@KL over in G Tower Hotel, KL.

Social @ KL
G02 & LG02-04, GTower, 

199, Jalan Tun Razak, 
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Open 6 days a week
Monday - Saturday: 11am - 1am

G Tower Hotel Signage

So there I was at 7.30pm sharp waiting for the workshop to kick off. I had the chance to wander around the bar, checking out its extensive selection of wines. I was really amazed by the number of wine bottles available at this place. Check out the pictures below.

The wine "cellar" of Social@KL
Huge selection of wines and liquor
More wine..
The workshop kicked off at 8pm, with a brief introduction by Kim Choong from TimeOutKL. This workshop costs RM750 for 2pax, but it was complimentary this round. For this, I'm grateful to these kind folks. There was a demonstration on how to mix the 2 chosen cocktail for the night, namely Spicy Mango and Lychee Margarita. We were even given the opportunity to prepare these delicious drinks ourselves. 

Our main ingredient to mix the drinks, tequila!

#1 Spicy Mango

20 ml Monin Mango Fruit Mix
20 ml Monin Sweet and Sour
20 ml Monin Spicy Mango
40 ml Tequila
10 ml Orange Liqueur
(garnish with bird eye chili "cili padi")

Mixing was done in a shaker with all the ingredients poured in before giving it a good shake. The ingredients had to be the amount stated, or the taste would come out different. 

Spicy Mango
The drink was prepared in just a few steps. We were then served with a glass each. How was the taste? It was spicy and sweet, both taste blending in with the tequila. I did not really get the taste of the mango, as it was drowned by the spiciness and tequila. We were to drink the drink immediately so that the ice do not melt and mellow out the taste. Pretty good stuff if you asked me, my partner commented it was a bit too spicy for her liking though. 

#2 Lychee Margarita

40 ml Monin Lychee Syrup
10 ml Monin Triple See Liqueur
40 ml Tequila
40 ml Monin Lime Juice Cordial
(garnish with lychee)

To mix these ingredients, we had to utilize the given blender, as the ice had to be blended in with the mixture. One tip here, we placed the ice cubes in the glass first so that the margarita glass is kept chilled. Heat from our hands and the atmosphere may warm the drink causing the flavour to run. Again, it was a rather simple task of mixing in the ingredients into our blender before pouring it out into the margarita glass.

Lychee Margarita
This drink was different from the first, and if we were to characterize the spicy mango as being the masculine drink, then this lychee margarita would definately be the feminine drink. The lychee together with tequila gave out a very sweet flavour. A dude from my table actually commented, this I quote "This would be the only time I get to have this drink without sacrificing my manly machoness!". It got us laughing, such would be a man's ego.

The Lychee Margarita goes perfectly with my perfect lady, Janice

Yours truly trying his hand at mixing. Don't mind the flushed face, I had a little too much to drink.

Overall it was an extremely informative night. I found out mixing cocktails are not really hard, it's the technique that needs to be perfected along with an eye for detailed liquor measurements. All of us had good fun, and I got to meet up with some really funny and interesting new friends.

A photo for the record, we had rather tipsy folks here

"One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.."


  1. Qi Wen3:29 AM

    So cool of you mixing that, time for you to show off your skills and mix some for us :) I know those drinks behind Janice in the picture, LOL! XD

  2. sherdegarmo4:23 AM

    Janice look so pretty here. :)

  3. OMG there's liquor all over the place and I'm not there. This is the saddest thing ever this year.

  4. Wah! Kaki botol now kah? Ooooo.....Janice so pretty, you lucky devil!

  5. Qi Wen, Eh, what drinks were behind Janice? Hahaha, Isaac very blur over these alcoholic drinks

  6. Sher, lol i say thanks on her behalf, she was happy reading this comment

  7. Vince, you love liquor bro? aren't you like a bit underage :P hehe.. kidding bro

  8. STP, nope, not a kaki botol, just for the fun of it. XD Thanks, I feel the luck too.

  9. Nikel, not bad lo.. got it through the twitter timeoutkl rt contests

  10. jfook2:59 PM

    The Lychee Margarita goes perfectly with my perfect lady *glucose overdose* hahaha

    Btw been to the Bar at G Tower last year for Avira Launch, awesome place! I like the glass you can step on and seeing the cars were moving down there hahaha

  11. wow, wat a cool event! look the drink^^~~
    they look delicious~~~

  12. Reanact3:36 PM

    What a beautiful tequila night!!  So did you have a hangover the next day? :)

  13. Rebecca6:35 PM

    That was a very good pic of Janice! :D

  14. i like that lychee margarita!

  15. Lol, so u can mix up a mean cocktail drink now huh? 

  16. Wow good that you can mix them on your own bro. :D How I wish I can play too. Ha :D

  17. Are those real trees? haha :D

  18. spicy mango looks so inviting!! and lychee margharita is my all time fav!! >.<

  19. Eugeneung12:19 PM

    SO, this is your back up plan ka? learning the trade of a bartender,so that when you are too bored with your current job of IT,, you can go mixing cocktails kan? anyway looks like life is real good for you in KL kan?

  20. hey, that is a very nice event!! i am also interested in mixing my own cocktails, it really looks cool especially on the bartenders.. so you all were suggested a cocktail that matches your own personalities?? :)


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