Secret Recipe Jusco Wangsa Maju

Secret Recipe, which of us have not tried this franchise eatery before? I for one have tried this place in a few different locations before. It serves cakes and fusion food in a serviced environment. I've always related Secret Recipe to yummy cheese cakes. Well, the other day I was with the Mrs at Jusco Wangsa Maju doing some groceries when we decided to dine at this particular Secret Recipe outlet.

Front shot of the place

Alpha Angle Shopping Centre
F28 Jalan 3/27a
53300 Kuala Lumpur


I've always wondered why Secret Recipe is always packed with customers, or at least the one in Jusco Wangsa Maju is. Probably there isn't much choice of restaurants to dine here. Personally, I somehow didn't really like spending top dollars for a simple dish but that night was an exception. They call it food therapy, I call it "spending a little to de-stress from a long day at work on some food".

The environment, simple and clean

As usual, on top of the main dish, I just had to order a slice of their famous cheese cakes for dessert. This time, I tried one of the cakes which I've never ordered before. Check out the dishes I ordered below.

#1 Hazel Cheese Cake - RM 6.50

The Hazel Cheesecake, made up of hazelnuts, cheese and moist chocolate. I find it really delicious, without the excessive cheesy taste. One of the notable points of this cake was the generous amounts of hazelnuts they stuffed in it, we could bite into the nuts with each bite!

#2 Grilled Black Pepper Chicken - RM 12.90

The chicken wasn't bad at all, it filled my hungry stomach nicely. Usually the dish comes with rice, but they happened to run out of rice that night so it was replaced with some chips which was fine for me. But is it special enough to warrant a shout out? Unfortunately no, just your average run of the mill chicken dish.

#3 Tom Yam Kung - RM 9.50

My partner ordered this. Fresh from our langkawi trip where we tried this really nice tom yam soup, she immediately ordered this, and regretted after.  I'm not so sure why the soup was so diluted, probably the time was already 9.30pm and they ran out of soup and added water instead? Maybe not. I'm not sure, but we actually preferred if the tom yam was thicker.

#4 Chocolate Banana Shake

Chocolate banana! This combination is an acquired taste, and not everyone likes it. My partner for one, says the taste is weird. For me nothing beats a cold drink of chocolate blended with banana. I love to order this drink no matter where it's being served. This particular drink served here was just up my alley, not too sweet nor too thick. Good stuff.

Overall, a good meal. Nothing to shout about, and I'm sure most of you have already tried this franchise one time or the other. If any of my friends asks me what's so nice about Secret Recipe, my reply would be to "Go for the cakes".


  1. You know Tea Time the got special offer right? I dunno the promotion still got or not hmmm . . . basically some of the outlet of Secret Recipe serve good food and some serve bad food. haiz lost confident . . . their cake is still the best I think . . . .

  2. waaa! nice food! i want tom yam kung! =D

  3. suituapui7:23 AM

    "...we could bite into the nuts with each bite!" Ooooooo.....wild images running through my mind. Hahahahahaha!!!! I have not been to  Secret Recipe ever since I found out that they charge RM1 for the drinks at the outlet here in Sibu. Tsk! Tsk! Discrimination! The food isn't cheap either and not really great...and I don't like those rich creamy cheese cakes anymore. Love the tall cakes though....but too expensive to indulge too often. 

  4. suituapui7:25 AM

    *RM1 extra for the drinks...more expensive than in the peninsula and as a result, the drinks are more expensive than the cakes.

  5. Nor_airul9:26 AM

    Hi isaac!!! wow..sedapnyerr hazel cheese cake,,biasa kalau mkn kat SR mesti chcolate strabery kek atau cheese ... grilled bp chicken pun x try lg..uwaaa..u make my air liur meleleh la..i keep it for my birthday nextmonth..heheehe..u give me idea yg ideal..hahahaa.. :)

  6. i've always a fan of secret recipe. love their NY cheese cake. Tom yam kung also, but nowdays not so nice la the tomyam, maybe because the owner have changed?

  7. Reanact10:55 AM

    Yes, where SR is concerned, go for the cakes... i m not into the tomyam and noodles.. even spaghetti is not that good.. choc with banana? heheee.. like your partner, i think it is kind of weird.. :)

  8. Kian Fai, they have a special offer? Hmm. Not sure though, coz I normally go for dinner I guess. Some outlet serve bad food? Oh, I always thought for secret recipe, the food quality is quite standardized, because they packed it ready made, all the outlet has to do is to heat in up only. :) 

  9. Alien, :P i prefer the authentic one. XD 

  10.  STP, lol!! you and your wild images.. snap out of it now! :P Oh, they charge RM1 extra? for what reason?? Just because it's in sibu? now that's just not right.

    Secret recipe, I don't really like the food. But isaac is a cheese cake lover, so yea I love any place which can offer me delicious cheese cakes :)

    What are tall cakes? hmm, gotta google it :P

  11.  Nor Airul, Thanks for dropping by my humble blog! Much appreciated! :) Chocolate strawberry cake? wow, I've never tried that yet, should be nice eh. :P

    Happy birthday in advance ya!

  12.  Fara, I love their cheese cakes too! So fattening but delicious! Haha.

  13. Claire, true.. cakes are good, food not quite.

    Why is it weird? You really should try it.. chocolate with a heavy banana taste.. omg banana heaven! Haha 

  14. Aduh all my fav black pepper chicken & aTomic Yam Kung..but doubt this place could give you the same kick as in any Thai restaurant?

  15. chocolate with banana sounds great!

  16. I love secret recipe. Ouh you didn't try chicken cordon bleu? :p

  17. hmmm, you really stay near Wangsa Maju huh?? hehe.. well, i've been staying here for like 20 years, but i just have not been dining in this Secret Recipe outlet before, albeit how many times i've been to Apha Angle hahahaha!! :D

  18. Aduh all my fav black pepper chicken & aTomic Yam Kung..but doubt this place could give you the same kick as in any Thai restaurant?


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